Your February Horoscope 2024…

Fresh Forecast: See what the stars have in store for the month ahead...

Your February horoscope is below – read for your Sun and Rising sign!


You may be pushing ahead in career, profession or public life until February 12th, Aries. Your ruler Mars has momentum at the top of your chart, so your February horoscope favours ambitious action! Another possibility is that you stand out, with visibility thanks to progress towards your goals and aspirations… There’s also a focus on connection and community. You’ll likely become more socially active from the 13th. Engage friends, teammates and people in general! Dedicate your energy to a good cause or common interest. By the end of the month you’ll be far more low key, as Pisces Season signals downtime, escapism and recovery… Lean into a spiritual practice and surrender to the flow…


There may be projects, travel or a way to move ahead in a global sense this month, Taurus. Find you’ve plenty of ways to connect to foreign places and experience other perspectives or another way of life. From the 16th you can step up into your rightful position at the top – visible and known! It might not be easy leading others (or taking charge), so go easy on yourself and partners. The 17th-23rd may add peak pressure! You’re likely becoming ready for a ‘new you’ in a public sense, with potential pressure outwardly or professionally. Turn to friends, allowing peers or the group to bring stability. You’ve learnt so much – now share what you know with the group!


There’s a refreshing shift around February 5th, when your ruler (Mercury) moves into a fellow air sign, Aquarius. This should bring relief around any challenging issues you’ve been working through, that have seemed confronting. A plan to travel, conquer places beyond, think about projects or people who are different and global will likely be on your mind at this time. Pluto is weighing in with clout in your house of higher education, foreigners, philosophy and wisdom. It’s your time to breathe in knowledge and experiences that are wonderfully exciting! By the 17th you can really enjoy where you’re headed. Career, your public image and reputation holds sway later in the month. Consider your goals on the 27th, when you have clarity.


Your February horoscope indicates relationships are foremost. The planets are gathered in your house of partners, and partners assets or contribution. Therefore, you may be faced with financial issues, or find yourself thinking about the part others play in your dealings. This is not limited to a spouse – a best friend, insurance, mortgage or loan provider, or family member with resources may be significant. Consider what you have, and where your earnings rest with others. The peak days are around the New Moon: 6th-10th of the month. Your investments, legacy and the future are yours to consider and work towards! Beautiful times with community can also be experienced, with a [spiritual] shift later in the month guiding you to explore the world and its people.


Relationships are important and become increasingly significant throughout the month, Leo. Look to partner or team up with key people in your midst – not limited to a spouse or significant other (romantic or platonic). All kinds of interactions may force you to explore the dynamic of ‘we’ and ‘togetherness’. Health, work, routines, wellness and daily operations may continue to play on your mind too. Enjoy the connection you have with those you find yourself around, in the gym or office – or places you frequent. There’s likely been plenty to learn, and by the end of the month you could be ready to go deeper into a path of wellbeing. Sense who you can trust and acknowledge the sacred spaces you find yourself in with others!


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Passions may have been stirred lately, breeding confidence and joy. Life continues to be exciting, romantic and flirty, however, from the 5th you’ll likely be keen to get your head on straight. Expect an increasing interest in health, work and wellness. Aquarius Season sees you able to cultivate a routine or schedule, and invites you to take creative plans, hobbies, your love life or fun interests, setting them in a space that’s more stable and practical. Your February horoscope encourages you to strategise or think wisely about what and who serves you. Trust and the future are important considerations throughout 2024, so turn over a new leaf and by the 17th you’ll be on your way! Later in the month relationships are all-important, with important (serious) conversations February 28th!


This month has the propensity to bring out your fun, playful side, Libra. Allow yourself to put hobbies, creativity and your own passions high on the agenda. However, as your ruling planet Venus lingers in your zone of home until the 16th, you could be occupied with domestic or housing issues, finding your footing. A property may demand your consideration, despite a fresh start beckoning for sports, sex, fun pursuits or even a vacation or celebration. Find the all-important balance between what brings you joy and addressing your space and commitments. Finances are important but so is your smile, your kids or pet projects! Later in the month your routine comes into prominence, with health and wellness matters (or scheduled maintenance) to address.


It’s an important time to consider matters of stability, security, home life and where you’re inclined to settle, Scorpio. The Sun now shines bright in Aquarius, spotlighting your surroundings, family and a sense of place. Addressing a parental issue or how you have set up your nesting tendencies could be on your mind, with a fresh start for property or your environment (which could be a work station or new desk in your office!) There’s also great charge around social connections, with relationships and close ties passionate. Find a way to navigate any challenging dynamics with a sibling or best friends, having learnt so much about your personal rapport and communication skills. Alternatively, you might be feverishly writing, applying yourself and your skills! 


Your February horoscope invites you to consider close friends and sibling-types, with an increasing connection to those around you. By the 13th it’s palpable, with a day charged with romance and conversation. However, there’s also prominence around the work you do, your job, earnings or position. Allow space to manage matters of income, and sustaining yourself in your role, while appreciating the social tone to this month. You may be learning a lot about health and your own wellbeing but also must consider money, and how financial security figures into your plans. Your property, home life and environments you operate in are in focus from the 19th, with serious conversations or dealings on the 28th!


You might be keen to get your position in order this month, Capricorn. There’s a focus on what you bring to the table, not only financially but all you do to contribute. Be reminded of how far you’ve come since 2008/9. Having gone to hell and back, you can now firm up what it is you can give, what you have to offer, with ideas how to work effectively coming into view. The 9th and 10th are your chance for a fresh start, just be mindful of passion projects, your kids or a tendency to put your own desires first. Life gets easier from the 19th, when your social life gains focus and you can get back in touch with trusted friends, siblings or close ties. Be sure to meet up on the 28th with someone special!


We’e in your birthday season ’til the 19th, Aquarius – it’s time to celebrate you! But before you feel fully present and correct, there may be a process still underway that’s cathartic. Your inner healing, acceptance, surrender or a secret part of yourself is up for examination, a side of you or experiences that push you into a more spiritual way of existing. Planets are assembled in Capricorn and your clandestine sector, encouraging you to let go and truly shut the door on the past. Excavate, confronting any tired old narratives that are truly outworn. By the 13th you’ll feel utterly refreshed and in a totally new space with those around you. After the 17th you gain even greater perspective. Later in February your finances come into focus, potentially with a partner urging you to pay attention. The 28th raises topics with a touch of reality. 


Your February horoscope shows a time to be connected to the community around you who are your people. Be sure to reach out and make the most of this socially active time, which has been underway for the past few weeks, Pisces. You might also have sensed a pull to go within, sinking even deeper into spiritual experiences, exploring a space internally that’s a little familiar. You’ll become better acquainted with this dreamlike ether, with escapism encouraged February 9th and 10th. By Valentine’s day you could be utterly engrossed, able to see the value in taking a step back. Find the balance between being involved with others, and taking a more detached, abstract view. Family or home life may play into the reason you’re retreating, healing or disconnecting! 

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