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Strawberry Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

June 14th 2022, Luna Blossoms in the Archer's sign...

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Full Moon in Sagittarius, 23º25′

  • Weekday: Tuesday – Day of Mars,
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter in Aries.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Tuesday June 14th 7.52 pm
  • London / G.M.T – Tuesday June 14th 12.52 am
  • New York / E.D.T – Tuesday June 14th 7.52 am.

About The Sagittarius Full Moon…

  • Sun & Mercury in Gemini, Sun trine Saturn in Aquarius
  • Moon in Sagittarius, sextile Saturn in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Pisces (Sun & Moon square).

The Full Moon rises in Fire Sign Sagittarius with a Full Moon at 23º25′.

The Moon is ruled by Jupiter in feisty Aries, while Sun and Mercury sparkling in opposite sign Gemini answer to Mercury in this sign.

The luminaries square Neptune in Pisces, in the lavender circle…

Whether we’re talking, going here & there, taking shortcuts or venturing forth on a journey seeking wisdom, we may face doubt and find some facet of our awareness is lacking.

Generally, the sign Sagittarius touches on education, foreign connections, cultural exchanges and what we know and come to believe.

Gemini represents a youthful spirit, children, early learning, schooling and primary education – including Uni – and picking up skills that connect us.

With a square to Neptune in Pisces there’s delusion, dissolution, fakery, nonsense, untruths and a ‘watering down’.

Note where we’re missing out on the truth, taking short-cuts and limiting thinking to simple, superficial answers.

Be aware that any route, discourse, pathway or journey we’re acknowledging today may feature a signature that dilutes the wisdom we’re seeking…

Gemini is also the quiz master, game player, merchant and magician, and favours quick assimilation of facts and data rather than the slow path to wisdom, they are neighbourly energy, chatty, lithe, flighty, while Sagittarius is foreign.

Feel your feelings around the issue of racism – where are you sticking to ‘your kind’ and excluding what’s foreign?

With Saturn in Aquarius the stars are calling us to build community but there’s a balance to be found between those that share our view point, and our capacity to take a leap of faith, expanding experience through travel, culture, or simply taking on board a difference of opinion.

We must, at this Full Moon and all the time, shine a light on the need for differentness, of learning another philosophy, religion, customs and ways.

Notice where knowledge has been developed but is not being used, dust off your favourite book and reawaken a willingness to seek out answers, wisdom, and share your specialism…

It’s a day to dream without limits, to loosen the reigns and go further than you think you can thanks to the strong emphasis on mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces)…

Your Full Moon In Sagittarius 2022 Horoscopes…


The knowledge and communication axis in your horoscope is spotlighted, Aries.

Gemini Season encourages you to connect and be plugged into your local area, engaging with news and people around you.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up projects, ventures, foreign perspectives and beliefs, and the journey or vision quest that’s opened your mind to another point of view and way of thinking –– higher education and higher thought.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for brain fog!

Don’t let tiredness or mysterious circumstance and delusion distract you from revelations on offer, now, or the fresh chapter that’s opening up for you personally (with Jupiter in Aries).

Relationships: Gemini Season is great for connecting to those in your environment and usual surroundings, but today, the Full Moon urges you to reach further afield, to observe broader brushstrokes and the people who teach or guide you toward another perspective.

Look to opportunities to explore another outlook, stance or take on life.

Be in touch with fellow pilgrims on the path you walk, and seek out sage advice or opinions from revered worldly folk you appreciate.

Career: The Full Moon in your ninth house makes for an incredible time to pause and acknowledge growth – ways you’ve launched yourself towards a cultural exchange, education, spiritual paths, a course that breeds knowledge, roads well-travelled: exploring another philosophy, faith or political lens.

Yet note, Neptune in the realms of mystery and intangible longing steer you toward the unknowable, and present an elusive, foggy, slippery tone, potentially throwing you off your scent!

Don’t be surprised if your outlook is elevated, yet indefinable – like working on a thesis or studying, fact-finding, only to find your hay fever playing up! Or a song is played on a distant radio that sends you into inaction, a trance or daydream…

Try to grasp all the moving parts with so much to publish, share and reveal!


The financial axis in your horoscope is in the spotlight, Taurus.

Gemini Season encourages you to evaluate and think about money, your income and position, your role and salary, significant spending, saving, or assets accumulated.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon illuminates what you gain from working with others, investing your time or resources for mutual gain – sharing secrets and your private life, your future, unifying, bonding, trusting and merging.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for distraction – your community, industry of friends could overwhelm the more serious side of life.

Relationships: With the Full Moon in your eighth house spotlight shifts around your personal obligations, commitments and trusted agreements – celebrate successful unions, acknowledge ways you’ve overcome tough negotiations and your fears.

There’s potential to illuminate special partnerships and how you’ve pledged yourself, or realized where your loyalties lie (or should lie). What benefits both you and another party? Where can you resolutely deepen your affections?

Yet note Neptune appears in your zone of community, friendship and hopes and dreams for your allies – your social life, a common cause or industry objective may permeate, and pull you from showing up where needed.

Career: Neptune rouses team spirit, with a pull toward your circle or network of peers… Yet power dynamics and close personal relationships (or intimate dealings) are now emphasized, with reason to step back and go it alone, or embrace solitary plans and projects…

You can get to grips with the facts around money and your own earnings and contribution, yet facing up to the more private issues today might not be easy if you’re networking or absorbed with social media or acquaintances.

Hard-to-handle subjects (death, sex, taxes, binding agreements, investments or contractual feats of interest) deserve peace and quiet, so draw back to get the right perspective. Take time away from friends if necessary!


The axis of ‘self’ and ‘other’, ‘me’ and ‘we’ is in the spotlight.

Gemini Season encourages you to garner attention and take center stage, to be a little independent or to emphasise your solo self.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up partnerships, and those you encounter as your ‘other half’ in all kinds of settings and circumstance.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for a visible, public component in your relationships that sidetracks or diverts attention – your public image, career or reputation could be distracting!

Allow your social network to provide the warmth that brings you back to a more human focus…

Relationships: It’s time to pay attention to another person, a key individual in your midst who stands out – from a best friend, spouse or partner in crime, to a family member, business ally or even your arch rival.

Note feelings roused; does a marriage make you feel supported or lacking something important? Are you able to collaborate or is something missing? Don’t be surprised if partnerships are elevated, yet impossible to tend to, thanks to your aspirations, vocation, and status.

It may feel as if you’ve expectations around the path you’re keen to follow, with goals in sight or demands from your professional life or outer world. Feel excited about your public standing without overwhelming relationships.

Career: Neptune at the top of your chart brings an illustrious quality to the ways you advance and get ahead.

You may be captivated or dreaming of ways you might advance toward success, notorious & praised, having claimed a crown.

Yet today’s Full Moon draws focus to togetherness, and what you might accomplish when you work with another in ways that are fair and balanced.

Leading, following through with ambition, and your own presence IRL doesn’t chime harmoniously with what you might accomplish as a duo; it’s a conflicting day to be acknowledge, and to get what you need from others…


The health and healing axis in your horoscope is spotlighted, Cancer.

Gemini Season encourages you to draw back into solitude or be selfless, to escape your usual workload and find alternatives, tackling something that hasn’t quite mended, or been reconciled…

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up lifestyle choices, and all you do to maintain yourself, with awareness of your own equilibrium, happiness, and wellbeingstaying healthy and fit for service and duty!!

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for distraction – try not to let a quest for greater understanding, meaning and experience dilute revelations on offer, or the potential success (and status) beckoning!

Relationships: Gemini Season is great for tending to mysteries and the unknowable facets of life (all that hangs in the balance), but today, the Full Moon urges you to show up in a position of service, duty and to relate to employment (and employers or employees).

Turn to support systems and people who serve you in your day-to-day – those who help you (your cleaner, assistant, even your pets, gym buddy, doctor, dentist or HR person!)

Note ways to be grateful for those that keep you on a path to health in mind, body and spirit…

Career: The Full Moon in your busy sixth house presents an incredible day to pause and spotlight routine matters, efforts and accomplishments in day-to-day life: rituals for health, work, wellbeing and chores, making efficiencies – success in a diet, fitness goal, or in your chores, tasks, or employment!

Yet note, Neptune is urging you to explore and discover fresh perspectives, to grow, develop and expand your horizons – or world view…

Don’t be surprised if your job or upkeep is a little less enchanting, satisfying or impressive, than a bigger agenda, venture or plan; a specialist subject may hold great intrigue, steeped in imagination!

Routine matters may seem underwhelming – or pale in comparison – when set against your true purpose or vision, and, a thirst to know what you really resonate with…


The axis of personal versus community interests are in the spotlight, Leo.

Gemini Season encourages you to align with friends and the group consensus, coming together to champion or be involved as part of a team or network.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up solo passions, creativity, your own talents, hobbies – and children!

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for overwhelm, distraction or intensity around expectations in your private life…

Relationships: Note the things you cherish and personally adore, heartfelt pleasures, your passions and greatest loves!

Today’s Full Moon in your romantic house of fertility, pregnancy and special projects brings awareness to self-expression and the way you find personal gratification.

Elevate all you’ve created or do to have fun, connect with your kids, a lover or rouse your sexy side! Go to the beach, take a trip with a friend who makes you smile (and turn the tunes up loud on your radio!)

Neptune in your eighth house of commitments, vulnerabilities and trust could dampen your spirits just a little, with a potential reminder of what you give, share, pool or pledge to those you care about (& what you might lose), however, do your best to lean into your adventurous, bold, risk-taking stride!

Career: As your celestial guide (the Sun) and Mercury transit Gemini there’s a social tone to now, with plenty of ways to engage or be involved in your circle or network, among peers, striving to do something as a team.

Yet step away from the crowd to enjoy something that’s special to you, honing in on your talents, creative projects, your kids or developments around life’s pleasures and delights (crafting, hobbies, sports, dating, or playtime!)

Try not to get entangled with financial commitments, or worry too much where you stand – simply aim to have a good time with the people who make your heart race wildly!


The axis concerning your inner and outer direction is in the spotlight, Virgo.

Gemini Season encourages you to appear, visible and prominent in the world, following the call towards your career, path, goals and aspirations.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon illuminates home life, parents, your nest or the family folds… Spotlight where you’re from, parents, how you learnt to nurture, feed and find comfort (and your place in the world, literally or figuratively), able to address you feelings and draw inwards.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune in your house of partners, producing the potential for an exchange or encounter which could prove distracting! Lean into the sense of commitment & trust that’s developing, rather than getting thrown off course…

Relationships: Today’s Full Moon in your fourth house invites you to settle, or celebrate and acknowledge domestic or household matters – it could be an emotional day, with reason to devote yourself to life underfoot, to honor the past.

Neptune appears in your opposite sign, and potentially confuses or pulls you from your own family, roots or identifying with tradition, or where you’re from; try to sustain a connection to your inner candle, trusting the strong bond between yourself and others that’s growing can brave any storms.

Jupiter now appears in brave Aries, and your eighth house of mergers, unification, and shared assets, encouraging you to go big on aligning yourself & your interests with others, contracted, committed & aware of obligations!

Career: There’s an ambitious tone, and a readiness to get ahead, thanks to the Sun and Mercury in your sector of success, recognition and public image!

Yet your sense of security and foundations are emphasized, so you might examine the notion of family, home, and your ideas around stability and place – where you want to live or how you want to nourish yourself & others.

Acknowledge your safety, body and domestic life, recognize eating habits, celebrate self-care and where you’ve laid down firm footing, to settle or nest.


The communication and education axis in your horoscope is spotlighted, Libra.

Gemini Season encourages you to broaden your outlook and engage with subjects, beliefs and people outside your usual source or demographic – foreign or unfamiliar places, perspectives and experiences.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up siblings, neighbors, your intellect, mindset and similar views, perhaps your local area and usual surroundings, local news items or happenings in your hangout, among kindred spirits.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for frustrations, as routine facets of life permeate & potentially blur into what you’re trying to understand or express!

Relationships: Gemini Season is great for connecting to those who understand your vision and prompt you to grow and reach toward higher thought and educational paths of wisdom – it’s an inspiring time to connect to foreigners at work, through plans, and to grapple with blue-sky thinking & the big picture!

However, the Full Moon urges you to contact folk in close proximity, or to think about ties to folk within your inner circle. You might be aware of what you have in common with people around you, in your family, neighborhood or place of work, even your commute or area.

Note what you have to discuss, broach, relate on and talk about, and cover those hot topics – one key person in common may bring you together!

Career: Neptune appear in your house of health, work and wellbeing, which could see a sustained hum of interest around your physical constitution and upkeep, your employment and job role. Getting to the gym or completing tasks may be important, however, today’s Full Moon wants you to lift your head from your chores and duties, to talk and engage with those around you!

A connection and intention to converse may be just what you need; grab coffee with a friend and catch up.

Draft a message or memo, taking time out to realize the skills you’ve honed, feel good about close ties and allies by your side or celebrate where you live, where you go – your area!


The financial axis in your horoscope is in the spotlight, Scorpio.

Gemini Season encourages you to engage in mutually beneficial plans or arrangements, working with others, investing your time, energy or resources for mutual gain.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon illuminates your income and position, your role and salary, significant spending, saving or assets accumulated solo.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for fun, romantic distractions! Don’t let a romantic, passionate overtone pull you from the potential revelations on offer, now, or the efforts you’ve been making that prove you’re efficient!

Relationships: Now in dreamy Pisces, Neptune turns up the dial on your desires, and urges you to seek out what makes you happy. Indulge in the things you find fun or a pleasure, play, entertain yourself, and have fun!

But don’t be surprised if a fiscal focus is elevated, as the Full Moon spotlights how you manage your money, ways you build, contribute and sustain yourself!

You may find you’ve conflicting priorities, as you handle work, play and the bond you have with others… The Sun and Mercury lend focus to trust issues, with great consideration of what’s between you and others, potentially heightening intensity and intimacy, conversations of what’s shared, owed, been lent or invested…

Career: Note the way you feel about your own value, material life and self-worth; a financial deal, job opportunity or issue around your income could come full circle for you now, or you may shed some light on the matter of possession.

Count your blessings in your purse or in your competency – confidence might not come easily but remember all you’ve worked for over the long term, stand on your own two feet… You’ve likely the drive and self-possession to really push ahead in your position, with a regime to stick to, a busy schedule or routine flourishing. Highlight rewards and your capacity to earn.


The axis of relationships (and your part within them) is spotlighted, Sagittarius.

Gemini Season encourages you to focus on others, on togetherness, negotiations, and partnerships (platonic and romantic).

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up your special qualities!

Soak up the attention that centers around you, with all that puts you ‘center stage’ and in the limelight giving you a moment of recognition & celebration.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing potential distraction!

Don’t let home life, where you live, where you’re from or a parent (and your emotional response) pull you from the potential revelations on offer, now, or the full, creative plans flourishing!

Relationships: As the Sun and Mercury appear in your opposite sign there’s plenty to draw attention to relationships and one-to-ones.

However, as the Full Moon touches down in your sign take a break from harmonious matrimony, or listening to the opinions or what another person has on their agenda, and instead consider your independence, and solo feats of interest.

This isn’t guaranteed to be easy – family, notions of stability, those under your care or people who affect your security and place could confuse matters, so you might not know how to prioritize what you’re feeling or where to gauge the temperature of situations. There’s plenty of time to hear others out, today try and bring it back to what you need.

Career: Your sense of self, a personal project, and your own happiness, creativity or talents, may be elevated today with the spotlight on you and your personal life, your desires and potential for joy.

Step into the light and appreciate your body, and personal accomplishments, grappling with what you’re coming to sense you’re keen and eager to do (make a baby, spend more time with your kids, cultivate your own interests, hobbies and artistic merit).

Neptune in the realms of safety, nesting, nurture and home life has the potential to throw you off, reminding you of the past, where you’re from or are inclined to live and settle, or of the parenting issues you’ve explored and worked hard on. Try to set aside domestic concerns and instead be present!


The “health and healing” axis in your horoscope is in the spotlight, Capricorn.

Gemini Season encourages you to tackle routine habits, healthy (daily) practices, and address your overall wellbeing.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon illuminates’ ways you take your foot off the gas, purge, surrender, and deal with mysteries, bad habits, escapist tendencies and your blind spot.

Note how you overcome hurts, people who don’t have your best interests at heart, or gain peace of mind.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for distraction! Don’t let general folk in your environment absorb your attention and draw you from the potential revelations on offer, now, or the growth you’re getting at home…

Relationships: The Full Moon illuminates your twelfth house of deep emotional sensitivity and profound insight, urging you to tend to your private dreams & innermost needs, even bringing you into touch with self-sabotaging habits, or tools that help you help others, and get out of your own way.

Neptune appears in your house of close ties and sibling connections, your connected third house, urging you to interact, write, message or be available to people, rather than lean into escapism.

Yet give yourself time to reflect on progress made unconsciously – transformational shifts unfolding behind the scenes, that allow you to master and overcome challenging circumstances.

Career: Bring light to the shadows and all that’s usually hidden, unacknowledged, unsaid or unseen. Reveal how you heal when life deals you something hard to handle, how you gestate, exhale and rise above circumstances that feel impossible to bear!

Sun & Mercury put you in productive spirits, with attention to detail, and cognizance of what’s in service of health and wellness. But you might manage to stay well through laughter, travel and philosophy, through self-knowledge and a deeper understanding thanks to an educator or professor…

Neptune urges you to engage with neighborly ties, rest or honor what’s most significant and meaningful to you now, releasing judgement of self & others.


The axis of your interests are in the spotlight, Aquarius.

Gemini Season encourages you to pay attention to solo passions, playful creativity, your own talents, hobbies and children – the things you cherish and personally adore, with happiness sparked, heartfelt pleasure and joy!

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon lights up friendships, the group consensus, and how you can come together as part of something bigger…

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are coming up against Neptune, producing the potential for overwhelm, distraction and a focus on what’s to gain in tangible terms rather than simply acknowledging your network or peers… Be mindful not to lose yourself in your own value, worth & the promise of payment or compensation. See the close friends near to you!

Relationships: The Full Moon illuminates the group you’re a part of, your friendship circle, scene or collective interests – allow your crew or online presence to be and center today, and gravitate towards your people with a sense of team spirit.

Jupiter now appears in your third house of siblings, kindred spirits, brothers and sisters, neighbors and local hangouts; maximize your communication skills, celebrating your wider circle and those that are tight and nearby…

Step away from your desires to celebrate something special to many, or note how your audience has shifted and changed – who are ‘your people’, now?

Career: Neptune appears in the realms of finances, assets, and income – your second house that asks you to contribute, make your way, profiting from what you can do… Although community and wider circles are elevated thanks to the Full Moon in your friendly eleventh house, and your own creative potential is high, you may be engaging with ways you make a living, too…

Try not to succumb to material concerns (money or possessions) when there’s something important to champion or participate in as a common cause; remember how important it is to be involved as part of a network, your industry or society, as well as making ends meet…


The axis denoting your inner and outer direction is in the spotlight, Pisces.

Gemini Season encourages you to nest and draw inwards towards home or the family fold, addressing your property or emotional realms with a look at nurture, roots, and feelings – where you live and settle.

Meanwhile, today’s Sagittarius Moon illuminates your image at large, the way you come across outwardly, visible in public spaces, all you do to gain praise, recognition & validation from higher ups, a sense of notoriety & success.

During the Full Moon the luminaries (Sun & Moon) are up against Neptune, producing the potential for distraction! Your own body, image, philosophy or presence may add another layer of intrigue around where you’re headed…

Relationships: It may feel important to ground yourself among family, those at home, or to engage with self-care now, with your nest and notions of comfort and stability bringing you back to center – the Sun & Mercury tour your fourth house of land, lineage, parenting and domesticity, so coming together to cook and chat is an ideal way to spend time!

Yet fan the flames of your accomplishments, too, taking a compliment from someone you admire and love, noticing how others respond to your achievements, successes and outward appearance. While your reputation isn’t’ the sum of you it’s nice to know when others are proud!

Career: Today’s Full Moon spotlights how you make your way in your career or calling.

Don’t be surprised if your status is elevated, or if you’re extra visible, or if your reputation or title hits a high note.

You’re potentially flourishing in your role, with greater earnings to be made or more of a contribution coming from you, so your private life may be coming together with greater security. Yet today, allow your professional image and your ambitions time to shine, reaching a goal or milestone.

Just be aware Neptune in your own sign urges you to affirm your presence or push your own agenda, and your physical look or presence can seem at odds with worldly achievements, fame, accolades & accomplishments.

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