House Of Hackney Astrological Wallpaper

The Cosmos Print comes in celestial blue and a midnight hue...

House Of Hackney is one of those brands that never fails to inspire and delight.

With its whimsical prints and fabrics, they always seem to have a design that would make an incredible focal point for the home or office, timeless and yet refreshingly contemporary.

They’ve now embraced the astrological trend – much to my delight – and released the prettiest constellation motif with their ‘Cosmos Wallpaper’ in celestial blue and midnight blue, which makes me wonder if they’ll release even more color palettes in the future…

I would love to see a pale pink!

Enter the ‘Cosmos’ with House of Hackney’s exclusive zodiac-inspired wallpaper in an ethereal shade of celestial-blue.

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COSMOS Wallpaper – Celestial Blue, £185.00

And Midnight Blue…

Both variations of color are delicately illustrated with animals representing the twelve astrological signs – as well as constellations such as Pegasus, Canis Major and Ursa Minor.

Inspired by antique maps of the galaxy, this wallpaper design is otherworldly and yet totally chic, a hard balance not achieved by too many!

Using a digital print method, the wallpaper is made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make it strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang.

Shop the limited edition collection now at House Of Hackney.

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