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New Year, New You – Your January Horoscope Is Here To Guide You!

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Events In January…

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day
  • January 2nd – bank holiday
  • January 5th – Twelfth Night
  • January 16th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 21st – Aquarius Season begins
  • January 25th – Burns Night, Scotland…

January Horoscope 2024…


Focus on your long-term ambitions, and all you’re aiming for! January starts strong for your role and how you’re perceived. Step into success, getting creative with aspirations or your overarching plans. There’s still more to learn, or a journey you’re on, so engage with teachers, foreigners and a quest for knowledge ’till mid-month. A shift towards the end of the month puts friends to the fore. Community could be an important area to address, so be open to groups and team participation.


Foreigners, travel, higher education and long-distance journeys may have been significant in recent years. Your January Horoscope encourages you to reflect just how far global matters and your quest for knowledge and the truth have taken you. Consider your own faith, religion, politics and all manner of bureaucracy faced. It may be worth celebrating how you move out into the world… Meanwhile, a commitment issue asks you to devote yourself and pledge what you have. Face up to where you’re leaning back into a surrendering process of acceptance, while appreciating your exciting personal expansion!!!


You may be engrossed in a union, partnership or thinking a lot about your relationships to those around you, Gemini. Friends and community may have taken up attention over the holidays, leading to a greater focus on who you trust, and where your loyalties lie. Investments may become increasingly interesting from the middle of the month. Be ready to have conversations that allow you to plan ahead, around money, or what you expect to get out of your commitments (in work, love, family and all areas).


Relationships dominate, as your January horoscope steers you to focus on others, Cancer. Look to key people from your community, a partner, or peers that stand out to you as VIPs. Working together or your job, health and day-to-day life may have been a preoccupation over the holidays, yet you can now fully dedicate yourself to figures that matter. By months end you may be readying yourself to deal with major commitments, addressing financial bonds, joint outgoings or shared space and resources.


Start the month strong in regards to your work, health and wellbeing, or general upkeep, Leo. This is an exceptional time to accept an inner drive and momentum around your goals, and what it takes to reach them. Your public life, career or the aspirations you’re meeting can be boosted, so say yes to a system upgrade around mid-month. By the end of January your horoscope leads you to partner. Get ready to buddy up with powerful influences…

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Children, passion projects, pregnancy, your love life and all you do to create in the world is spotlighted in January. From the middle of the month you can set about plans to make yourself happy, getting what you want out of life. Hone in on personal inspiration, knowing exactly what ticks a box for you! You’re on a magnificent journey of growth, which is only enhanced by the heart you dedicate to projects or people. Towards the end of the month a job or health concerns are important.


A property, your home life or family matters may be key now Libra. You’ll also want to indulge in social pursuits, getting on with neighbours or connecting to those around you in a way that’s fun and personal. Allow your commitments to bring out the best in you, as you mingle and communicate in your environment. Partners may be significant in your household endeavours, with plenty to learn about where you’re situated. Set to work and work with others!


There’s some remaining matters to tend to of a financial nature, or around your position and earnings, Scorpio. However, this month leads you to communicate and develop interpersonal rapport! Your connection to the people around you is significant, with key relationships that are helping you grow and develop. Think about who you might trust more deeply from your inner circle, as later in the year you may be called to collaborate with those you’re involving yourself with now! Be sure to have good times, making memories, despite hashing out work or health matters. 


January brings focus to money, your financial position and role. Start to take action and think carefully about your contribution in a practical sense. There’s a new beginning in the works to harness, and plenty of ways to take initiative, so stick to the ascent! Later in the month communications and your skill set become a focus. Look to close friends and siblings for cues. You’ve transformed your approach to the practicalities in life, and all you have to contribute, so realise the value you add NOW.


It’s your birthday season so take the focus – and focus on you! Have fun, aware of your body and physical form, potentially letting go of expectations. You may have been undergoing changes privately, or facing up to uncomfortable issues over the holidays, such as your own mortality, legacy or commitments. Release and surrender, stepping into your best self with awareness of children, loved ones, your passions and all you cherish and adore! Money becomes important later in the month.


Capricorn Season always sets you in limbo, Aquarius. The sign before yours is spotlit, as is the darkest corner of your psyche. It could be time for a clear out or to take the pressure off. The choice is yours, simply face what’s calling you around the middle of the month with acceptance. Friends and community also play a big part now, so engage with friends that teach you something new!


With Saturn in your sign, you may find yourself restricted or in some way hampered. Take responsibility, and look to engage your community, Pisces! Capricorn Season urges you to be a part of a group, community or to work with others on a good cause. Dedicate yourself to these ends and enjoy coming off well professionally. Money is an ongoing driver, but it’s friends that can help put this matter into perspective. Enjoy connecting and see your skillset take flight!

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