Your Lucky Stars 2016–2017, Look To Jupiter In Libra!

Your Jupiter In Libra Horoscope!

Bountiful Jupiter – giver of gifts, planet of abundance moves into lovely Libra September 9th, heralding a 13-month cycle of  luck and expansion in  a certain area of your horoscope…

Like a favourite knowledgeable uncle, he delivers treats and auspicious packages – though sometimes these gifts can be disguised as painful break-ups, change not immediately prepped or wished for.

Astrology Advice?

Embrace the growth, see how this new cycle affects your sign specifically… Review your progress, set new goals and put positive thoughts out into the universe.

Read for your rising, moon and sun signs.


The usually “me first” Rams get a chance to let others take the lead as Jupiter moves into the partnerships area of your horoscope.

You could now meet someone special who becomes your significant other in business or love, or if you’re coupled up the relationship could flourish.

Independent Arians are offered the opportunity to collaborate.

Best Buys? An edgy unisex hoodie that can be lent out to that special someone, or friendship bracelets that show you care.


A busy year for the bulls is promised as Jupiter moves into the area of your horoscope governing work, daily routine, health and wellness.

You can focus on fitness but more importantly on the daily rituals and routine / regular practices in life. Creating a balanced equilibrium is the opportunity! Drink more water, jobs and tasks expand and make you feel busier.

Best Buys? A cool water bottle that’s an accessory too. Practical, daily fashion essentials and an awesome addition to the gym kit – emerald green yoga pants!


Hooray for Gemini!

Your world can flourish in the most amazing ways as Jupiter boosts your horoscope in the passionate area of creativity, recreation, fun and romance!

It’s time to play and enjoy good times with the ones you adore. With Jupiter in a fellow air sign, this constellation is lit up! It’s a good time for Gemini to sparkle – this is the zodiac sign best suited to glitter.

Best Buys? A fun accessory for the flurry of date nights you’ll be going on. and covered in bright white dazzling sparkle – a cool clutch bag that sparkles…


Cancer’s could be moving!

Relocation could be on the cards or a shift into a larger space. You could be uprooting or becoming more grounded, more permanent and more domesticated.

Time for the Crabs to retreat into their shells as they nest and become family focussed. It’s a good time to move in with a partner, with Jupiter in Libra.


Best Buys? A gray cashmere scarf will keep you cozy. House slippers and a kimono dressing gown top off the look!


The lion’s of the zodiac can see their work and social network bloom.

You might have reason to collect more friends or keep close ties with siblings, neighbors and your local community. This circle will be your supportive cheerleaders over the coming year.

Expect a more active social life, more connections and learning through a short course.

Best Buy? A statement purse that doubles as a carrier for essentials wins: business cards and mobile phone always-handy Leo!


You’ve broadened your horizons as Jupiter’s made his way through your zodiac sign, like a woman walking with a basket slung over her arm scattering seeds, you’ve been showered with luck and an abundance of opportunities.

Now it’s time to water the grains.

Develop and ease yourself in to your new position and reap the rewards, as Jupiter moves through the money house of your horoscope.

During this time you could see a cheque arrive in the mail or gain stability, and profit.

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Lucky Libra!

It’s the best time for you, a moment of glittering opportunity and a once in a 12-year cycle of the planet of abundance through your sign.

The universe is calling for the Scales to step up to the plate and show us what you got!

You could be travelling and expanding your horizons.

Best Buy? Stylish, chic and poised, this sign never looks like crap – treat yourself to a stunning wardrobe staple like a pale pink coat for Fall.


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You’ve had a super sociable start to the year and with Jupiter moving into your house of dreams begins a period of healing and restoration.

Best Buy? White pajamas help you surrender.


With Jupiter as the ruling planet of Sagittarius there’s a little more pulling power over luck for the archer’s. And this period spells sweet relief for this fun loving sign as Jupiter moves into the sociable sector of the horoscope.

Cue the girl gang, the bigger social network, a new team hobby or club based activity. Lighter times await!

Best Buy? Your fashion find should reflect your place in a gang – try a silk bomber, pink ladies style!


Jupiter moves into the area of the horoscope governing fame and public honors – a.k.a. the career house. This is the area that people see so you could be getting a boost to your reputation. High achieving Capricorn will love some recognition for their efforts.

Best Buy? A chic black leather tote – expensive and practical, long lasting, carries important papers, professional – RAISES YOUR PROFILE!!


Aquarius chicks are going global as Jupiter enters the house of long distance travel and adventure – this could signal an adventure in learning or higher education, or a physical trip overseas that expands the mind as well as broadening the horizons.

It’s a year to publish so graduate from taking notes to your own blog or book project. A great year!

Best Buy? Invest in a good rucksack that can help take you places, or a piece or jewelry from distant lands, reminding you of the possibilities…


For the fish of the zodiac Jupiter moves into a private area of the horoscope – the powerhouse of intimate matters, the eighth house.

This is the area that deals with other peoples’ resources (rather than our own money or earned income, in the second house). It’s the area of tax, inheritance, of death and taboo subjects.

With Jupiter here you can become richer through others, benefiting from their support and have a much deeper connection in your relationships, a deeper understanding.

This year could furnish you with income through an investment, passive income, inheritance, a tax break, or some other windfall.

This could be a love relationship, close friend or partner in business – or crime!

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Top Tips For Beauty During Jupiter In Libra…

This year is super stellar for beauty, fashion and all things lovely.

Bountiful Jupiter is making his way through the most congenial and style-conscious sign, Libra.

Fair and balanced, this is an air sign that’s acutely tuned into social graces – how to present the perfect party, how to arrange the most stunning bouquet and who should hook up with who sharpish.

An expert xxx, Miss Libra rules over good looks and flair. Sorry other zodiac signs! Her fairness just IS.

Why is NOW such a good time for fashion and beauty?

Jupiter rules over emphasis, and with his turn in the zodiac sign of Libra we can amp up all things under her domain. Here’s some food for thought…

Increase The Roses

Marriage and partnership is a Libra thing – not necessarily the sticky process of steamy kisses and romantic liaisons – that’s far more fire sign territory.

Libra is poised to produce posy’s and bouquets on cue so pass the rose petals.

Make a ritual of rose petal baths

Add pink himalayan salts

Rose Moon Sea Salts

Play a track about roses, or love

Add more flowers to your home

Thing Pink Invest In A Salt Lamp

Introduced in xxxx by x to the states salt lamps are totally trending.

Just as a lump of rose quartz by the bed increases the love juju in the bedroom a pink salt lamp and mysterious and soothing qualities perfect for Jupiter in Libra vibes.

Get Thee To A Salon

Knock yourself out, get chic, get lovely.

With Jupiter in Libra it’s time to tackle your reflection – polish that dusty mirror and improve you looking glass chi.

Grow Your Wardrobe

Anticipate Wedding Fever And Get Makeup Ready

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