The Transit Of Jupiter In Taurus With A Horoscope By Sign…

Read more about Jupiter and its 12-month tour through earthy Taurus, with key dates for your diary!

Jupiter In Taurus – Abundant, Bountiful, Blossoming And Fruitful!

The biggest planet in our Solar System, growth inducing Jupiter enters Taurus in 2023 for twelve months.

Here are the dates…

  • Jupiter into Taurus (00º00′): May 16th 2023 (Tuesday) at 1.20 pm EDT / 6.20 pm BST / May 17th 2023 1.20 am HKT…

Jupiter in Taurus –

  • meets / conjuncts the North Node (3º37′): June 2nd 2023 (Friday) 1.41 am BST
  • enters its shadow phase (5º34′): June 11th 2023 (Sunday) 9.48 am BST
  • appears retrograde (15º34′): September 4th 2023 (Monday) 3.11 pm BST
  • appears direct (5º34′): December 31st 2023 (Sunday) 2.41 am UT
  • meets / conjuncts Uranus in Taurus (21º49′): April 21st 2024 (Sunday) 3.26 am BST
  • Jupiter moves into Gemini: (00º00′): May 26th 2024 (Sunday) 12.14 am BST…

Remember, Jupiter is the giant of our skies – MASSIVE, HUGE, LARGE, BOUNTIFUL, BENEVOLENT and GENEROUS, so this is an expansive transit that can bear gifts!!

What does it hold in store for you?

Your Jupiter In Taurus Horoscope…


Jupiter in Taurus activates your second house of money, earnings, self-worth and profits, Aries.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into an expansion of your role and contribution.

Show greater awareness around financial affairs or the way you hold value, uphold a part and sustain yourself.

Go big on what you’re worth, with experiences around your financial affairs, even ways you shop, spend, consume or farm!

Learn more about money, and what your priorities are, as you make a living.

Feel capable and competent solo, with ways to gain in your position, without relying on others…

Prioritise your values, and wisdom around your material life and possessions. Perhaps you know how to sell!

Launch yourself into practical terrain, grounded and stable, with spending, financial investments and assets blossoming as an area of interest.

Look to develop your earning potential. Embrace a sense of security in the ways you might be compensated.

Heighten your potential for money making.

Show a greater interest in building yourself up, your resources, your ability to provide, planning ways to develop what you have and make even more


Jupiter in your own sign activates your first house of self, persona, character and autonomy, Taurus.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into your own education, projects, plans or designs that are yours and yours alone!

Be prepared to come out of the closet, ready or not, with an amplification of who you are!

Learn more about your identity, your strength of character and even your physical constitution, with your solo growth in mind.

You’re being offered a wonderful opportunity to really attune to your autonomous promise, with all that’s important to you being sung about!!

Feel central to goings on, affirming who you’ve carved yourself out to be.

Claim a strong sense of who you are, and your strengths in relationships too. You may used to being relied upon more.

Be aware of the great focus now launched in your direction, all eyes on you!

Your purpose, physical appearance, solo plans or interests may now be prominent, with attention on what you do, and even how you look.

Examine all parts and facets of yourself.

Step out, ready to explore all your potential endeavors, with the year ahead prompting you to take risks…


Jupiter in Taurus activates your blind spot, the secretive twelfth house of closure, escapism, selflessness and surrender, Gemini.

Harness the next twelve months to heal and take leave.

Lean into an expansion of your private life, working behind the scenes.

Make sense of your own unconscious tendencies, ways you help and assist others.

Go big on detox, catharsis or purging, or find you’re caught up in escapism.

Note the ways you lose yourself, either by supporting other people, or because you’re isolated, imprisoned or getting away from it all…

Retreat, even with an element of secrecy, or find you’re thoroughly occupied in a state of patient limbo.

Learn more about ways you let go, dream or find peace in solitude…

A big chapter of closure and healing can now get underway, with endings, rest and respite.

Circumstances may seem elusive, secretive, and prompt you to be confidential – dealing with issues behind closed doors…

Recalibrate with inner contemplation and quiet time!

Attune to what serves you and what does not, including habits, tools and techniques you have to go offline.

Consider isolation, how you find calm.

Move beyond addictions or patterns that are potentially problematic, giving yourself time and space to evaluate what’s working for you…

Go big on selfless acts, including pregnancy or a spell tending to another and their mental health issues or wellbeing.


Jupiter in Taurus activates your eleventh house of groups, team spirit, social networks and industry.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into a community of peers, part of a niche social scene or group.

See an expansion of your social life!

Show awareness around a circle you’re a part of, or even society at large, and the wider network you’re operating in.

Broaden your scope in getting on board with a good cause, among affiliates, allies and general acquaintances that can help you out.

Learn more about what matters to you concerning everyman, or humanity! Consider your aspirations for strangers, and attract supporters or fans…

Launch yourself among friends, attune to your people, the group consensus and society – no matter how unorthodox a new crew seems!

There may be a sense of team spirit in your industry, a sense of fellowship or camaraderie thanks to a class taken or event regularly attended.

Open up around your mates and contemporaries!

Note the aspirations you have, what you hope all people will realise about nature, consumption or the world we live in, with a key part to play in social networks.

Look to how you’re keen to participate with unity, IRL or online, hopeful and optimistic about what might be accomplished as a crew.

There may be important dreams or aspirations much bigger than yourself to be explored…


Jupiter soars to the top of your horoscope, Leo, activating your tenth house of fame, notoriety, visibility and accomplishments.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into your goals, public persona, your career or calling.

Show awareness around your trade or vocation, or the way you’re perceived, the value you uphold through your brand or work!

Learn about public perception, the success and validation you really seek… Examine what allows you to feel ‘you’ve made it’, winning at life or gaining eminence.

Go big on your aspirations, with a boost to your perceived prestige and prominence.

Show off who you are (and your talents) to the world!

Look to your own flourishing sense of accomplishment – how you feel steady in the public eye, stable in how you come off.

Welcome eyes on your path, aims and achievements, your title or even how you identify with a parent or mentor, or lead as an authority, expert, parent or professional.

Be seen at your very best.

Amplify your worldly appearance, reputation and praise bestowed on you, guided towards success.

Launch yourself into your ambitions, step up and towards personal acclaim, with an aspirational slant on life.


Jupiter in fellow earth sign Taurus activates your visionary ninth house of knowledge, publishing, wisdom and higher thought.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into your own journey of growth – an epic quest to learn more about the world you live in, and your Truth!

Go big on announcements, or adventurous sentiments that see you go further.

Understanding others, their culture, perspective, their side of the story or their beliefs and moral code may be a big issue.

There may be a chance to develop your own morality or embrace religion!

Attune to global plans, international travels and a search for meaning.

Open up even more to wanderlust, theology, philosophy and even a spiritual experience!

Your own personal expansion and development is now key, with the chance to embark on higher education, a political, religious or legal feat, or anything asking you to take a chance…

Foreigners may matter, an area of life that leads you to publish or share your thoughts with an international audience!

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Jupiter in Taurus activates your eighth house of investments, legacies, bonds and commitments.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into understanding what’s shared and what’s expected (of you, and of others).

The way you collaborate, trust, build, or profit from an outside resource may be a prominent issue!

Grow your awareness around what’s combined, pooled, lent, paid or entrusted (including a mortgage, debt or outgoings) and in trust (inheritance).

Know where you have co-ownership or a joint interest (including a child’s stability).

Go big on consolidating, with potential changes around how you rely on outside support.

This may include reliance on a spouse, service provider, money lender or parent. 

Financial affairs, or a jointly held interest can increase the attention you direct to your fears, vulnerabilities and commitments.

Understand what you owe, or are owed, examine expectations of what’s to gain in tandem with others (from a payout or promise to in the future).

Find ways to deal with anxieties around how you trust sexually, financially or trust others with your property (including your money, a child, or your heart).

Your mortality, medical issues (and medical bills) could be expanded on, pensions or future planning your estate!

An agreement and long-term security could be a big topic, with an irreversible bond or irrevocable tie between you.

You’ll likely learn more about a process of unification – a mortgage – or how to show loyalty through a vow or pledge.

Look at where you share space, bills or your bed with others, where assets or possessions are merged or where you co-sign.

Look to where you’re obligated to pay (including child support or the tax man!)

A professional agreement, divorce or investment opportunities may be raised, you may get a nice big payout! 



Jupiter in Taurus activates your seventh house of intimate relationships.

Harness the next twelve months to develop awareness around key people you’re involved with, one-on-one. Team up, and welcome a way to move ahead!

Not limited to a spouse, business partner, major client or love interest, consider how you involve a best friend, therapist, coach or work wife in your world.

Your relationship with a child, sibling, colleague or your boss could now stand out.

There may be reason to celebrate unions or personally invest as a couple.

Pay for the higher tier on the dating app or boost the attention you devote to those across the table. 

Learn more about what matters to you in relationship to others, with honesty, openness and a willingness moving forwards that seems to work (and get you what you want!)

It’s an important time for unions, matrimony, marriage, partnership and unity. Be prepared to acknowledge others, the way you react and respond to people.

Note all the ways you might collaborate, partner (romantically, or in platonic settings).


Jupiter in Taurus activates your health focused sixth house of daily duty and wellness.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into day-to-day life: the job you do or the way you maintain a sense of order, organization and consistency.

Look to a healthy regime, diet, and expand on your own wellbeing, developing ways of working, exercising, or living to suit you.

Go big on upkeep, the way you maintain and uphold your role.

Address the positive rituals you’re inclined to continue on with, taking them to a grand new level!

Learn more about managing others, delegating to co-workers, a cleaner, or PA.

Find a support system or assistant, and identify more with your position or work…

Gravitate toward people who encourage you to stay well; alleviate some of your work-load with helpful folk by your side.

Feel capable and competent of carrying out your duties, with a sense of service, a capacity to detox, purify and stay well as a consistent practice.

Look to the ways you avoid toxic situations and ill health, including being weighed down by a job that’s not right for you.

Launch yourself into positive, healthy habits, with regimes you know work well.

Go large on lifestyle, even exploring a system upgrade or a new wellness fad that’s changed your approach to daily life!

Maintenance may now be key!


Jupiter in fellow earth sign Taurus activates your fun fifth house of fertility, personal passions, and solo gratification.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into playful creativity or inspired plans, the arts, love, romance or your children!

Ramp up your own pleasure-seeking tendencies, or, perhaps kids, playdates, a big vacation or celebration is written in the stars for you Capricorn!

Note it may be a time for revelry, joy and happiness, or a hobby, craft, sport or pastime could be amplified.

Learn more about what makes you happy, with solo urges or your talents centre stage.

Attune to personal pleasure, personal inspiration and find heartfelt wishes are forthcoming!

Your fertility could be a big topic, love and finding the One!

Recognise who and what raises your pulse or puts you in good spirits, and heighten your awareness around procreation and pregnancy.

Turn to all that makes you smile, and stop and smell the roses. Play a musical instrument or craft – start a YouTube! Go shopping and indulge yourself…

Lean into self-expression, parties, entertainment and the arts. Plan a wedding, launch a plan, gamble on games, sports or enjoy recreational pursuits!

Get into nature or visit art galleries or renew your appreciation for the senses…

Eat, drink and be merry! Get your creative juices flowing or strike out with a new interest – craft or garden!


Jupiter in Taurus activates your foundational fourth house of domesticity, nesting, parenting, comfort and household matters.

Harness the next twelve months to recalibrate home life, with a big year ahead to focus on where you live and settle.

Perhaps this includes where you’re legally able to reside – your ‘right to abode’, residentially!

There may be a big focus on orchestrating your dream interior, or sensitivity may be high regarding a parent, your origin story, and roots.

Find ways you’re able to cultivate a steady groove, landing somewhere solid, setting down on solid ground!

Renew attention on your dwellings and consider plans around home life that can become a reality – if you take a leap of faith!

Attune to what’s comfortable, assuring, stable and be willing to address issues around where you can live or settle – and with whom.

Be house proud, with a soft-landing pad and steady footing, despite change and upheaval.

The idea of home, family and nurture can be spotlighted, with a parent or in-laws prominent. Your emotional or literal foundations may be a big theme to work around.

Pivot towards those that bring nourishment, that ground you. Note your experience of caretakers, aware of similarities and differences around your start in life and your partners.

Contemplate and consider ways you find your place, how you relate to the past, to your ancestral ties, your land, lineage or base.


Jupiter in Taurus activates your third house of kindred spirits, skills, intellect, communication and curiosity, Pisces.

Harness the next twelve months to lean into writing projects, language, teaching, and explore your local area.

Discover a common mindset with those around you and allow your curious nature to flourish.

Post more on social media, and embrace life as a student!

Show awareness of the important sentiments and interests you have an opinion on.

Share what you have to say, leverage your neighbourhood or close connections!

Devote attention to a hangout, common room or folk you happen to be around.

Note pertinent issues among sisters, brothers, cousins or your relations.

Nominate yourself to act as a news source, or increase journalistic tendencies!

Have faith in what you want to speak to or convey, even using your body language or subtle changes in the way you approach being informed.

Mobilise in your area and get out into nature, pleasing the senses on your own doorstep.

Launch yourself among siblings or sibling-like characters, embrace your surroundings and what you might discover thanks to neighbors or co-workers, those in your inner circle or a tight-knit group of allies.

A sisterhood may be pertinent; make new alliances or learn how to give an opinion to those likeminded.

Your connection to others is key, even around those on your commute!

Take a short trip or find yourself on common ground.

In the next year you can have some profound experiences around discourse, debates, talks or plans with close kin, so pay attention!

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