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Good Grecian – Libra Looks Good In Clean, Greek Inspired Fashions…

Gwyneth Paltrow-libra-fashion

Libra, Good Grecian!

Libra fashion should show off the signs natural flair for holding herself with great poise.

The Libra lady is full of grace, so invite her to a toga party and watch her in her element!

Go on girls, show us how it’s done…

Sun In Libra, Gwyneth Paltrow


Sun In Libra: Go Go Gwyneth – She Know’s Her Star Sign Style!

That’s right, Miss Libra looks exquisite in Greek get-up – an asymmetric gown is just perfect for the red carpet. Gwyneth Paltrow does it best by keeping it chic in classic white.

The key for this zodiac sign is to keep it classy, leave the flamenco flounce for Leo!

Sun In Libra, Kim Kardashian


Sun In Libra: Dashian Does It Best Going For Greek Get-Up!

Kim Kardashian looks demure in an understated green-gold gown and works it whether it’s tight or tailored. I love her hair scraped back into a neat ponytail or bun, but she looks equally pretty with a soft up do or vamp style tresses. Gorgeous. Read Kim Kardashian Astrology Analysis…

Next time you’re headed to a red carpet event, try an asymmetric cut. It bares enough décolletage to look sexy up top without overdoing cleavage, and both floor length or short styles look fabulous. You can go to town with accessories or dress it down for a simple, clean look – the options are endless!

Sun In Libra, Freida Pinto


Sun In Libra: Freida’s A Fan Of One Shoulder Dresses…

Let’s face it, Freida gets it right on the red carpet – can we attribute it to her one-shoulder dresses?

I think so!

This star opts for high shine and striking colours – love the emerald hue of her dress by James Ferreira.

Libra fashion is paired perfectly with a gracious groomed look, as you can see, most of the ladies her are seen with sleek hair styles.

However, a messy bun can be done.

Love the look on Libra lady Gwen Stefani, and Hilary Duff…


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