Zodiac Interiors – Libra Style At Home!

It's Libra Season, so lets take a look inside the home of these balanced beauties...


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My love of blue and white china. Stand still long enough and I will start to collect you😘#cornerspaceideas

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There are many different species of Libra, and not all will carry the home-entertainment gene. However, a space to host – with a stunning set of tableware – is a Libra signature.


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Goop Founder, Libra Gwyneth Paltrow…

This sign throws the best parties, with guests well placed around the table, seated to get along swimmingly and to create a wonderful ambiance. Single attendees of the Libra dinner party might well walk away with a suitor, since this sign can also play matchmaker!

Elegant candelabras set the mood, or some other atmosphere-enhancing device that bring harmony and serenity to the space. They love candles but won’t buy the overly fragranced ones, or if it is scented, it will be high quality – not a vulgar, overbearing smell.

Chandeliers are another Libra item, that brings a sense of delight to a room.

A romantic, sophisticated chic feel suits Libra, and the house must be well-proportioned and have good light and air.

Balanced, symmetrical seating, which is super feminine yet not overly-fussy is Libra’s forte.

Gingham is a Libra print…

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Bright light, ideal for a social day gathering.


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A touch of @casazetajones in a guest room.

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Libra Catherine Zeta Jones uses the signature Libra blue in her guest room, with feminine draping and balanced side tables.


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Libra Cardi B at home with touches of pink…

The Libra Bathroom…

Always thinking for two, Libra will adore double basins as a feature…

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Libra Home Style – Quick Tips

  • Room in the house: Dining room
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Elegant
  • Signature colors: Pale blue, nude, chic dove gray, pale pink, pastels.
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