Mercury Retrograde 2019, Dates For Your Diary!

Communicator Mercury Backspins in Water Signs Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio!

I Have The Dates, Just You Try And Stop Me Mercury…


In 2019, Mercury appears retrograde three times and during his transit of four different zodiac signs: Pisces, Leo and Cancer, and Scorpio.

We could say that Mercury’s Retrograde path in 2019 is predominantly water.

Don’t Drop Your Phone In The Sea!

So, get out your fresh 2019 diary and glance over the year ahead, marking these moments to remember. Think of astrology as your helpful weather forecast. If it looks like rain – pack an umbrella! If it’s time for Mercury to appear retrograde, take extra care when booking time off work, travel arrangements and tickets, and big parties.

Mercury needn’t cause havoc during those spells, however those of us tuned into the movements of the cosmos can see those Mercurial tendencies do like to stir up chaos now and then.

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Here are the time frames to keep in mind, with a couple of hints of their implications…

Mercury Retrograde 2019

March 23rd – April 15th in Pisces

July 26th – 1st August in Leo and Cancer

October 31st – November 21st in Scorpio.

Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

  • Mercury Enters its shadow period February 19th 2019 at 16º
  • Mercury appears retrograde March 6th (29º) – 29th March
  • Mercury direct March 29th (16º)
  • Mercury Out Of Shadow April 16th 2019.

With Mercury retrograde in the zodiac sign Pisces a dreamlike state of confusion and heightened imagination is likely. This is an ideal time for an escape, to ruminate over any poignant areas of closure.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo & Cancer

  • Mercury Enters its shadow period June 20th 2019 (23º Cancer)
  • Mercury Enters Leo June 27th 2019
  • Mercury appears retrograde July 8th (4º Leo) conjunct Mars, re-enters Cancer July 19th
  • Mercury direct August 1st (23º Cancer) New Moon in Leo as Mercury stations!
  • Mercury Enters Leo August 12th 2019
  • Mercury Out Of Shadow August 15th 2018 (4º Leo).

With Mercury retrograde in the zodiac sign Leo our sense of self-expression will be under review, we could be experience a re-think around what we mean to say and announce. With Mars involved in the retrograde our sense of pride could be tied up in this particular retrograde.

As Mercury dips back into the later degrees of Cancer family matters might be on the brain. The north node of the moon’s nodal axis – and the eclipses of 2019 – are in the zodiac sign Cancer in 2019, and during this Mercury Retrograde the sun will be with the north node.

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

  • Mercury Enters its shadow period October 11th 2019 (11º)
  • Mercury appears retrograde October 31st 2019 (27º, conjunct Venus) through to November 21st (11º)
  • Mercury direct November 21st (11º)
  • Mercury Out Of Shadow December 7th (27º) 2019.

With Mercury retrograde in the zodiac sign Scorpio it’s a good idea to be extra careful around matters of the heart and financial commitments – particularly as Venus is significantly involved at the beginning of the affair.

Scorpio governs intimate bonds, including investments of time and money, while Venus represents what we value and cherish – including cash, love and friendship. With a Mercury Retrograde kicking off in tandem with Venus these subjects will be a signature of the transit.

Sagittarius rules international liaisons and overseas journeys, publishing, university or higher education and legal rulings too.

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