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Hold The Phone – Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope Is Here…

Mercury underpins Eclipse Season, emphasising the message of the moon and more!

You know the lion’s roar signifies high drama, and with Mercury Retrograde in Leo – and predecessor Cancer – it could be a hot and heady start to summer! Read on…

Firstly, here are the times and dates you need to know…

All British Summer Time…

  • June 20th 2019 6.12 pm – Mercury Enters its ‘shadow phase’ at 23º56′ Cancer (conjunct Mars and within 6º of the North Node)
  • July 2nd 2019 8.16 pm – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 10º38′
  • July 8th 2019 12.13 am – Mercury appears Retrograde at 4º27′ Leo (conjunct Mars, sun conjunct North Node)
  • July 16th 2019 10.38 pm – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 24º04′
  • July 19th 2019, Mercury dips back into Cancer
  • August 1st 2019 4.12 am – New Moon in Leo 8º37′ (Mars conjunct Juno 19º)
    August 1st 2019 4.57 am – Mercury Direct at 23º56′ (Cancer within 6º of North Node)
  • August 12th Mercury Re-enters Leo
  • August 15th 2019 8.00 am, Mercury clears its shadow (sun conjunct Venus 22º Leo)
    August 15th 2019 12.29 pm Full Moon in Aquarius 22º24’….

About Mercury Retrograde In Leo 2019

The Retrograde spell began June 20th under an air trine: an Aquarius moon, and the sun and Venus in Gemini. Mercury entered its shadow at 23º56 Cancer, in a tight conjunction with Mars (22º49′). Asteroid Juno was at 29º Cancer, and the North Node aligned with Neptune at 17º and 18º of water signs Cancer and Pisces.

At the moment of retrograde (July 8th), Mercury will similarly be within a 1º orb of Mars but this time in Leo. Juno will be at 8º06 Leo’; the sun will conjoin the North Node (15º33′ and 17º37′ Cancer).

We then experience the New Moon in Leo at 8º37′ on August 1st, and within two hours Mercury appears direct – Mars now conjunct Juno at 19º10′ and 19º31, respectively. 

Mercury then returns to its 4º point in Leo, where it began its retrograde as the sun meets Venus at 22º, followed soon after by the full moon in Aquarius (one lunar month from our beginning), which is in direct opposition to sun and Venus.

Talk About The Summer Of Love!

What is this Mercury Retrograde trying to relate to us? What can we glean from the astrology of June through August?

Mercury governs thought and communication, and has a Lot to do with our personal relations and how we connect and relate to others.

Mars is the planet of war and impulses, and is undeniably contributing to the conversation. His presence adds a sense of heat and spontaneity, aggression, passion and vitality. He also chases Juno around the Zodiac, finally catching up with her at new moon, but has overtaken her at full moon, when Venus stands with the sun.

So, the players on this stage: Mercury, Mars, Juno, Venus, Sun and Moon…

I don’t know about you, but this has my mind reflecting on love relationships and high emotional drama! Mars being our ardent sexuality, Juno being the ‘good wife’ of Zeus, though notoriously jealous and vengeful, and gorgeous Venus, showing up late to the party but owning her place beside the benevolent King.

North Node & Eclipse In Cancer

This Mercury Retrograde is intertwined with the message of the North Node in Cancer, and the themes of the Eclipse. The retrograde provides an opportunity and seems to encourages us to revisit these themes, indicated and shown through Mercury’s passage through Cancer after the Solar Eclipse, and the sun’s presence as it stations – lighting up the north node point at the moment of retrograde. 

We can cast our minds back, glancing at the important portal that is the head of the dragon, thinking of:

  • Family, mothering, home and domestic safety (children at the borders of )
  • Womanhood, femininity, curves and a nurtured body (Nike’s mannequins)
  • Protecting ones ancestry and roots (Hong Kong).

Stay tuned for a horoscope by sign!

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