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Hold The Phone – Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes Are Here…

Moving between Sagittarius and Scorpio, Mercury mirrors Jupiter and more!

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Mercury dances between Sagittarius and Scorpio in November and December 2018, mirroring the path of Jupiter, which moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on November 7th.

Mercury guides our thinking, and through the lens of Sagittarius we’re blessed with a particularly philosophical, expressive and overt placement.

Fire-sign Sagittarius is known for its lack of tact, and propensity to speak before thinking, so this retrograde could be a blunt one!

Here are the dates…

  • October 29th 2018 at 27º Scorpio – Mercury enters its shadow phase
  • November 16th 2018 – Mercury Retrograde 13º 29′ Sagittarius (8.30 pm EST)
  • November 22nd 2018 – the sun joins Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius
  • November 27th 2018 – Mercury meets the sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • December 1st 2018 – Mercury dips back into Scorpio
  • December 3rd 2018 – Venus enters Scorpio
  • December 7th 2018 – New Moon in Sagittarius
  • December 7th 27º 18 Scorpio – Mercury Direct
  • December 24th 2018 – Mercury out of shadow.

Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope…


With Mercury flying through the area connected with long distance travel and overseas connection, be mindful if you’re booking a getaway around the retrograde, Aries. Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius might have you chomping at the bit to go further, however you’ll want to triple check travel arrangements.

When messenger Mercury dips back into Scorpio, you could find it’s time for an important conversation around money, shared spaces or another intimate issue with a partner. This interaction could open up new ways for you to bond more closely with others, or trust your investments.


With a few planets huddled in the relationship area of your horoscope, it’s your partnerships and one-to-one engagements that are the focus of this Mercury retrograde. Sentiments are fast growing deeper, however you’ve time to explore the finer details of life with bae. During December you might like to think of ways you best relate to each other, and the things you enjoy most together – without the growing emphasis on formalities. It’s an opportune time to focus on getting along well together, as you ruling planet Venus joins Mercury in your partnership sector on December 3rd, sweetening your exchanges.


As one of the zodiac signs most attuned to the inconstancies of Mercury, you’re perhaps a little more sensitive to the retrograde spells, Gemini. And now, with Mercury backspinning through the partnerships area of your horoscope you could find yourself keen to reflect on exchanges and interactions within your most significant relationships.

In December, you can expect work-life to deliver issues that need revisiting; focus on your day-to-day errands, colleague connections, professional duties and any health or diet related matters that require attention, and anticipate any little errors or delays that might crop up. Simple things, like catching a taxi to a meeting and experiencing delays, or even expressing yourself too quickly – take a pause before sending delicate emails!


It’s an extra busy time for Cancer, as Mercury is buzzing around in your productive zone of health, daily rituals, work and routines. Your day job is one area that Mercury could wreak havoc, so be extra diligent around emails to colleagues and connections related to work life – especially those overseas.

In December, you could find you’re thinking over a passion project that took hold in 2018, prompting you to enjoy your special interest all the more! Refine and be sure of the finishing touches…


Mercury lends itself to your creative projects, romantic life and any areas that passions are likely to soar, now Leo. With both Jupiter and Mercury emphasising the most fun area of your horoscope it’s a good time to consider the pursuits you find uber enjoyable! However with a retrograde spell delivering time to assess and review, you could find you’re a little more reluctant to commit. In December, you could find you’re revisiting domestic growth of this year…


A sign sensitive to the whereabouts of Mercury, you’ll want to be aware of this retrograde spell in your home and nesting zone, Virgo. Home purchases or major renovations should be avoided until January, giving you more time to settle and get comfortable. Jupiter and Mercury have powered ahead, yet progress will be easier in the New Year. December indicates a conversation or connection will be revisited, as Mercury dips back into Scorpio and your zone of best friends and learning.


You’ve been dealing with Venus retrograde, Libra, so this astrological transit should feel like a breeze!

However, Mercury starts off this retrograde season in your curious, exploratory communication zone – this is the area of your horoscope where connections are made! So, if you’re networking, meeting for discussions, collaborating or making new friends it could be a time to double check arrangements and emails. You could find yourself retracing your steps around local ties. In December, your income and finances are worth a second look, as Mercury dips into your zone of savings, money and your position. It’s likely you’ll be enjoying your job, as Venus will be direct in this same area from December 3rd!


Finances, income, money and earnings are the area thrown off by this Mercury retrograde, Scorpio, so be extra attentive around invoices and your pay check, or generally spending on the run up to the holidays. From December 13th Mercury will move ahead in this area, so you might come out unscathed! However if any items you’ve purchased need to be posted in time for the holidays you could be cutting it fine. In December, Mercury spends the first couple of weeks in your sign, lending his astute powers of thought to personal projects and anything you’ve launched or developed this year. It could be work refining or ironing out any details on the message you’ve worked hard to deliver, or knowledge you’ve gained.


With Mercury in your own zodiac sign you could be feeling chatty, connected and ready to reach out. However when Mercury dips back into Scorpio you might find yourself holding back, preoccupied with plans or projects that have been developing this year.

Your ruler, Jupiter, has sailed into your sign Sagittarius, promising a year of growth and adventure, and yet the past year has prepped you in remarkable ways. Perhaps you’ve had to let go of certain expectations in order to embrace the new, shutting the door on the past. This retrograde will help you process even more.


With chatty Mercury re-entering your sociable zone of community in December, you can reconnect with friends or the community you’ve grown accustomed to this year, Capricorn. Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius have steered your attention into a mood of solitude, however you’ve the change to enjoy strong ties to your network in the run up to the holidays! Just be mindful of your arrangements, as trickster Mercury could throw off certain details around engagements.


The two zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius govern the most visible, public facing area of your horoscope, Aquarius, and so this retrograde spell concerns your career path or position you hold at large. Although your attention is now steered towards social activities – which could involve colleagues, friends or your network – December promises you’ll revisit conversations around your worldly role.


It could be a fascinating Mercury Retrograde for Pisces, with the planet of intellect and mental faculties taking time to revisit and revise some important learnings. While Sagittarius governs your public face and position at large, Scorpio rules the experiences that have helped to get you there. The past year may have delivered educational growth or some other path followed that expanded what you were able to accomplish in your role. In December, you may need to revisit information, knowledge, a project or connection, while the first leg or this retrograde could spell misunderstandings or some back and forth around your career prospects.

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