Sunday January 21st – New Moon In Aquarius Horoscope 2023…

The first new moon of the year holds promise for the future...

  • Weekday: Sunday – The Sun’s Day, Sun in Aquarius,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn in Aquarius / Uranus in Taurus.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Sunday 22nd January 2023 at 4.53 am
  • London: Saturday 21st January 2023 at 8.53 pm UT
  • New York: Saturday 21st January 2023 at 3.53 pm EST.

Your Horoscope For The New Moon In Aquarius


Honor the New Moon in your community zone, the house of groups, industry narratives, organizations and online movements, your friendship sector.

Make time and space for peers, social issues and agendas, and the hopes, dreams and wishes you have for your crew: collective interests.

What can you do that will make a difference to humanity? How might you leverage your position at large and shift into a network of acquaintances, embracing opportunities among ‘your people’?

This is an incredible moment to look to the future, seeding ideas, gathering together, crowd sourcing and being a part of something greater than you! Connect, saying “yes” to social engagements and team spirit….

Relationships… Welcome a fresh start for your community, with the Sun, Moon, Venus and serious Saturn in your sector of team alliances and group work.

Look to people in the world at large for inspiration!

Seed ideas and ways to come together as part of something greater than just you, knowing you’ve established a framework or friends to operate among!

Growth… Despite a strong signature in air sign Aquarius – and your (eleventh house), the sector of human relations, social life, teamwork & friends, there’s tension.

Uranus in your house of material interests emphasizes efforts you’re motivated to make in your role or position, towards tangible ends and personal gain (making money) …

Mercury adds ambition and a strategy to succeed… Elevate hopes for humanity, your alliances and projects involving peers – your network – with focus at a higher level for the greater good.

And yet sense where you’re singing your own song (in a material sense), working in ways that are revolutionary, radical and new, secure and shake up earnings and what you have or are keen to spend…

Practical feats of interest don’t necessarily chime with the group dynamic!


Honor the New Moon in the highest house of your horoscope, the sector of goals, prominence, notoriety and success, your aspirational zone. Make time for your reputation, vocation (including as a mother, boss or wise elder) and allow your ambitious nature to kick in, making plans around your outer, public life, notions of fame, visibility, career advancement and leadership.

This is an incredible moment to look to the future around where you might step up and into status or authority, seeding ideas for your position at large.

Plan how you might climb the ladder already erected, that you identify with.

Relationships… Despite a strong signature in considered, logical air sign Aquarius – and the sector of public image, responsibility, reputation and career, there’s tension.

Uranus presently lends excitement to your own presence and personal feats, perhaps physical or relate to your autonomy & independence. Mercury adds a way to step outside of what’s known, to grapple with foreign concepts!

Your strong presence and sense of self may influence others, as you seek freedom, liberation and do things differently – innovating. Your self-propelled enthusiasm may be infectious, yet your excitement doesn’t necessarily make it easy to gain praise. Go your own way as well as respecting formal pathways.

Growth… Welcome a fresh start for the title you’re keen to uphold outwardly, and be intentional around how you’re keen to be seen. The New Moon in your house of status, notoriety, vocational life, outward reputation and recognition invites you to lead or make a difference. Ask yourself how might you accomplish something prolific or get a nod of approval.

Ask, what matters to your CV or personal advancement? Seed ideas to establish yourself with security on your path to prominence. Your professional life, ambitions or role – and how you come across to others – is in focus, so set about your goals and visualize the brand or image you’re keen to work towards, following your true north. Think about the path you walk educationally, philosophically, spiritually or broadening your scope, too!


Honor the New Moon in your broadminded, expansive zone of adventure, blue sky thinking, education and travel, the house of higher thought, culture, knowledge and truth seeking… Make time for enterprising notions that teach you, or open up your world view and capacity to share, broadcast or publish your thoughts… Look further afield for inspiration!

Note the course, dream and ideas you have that resonate with your beliefs, moral code or special interests… Sense your entrepreneurial spirit!

This is an incredible moment to look to the future, seeding plans for your own personal development and growth: a global or cultural expansion!

Relationships… Welcome a fresh start for your own educational journey, comprehending ways you’ve encountered people, places and things that teach you and lead you to your true beliefs – clock a sage, wise elder, a professor, guru, visionary, or professional type before you (or online) who you respect & take seriously.

Gravitate toward those who are mature, or who encourage you to take responsibility. Or, perhaps you’re the person that’s upholding a philosophy or fresh perspective, knowledgeable and revered. Relate to others in ways that are new, exciting and innovative, but also formal, solemn, even stern…

Growth… Despite a strong signature in your element air and the visionary sector of higher thought, specialist subjects, travel & adventure, there’s tension.

Uranus now slowly orbits your twelfth house of secrets, mysteries & hidden or unconscious matters, awakening you to unknown, unfamiliar territory, private dealings, and your own self-sabotaging habits. You might be coming to terms with an unhealthy indulgence or acting out in ways that don’t do you any good. Mercury adds ways to share the load, talking, relying on others help!

While you might be inspired by broader horizons now calling, this isn’t necessarily easy with inward impulses calling at a subtle level, or behind the scenes situations interjecting. Balance a pause with faith and openness, plans and ventures, pragmatism & logic.


Honor the New Moon in your house of commitments, legacies, loyalties and bonds (matrimony, a mortgage, down payment, pledge or other methods of unification).

Make space for personal obligations and notable agreements – where you pool your time, your money, your energy or resources.

Ask yourself, what can be accomplished when you trust another person or party, deepening your investment, growing ever more intimate, and serious about the ties that bind you – from romantic liaisons in your private life, secrets shared, to financial pledges made, or another feat you’re keen to uphold; what are you willing to come together on or show dedication to?

Relationships… It’s an incredible day to look to the future, seeding ideas that potentially make you feel vulnerable but that ultimately prove mutually beneficial!

Commit deeply and fully, with your celestial guide – the Moon – you your sector of joint endeavors, collaboration and shared energy, money and purpose. Perhaps you’re taking a serious look at where you’re beholden to others to co-parent, pay down debt, or work with others for the long-haul.

Note where you’re tied in, bonded & happy to let others play a role… Address what you owe! Mercury adds a way to engage, negotiate & understand others.

Growth… Despite a strong signature directed towards your private life and where you’re reliant on others, there’s tension.

Uranus in Taurus lends excitement to all you do among friends and loose acquaintances, bringing your social life, allies and community into the frame.

Industry objectives, your circle or network, and the hopes and dreams for the collective, or teammates could be prominent but interrupt developments with one key collaborator, partner or party. While you may want to be serious in your objectives, team spirit, social issues, the wider landscape or your group of peers can easily interject!

On one hand you may want to circulate, on the other something more formal could seem at stake…


Honor the New Moon in your partnering zone, the house of togetherness, balance and negotiation, lending awareness to your reaction to others – how you get along and with whom…

Make time for intimate relationships (including the imagined or desired unions you crave) as your sector of one-to-ones is lit up!

Claim a fresh start, and reconsider ways you might engage others, one-on-one, how might you attract a partner or develop with your co-pilot. Say “yes” to meeting new people on a dating app or be receptive to what others are bringing to your attention…

Relationships… Formal agreements may seem compelling, with the New Moon and a new beginning welcoming your attention in your house of partners. It could be time to set aside a regular date night (even if it’s on zoom), plan a couples therapy session or draw firmer boundaries with that special someone.

Define or dedicate focus to your personal relationships, and expectations in matrimony – or business matters with a team mate. Set the table for two…

Growth… Despite a strong signature in cerebral, intellectual air – and your relationship house – urging you to get along well with others, there’s tension.

Uranus in Taurus lends excitement to the ways you advance and succeed, ways you follow your calling or make an impression, climbing your way to prominence through your professional life or reputation. An awakening in your tenth house promises changes to the way you’re seen, with unique and different subject matter to work with.

Be visible, welcome a sense of notoriety or a title and status shake-up.

Mercury adds a desire to work and set about positive steps that lead to your paths to praise. There may be validation coming your way that’s wonderfully progressive, alternative, innovative or unexpected. However, it’s also a poignant time to consider partnering and people, so that balance is needed…


Honor the New Moon in your busy house of routines, rituals, work and healthy living, your sector of streamlining, organization, discipline, purification and maintenance.

Make time for habits, your schedule or an approach that makes the most of your time, with efficiencies in place.

Claim a fresh start for employment, ways you undertake admin, noting all you can do to maximize the hours in your day. Plan to avoid sickness or illness!

It’s a wonderful moment to begin again with a clean slate domestically too!

Relationships… Despite a strong signature in air sign Aquarius – and the practical sector of work, health and wellbeing – setting you straight, there’s tension.

Uranus appears in your house of adventures, quests, truth seeking, expansion, and higher education, sparking motivation to discover life through an alternative lens. Mercury adds ideas and a draw toward passion that’s enduring and compelling – even a sense of fun that’s palpable!

Personal development may lead you to engage and interact with those that push you outside your comfort zone… Though planets gather to elevate a fresh start for ways you delegate or are supported, you’re likely captivated by culture, experiences, learning and growth opportunities, too…

Growth… You’ve an invitation to create a sense of order, seeding ideas that will help you help yourself, thanks to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn formalizing healthy practices in your personal or professional life.

Note how you might toil and labor for your own satisfaction, getting an established grip on work, organizing others, putting ‘them’ to best use or employing best practice on your own back. Refresh daily practices, systemization, fitness and logical progress!

Who could help you and where might you step in to manage others better? Note fitness goals, an ideal position, and be occupied with a dutiful sense of formality, with non-negotiables around health, wellness and your own sense of ritual or regimes to uphold…


Honor the New Moon in your zone of solo passions, fun, gratification and pleasure-seeking, the sector of romance, fertility, kids, parties, hobbies, the arts and entertainment! Look toward your own artistic expression!

Make space for people, places and things you like (or LOVE); take a moment for a musical instrument, set aside time for date nights (and sex). Plant seeds to take a craft, sport or social engagement seriously, baby making, or time with your children. Plan for a fresh start that creates long-lasting memories or evoke something beautiful, as matters of the heart, solo desires (and selfish indulgences) are brightly spotlighted!

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Growth… Despite a strong signature in air sign Aquarius in your own air element, signifying a serious focus enjoyment & gratifying experiences, there’s tension.

Uranus now appears in your zone of commitments and enduring bonds, so you could be eager to secure yourself in a relationship (romantic or platonic).

Arrangements could be unsettling, and motivate you to change or shake up ways you’re invested, bonded or wedded to others, tied in or obligated – sharing space, money, resources, or your energy. Mercury adds ideas about stability and firm foundations, something enduring or solid to build upon.

Your private life may have an erratic quality, and while planets gather to elevate creative interests, things you love and that are inspiring (fun, artistic, playful, recreational and meaningful) note intensity is roused!


Honor the New Moon in your house of nurture, nesting, and family life – the base or lowest point of your horoscope that represents the ground beneath you, where you come from, your land (property), lineage or ancestral line.

Make time for parents or parenting, settling down into comfort or expanding on home and household interests – the past or your emotional foundations.

Ask yourself what can be improved feathering the nest or caring for self and others under your roof. It’s an incredible time to look to the future, seeding ideas that potentially tap in to your needs, traditions and values.

Relationships… Spotlight what’s being erected and established underfoot, yet note that despite a strong signature in your familiar domestic quarters, there’s tension.

Planets in Aquarius square Uranus in your opposite sign– human dynamics, intimate relationships, entanglements and one-on-ones may feel exciting but perhaps interrupt the fresh start that beckons in your space…

Mercury brings the desire to communicate and express yourself as only you know how, with power and authenticity! Tow the line between limits and boundaries in your surroundings and partners, key people or one person in particular who is rabble rousing or even controversial, creating a stir…

Growth… Security, stability and your private life are likely big topics or major interest, with a need to explore safety and emotional spaces, or focus on home life and your lineage – where you’re from.

Commit deeply and fully to the process that lies hidden underfoot, taking into consideration all you’ve worked through set yourself up with a frame work, rules or realism as far as parents or your land is concerned.

Perhaps you’re ready to take household matters seriously, or maybe you can now handle the journey inwards, having already dealt with major moves or revelations around the past… Continue to hold space in your four walls – and under your roof for nurture and self-care, elders and a knowing around those who have come before you.


Honor the New Moon in your zone of news and connection, the house of mobilization, communication skills, intellect and ideas, of neighbors, language, writing and discourse.

Get curious, asking questions, making yourself available, with time for siblings, coworkers, best friends, and the issues pertinent to you all.

There’s a fresh start full of potential in your curious sector of close relations and navigation. Pivot to a different way of thinking, speaking or learning…

Relationships… You may have found yourself exploring your environment and the people around you, learning with kindred spirits by your side, with skills added to your repertoire.

Ask yourself what you’d like to learn next, with a foundation established that’s helped you devote focus to your inner circle, engaged and making contact.

Perhaps you’ve had to reach out, pick up the phone and use your words to feel a part of a crew, maybe hard circumstances have pushed you toward brother or sisters.

Note refreshed online or in-the-flesh relationships that have stabilized and consider how to move social arrangements forwards.

Growth… Despite a strong signature in Aquarius directing you towards neighborly interests, friendly chatter, mental engagement and your connections, there’s tension.

Uranus now appears in Taurus and the healthy sector of constitution, wellbeing and lifestyle.

You may be breaking ground in your day-to-day, with improved habits and general maintenance – you may be motivated to uphold positive choices, practical, efficient regimes, useful routines.

Mercury adds ideas about earning a way or prove yourself capable, practical and materially aware…

Yet social matters mean something too – your circle of tight knit friends, learning something new or simply exploring and networking.

This clashes with work tasks, chores or ‘the daily grind’, with healthy consistency and duties. Focus on your environment, or your people – the rapport you have – as well as cultivating positive paths to wellness.


Honor the New Moon in your zone of income, money, earnings and personal investments, your house of security, finances and solo contribution.

Make time for your tangible, material world, considering what you have and what’s due.

What role are you keen to uphold? What responsibilities or personal value would you like to input or donate?

This is an incredible moment to note your worth, to plan ahead – even writing yourself a cheque and putting it on your vision board with a list of rewards, possessions, or compensation you hope to gain.

What might you build or develop through patience, and hard work?

Relationships… Aside from a strong signature that’s focused in on what you have to give or gain, there’s tension. Uranus appears in your fun, passionate fifth house of sensuality, indulgences and heart felt notions, urging you to follow your solo desires. Mercury adds to your own ideas and interests, too! Romance, creative projects, hobbies, your kids and playful impulses may be compelling!

But with a fresh start beckoning in your stable second house work and play are conflicting agendas – you may want to ask yourself if logically you have the bandwidth or time to follow your impulses and have a good time (find love, make love, get pregnant, match or mate…

Growth… Welcome a fresh start for your assets, attributes and your capacity to attain, with a new beginning – and New Moon – touching down in your tangible, material, and immaterial house of savings, splurging, spending and profit!

Ask yourself what’s important to have and to hold, what you can charge for, or where you might make efficiencies in your budget… Perhaps it’s time to tighten your belt or cut down spending!

Your part is key, particularly taking what you do seriously, with a rigorous, formal approach – and even a little penny pinching or frugality! Just note your interest in your personal life and what you might talk about (your own inspiration or exciting plans) doesn’t sit easily with the need to be profiting!


Honor the New Moon in your sign, Aquarius, and your house of autonomous plans –– your self-possessed zone that underscores solo projects, your presence or persona (as a sole, independent entity).

Make time for number one – create space for your own physical self! Your look!

You’ve an incredible opportunity to set out on the right foot, following up (and planning to follow-through) with certain formal objectives pursued or moved toward.

With Saturn in your sign you could be playing at being the authority figure in your world, so double down your intent to step up and take the reins…

Relationships… A fresh start for is now on the table, so focus in on you and your intentions.

Don’t worry too much about others. Rather seize a chance to establish yourself in a position of formality and take a long-term view (anticipate a marathon, not a sprint).

Plant positive seeds inspired by what you can do – and note when you’re being cold or overly hard or harsh with others…

Stay present with yourself! Come back to your body, where you end, with strong boundaries to be doubled down on…

Growth… Despite a strong signature in Aquarius focused on blossoming ventures, growth opportunities and your own capabilities, there’s tension.

Uranus now traverses your fourth house of stability and security, shaking up or changing your experiences of home turf – you may be unsettled or discombobulated.

Your sentimental house of parenting, and comfort has an erratic quality to it, so the there’s conflict between finding stable ground, family obligations, and solo plans or feats that lights you up!

Mercury adds an escapist edge, to engage in secrets talks that aren’t necessarily helpful! Be aware of the propensity for interruptions thanks to where you live, domestic settings, or family drama, and seize the day in personal matters…


Honor the New Moon in your house of rest and rejuvenation, the solitary sector of fantasy, dreams and healing.

Slip off the radar, go offline, and even digitally detox!

Lean in to your exhalation process – release, find closure, and bed down into hibernation if necessary.

There’s a fresh start around unknown – and unknowable – mysteries. Don’t be surprised if you’re dealing with mystical or surreal subjects, helping a partner or friend through sheer charity, or upholding a coaching role.

Make time for your inner life and imagination, as planets prompt you to retreat for surrender, sleep or acts of self-sacrifice. Plan ways you maintain a sense of peace, serenity and composure.

Relationships… The New Moon in your twelfth house of undoing leads you to rest and reset the dial in ways that are incomprehensible, unquantifiable and even a little frustrating.

Take your seat on the sidelines, or sit this round out as you’re in limbo and in waiting – hold off!

Head into time out!

Find ways to gain space, tending to those who really count, sensing what’s worth your while…

Mercury adds interest in socialising yet you’ll want to take space in isolation or rest is much needed.

Take your leave, accept a suspension, as well as being engaged in team work…

Growth… Despite a strong line-up in Aquarius focusing on isolation and artistic, spiritual or selfless acts of service (and self-forgetting), there’s tension.

Uranus appears in your connected house of communication, keen to touch base or be a part of a steady discourse, learning and engaging in the conversation, being part of a circle or conversation.

This is a tricky balance!

Enthusiasm in local environments among the group may be high, with subjects spurring you on to be involved.

Your sense of curiosity and aptitude for speech & navigation has likely gained momentum, among close-knit ties.

But there’s a need for quiet gestation, escaping, with circumstances that put you in limbo!

Social ties are harder to maintain with your head in the clouds – or behind closed doors in the observation room…

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