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February 11th/12th Horoscope: New Moon In Aquarius Horoscope…

Such A Good Feeling! If A Little Conflicting And Controversial...

New Moon In Aquarius, 23º16’

  • Weekday: Thursday – Jupiter’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn / Uranus.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Thursday February 12th, 2021 6.05 am
  • Hong Kong: Thursday February 12th, 2021 3.05 am
  • London: Friday February 11th, 2021 7.05 pm
  • New York: Thursday February 11th, 2021 2.05 pm
  • Los Angeles: Thursday February 11th, 2021 11.05 am.

About This Aquarius New Moon…

  • Saturn, Venus Jupiter & Mercury square Uranus & Mars in Taurus
  • New Moon at 23º16′ sextile Eris in Aries at 23º32′
  • Venus Jupiter conjunction (interestingly on the Leo Full Moon Venus was conjunct Pluto).

Although the ‘Age of Aquarius’ doesn’t officially begin for another few hundred years (c. 2600) we now bear witness to six celestial bodies in this progressive, innovative sign of technological advances, science and wisdom.

Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde all gather together for a magnitude of energy, swelling around the fixed air sign and constellation of the Water Bearer, Ganymede, who carries the element water (our emotions) safely guarding and presiding over human concerns with a bird’s eye view: cool and detached.

As we reset and look to the future, what’s to remember??

Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces are beginning to align, reminding us that aside from presiding and casting our interest across societal qualms, we also live on earth, and have the capacity for compassion for one and all…

We can work and lend our efforts and energy (Mars in Taurus) to dreams and enlightenment for the collective, too (not just looking at stats, data, and what we know about people as if we were robots!)

This mega New Moon is tied to Eris in Aries, with a sextile between the luminaries and this asteroid in Aries.

This suggests that the people (of nations and countries, societies) will harness the capacity to assert themselves autonomously. Previously (in 2020) we experienced an enduring square between Pluto and Eris but this has lessened, and now with this sextile our aggressive tendencies can be leveraged a little more in line with the masses).

Instead of fighting against the powers that be (Pluto in Capricorn) we can get on board with humanitarian aims.

Your Horoscope For The New Moon In Aquarius 2021


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up in your community zone, the house of groups, industry narratives, organizations and online movements, your friendship sector.

Harness the New Moon, making time for peers, and the hopes, dreams and wishes you have for your crew: collective interests.

What can you do that will make a difference to humanity, Aries? How might you leverage your position at large and shift into a more altruistic, selfless stance in a network of acquaintances, embracing opportunities arising among ‘your people’?

This is an incredible window to look to the future, seeding ideas, gathering together, crowd sourcing the big picture plan, and being a part of something greater than you! Connect, saying “yes” to social engagements & team spirit.

Note that despite an overwhelming signature in cerebral air – and your sector of human relations, social life, teamwork and friends, there’s tension.

Your ruling planet Mars now appears with Uranus in your house of material interests, emphasizing efforts you’re motivated to make in your role or position, towards tangible ends and personal gain (making money) …

Though planets gather to elevate hopes for humanity, alliances and projects involving peers, your network & connections – inspiring you to communicate at a higher level for the greater good – you’re likely also encouraged to work towards stability, keen to secure yourself and find steady footing, driving ahead income or practical feats of interest.

It’s a challenging, conflicting notion!


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up the highest house of your horoscope, the sector of goals, prominence, notoriety and success, your vocational, aspirational zone of reputation.

Harness the New Moon, making time for your ambitious nature to kick in, as six planets dominate your outer, public life, fame and career house.

What is the title you’re keen to secure, and how do you wish to be seen? In what space would you like to lead, influence or make a difference? How might you accomplish something prolific or get a nod of approval? What matters to your CV or personal advancement, Bull?

You’ve an incredible window to plan how you might climb the ladder, seeding ideas for the future to establish yourself with security and status.

Despite an overwhelming signature in considered, logical air – and the sector of public image, responsibility, reputation and career, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus presently lend energy, motivation and drive, particularly around feats that are personal, physical and allow you to assert yourself.

Activity in your sign creates a strong presence and sense of self, so that you could be presently compelled to prioritize your solo endeavours; but self-propelled enthusiasm – your own resolve – clashes with route to praise, and success at large.

Your professional life, ambitions or role – and how you come across to others – is having ‘a moment’ thanks to the New Moon. Set goals and visualize the title you’re keen to work towards, following your true north to be seen thriving. It’s a challenging, conflicting notion so don’t be too hard on yourself.


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your broadminded, expansive zone of adventure, blue sky thinking, education and travel, the house of higher thought, culture, knowledge and truth seeking…

Harness the New Moon, making time for enterprising notions that teach you or open up your world view and capacity to share, teach or publish your thoughts: revisit the course, dreams, and ideas you have that resonate with your beliefs, moral code or specialist interests…

What is the quest or journey now before you that aids your personal development? Where do you have faith and a sense of optimism, and a keenness to go the distance? What or who is teaching you and has introduced perspectives that are compelling?

You’ve an incredible window to plan to your path to fresh discoveries, and aa route to connect with others in ways that are new, exciting and innovative!

Despite an overwhelming signature in your air element – and the visionary, studious sector of higher education, specialist subjects, and adventurous pursuits, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus now traverse your mysterious twelfth house of secrets, elusive circumstances, mysteries and unconscious urges. While you might be inspired by broader horizons calling, this isn’t necessarily easy with enthusiasm directed inwards. You may be experiencing activity in your private life that forces you to broach relationships with some uncomfortable angle – from material tendencies or indulgences, to the matter of stability, how you rely on others or heal yourself to find inner peace and serenity.

With your ruler Mercury retrograde in the sector of plans and ventures lend focus to important next steps… But know that unknown, unfamiliar territory is also being grappled with!


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your house of commitments, the house of legacies, loyalties and bonds (matrimony, mortgage or other methods of unification with those outside yourself).

Harness the New Moon, making time for your loyalties, personal obligations, and agreements – where you pool your time, your money, your energy or resources.

Ask yourself, what can be accomplished when you trust another, deepening your investment, growing more intimate, and serious about the ties that bind you to another – from romantic liaisons in your private life to the financial pledges you’ve made or are keen to uphold; what are you willing to share?

It’s an incredible window to look to the future, seeding ideas that potentially make you feel vulnerable but that ultimately prove mutually beneficial!

Despite an overwhelming signature directed towards your house of bonding, joint endeavors, investments and debts there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus lend drive, energy and enthusiasm to loose acquaintances, your social life, friends and community, so that industry objectives, your hopes and dreams for the collective, or professional networks could inspire you into action–but interrupt developments underway.

Though planets gather to elevate private, intimate interests, you’re likely also encouraged to work as a team, on behalf of – or with – your circle of peers.

It’s a challenging, conflicting notion!


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your partnering zone, the house of togetherness, twosomes & negotiation, lending awareness to your response and reaction to others – how you get along and with whom.

Harness the New Moon, making time for intimate relationships as your sector of one-to-ones is chock full of celestial activity.

Claim a fresh start for unions, and reconsider ways you might engage others, one-on-one, how might you attract a partner or develop with your co-pilot? Perhaps it’s time to set aside a regular date night (even if it’s on zoom) with those that are special to you – reinvent your personal relations and expectations in matrimony or business mates.

Despite an overwhelming signature in cerebral air – and your relationship house – urging you to get along well with others, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus lend drive and energy to your ability to advance and succeed, covering steady ground to make a big impression, or climb your way to the top! Warrior like Mars motivates from your professional, prolific tenth house – the highest house of your horoscope and the sector of visibility, notoriety and vocational life.

There may be a veracious pursuit for praise or validation– to be seen in ways that are innovative, different or unexpected. However, as it’s also a poignant time to consider partnering balance is needed…


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your busy house of routines, rituals, work and healthy living, your sector of streamlining, organization, discipline, purification and maintenance.

Harness the New Moon, making time for habits, your schedule or an approach that makes the most of your time with efficiencies in place.

What can you do to maximize the hours in your day-to-day? How might you toil and labor – or employ others to do the work and put everyone to best use? Who could help you and where might you step in to manage others better? What fitness goals, or position is your ideal???

This is an incredible window to create a sense of order, seeding ideas that will help you help yourself…

Despite an overwhelming signature in air – and the practical sector of work, health and wellbeing – setting you straight, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus in appear in your house of adventures, quests, truth seeking, expansion, and higher education, driving ahead motivation to discover life through an alternative lens. Personal development is compelling, and you may now have a platform, course of action or connection to a plan or project that pushes you outside your comfort zone…

Though planets gather to elevate a fresh start for daily practices, systemization, fitness and logical progress, you’re likely also captivated by culture, experiences, learning and growth opportunities, too…

It’s a challenging, conflicting notion!


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your zone of solo passions, fun, gratification and pleasure-seeking, the sector of romance, fertility, your kids, parties, hobbies and artistic expression!

Harness the New Moon, making time for people, places and things you like (or LOVE); is it time to clear space for a musical instrument in your room? Or set aside time for regular date nights (and sex)? Are you keen to take a craft, sport or social engagement seriously, baby making, or time with your children (perhaps as educator)?

Plan to create long-lasting memories or something beautiful, as matters of the heart, solo desires (and selfish indulgences) are brightly spotlighted!

Plant seeds for something wonderful that you adore…

Despite an overwhelming signature in your own air element, signifying a wonderful journey of enjoyment & gratifying experiences, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus now appear in your zone of commitments and enduring bonds, so that you could be eager to secure yourself in a relationship or other circumstance, Libra. Stable pastures and sensible ties or arrangements could motivate you, mutual interests – sharing space, money, resources, or your energy – taking things to another level.

steering you towards & sensible, pushing ahead current motivation and a strong drive or impetus to solidify or stabilize your private interests…

Though planets gather to elevate creative interests, things you love and that are inspiring be mindful as intensity is roused…


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your house of nurture, nesting, and family life – the base or lowest point of your horoscope that represents the ground beneath you, where you came from, your land (property), lineage or ancestral line.

Harness the New Moon, making time for parents or parenting, settling down into comfort or expanding on home and your household interests – the past or your emotional foundations.

Ask yourself what can be improved in feathering the nest or caring for self and others under your roof? It’s an incredible window to look to the future, seeding ideas that potentially identify your needs, traditions and values.

Spotlight what’s being erected and established underfoot…

Despite an overwhelming signature directed towards domesticity, security, stability and your private life, Scorpio, there’s tension thanks to your ruling planet Mars, now accompanying Uranus in your opposite sign.

Human dynamics, intimate relationships and one-on-ones may feel exciting but perhaps a little too forthright and demanding. Partners may present some kind of draw, with a spiced-up entanglement in your midst.

A fresh start beckons in your space or familiar surroundings, a notion that experiences resistance from one person in particular… Or your bid to explore safety and emotional stability is compelling but disturbed thanks to another.


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your zone of news and connection, the house of mobilization, communication skills, neighbors, language and discourse – your curious sector of close relations.

Harness the New Moon, making time for siblings, coworkers, best friends, and the issues pertinent to you all – a fresh start full of potential may be awakening you to a different way of thinking, speaking, learning or developing your mindset, so you can thoughtfully explore your environment (literally or mentally, online or IRL) with kindred spirits by your side.

Ask yourself what skills you’d like to add to your repertoire, the social matters that mean something to you and yours… Engage and make contact!

Despite an overwhelming signature directed towards neighborly interests, friendly chatter and your connections, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus now appear in Taurus, & the healthy sector of constitution, wellness and lifestyle, day-to-day. You may be breaking ground with habits, improved general maintenance, motivated to uphold positive choices, routines and to be practical, efficient, and useful in your work.

But social arrangements, your circle of tight knit friends, learning something new or simply exploring and networking among friends is controversial – tasks, chores or ‘the daily grind’, steady, healthy consistency and duties don’t mesh well with your bid to understand your neighborhood, environment, or your people – and the rapport you have with them.


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your zone of income, earnings and personal investments, your house of security, money and finances, geared towards your assets, attributes and your capacity to attain

Harness the New Moon, making time for your tangible, material world, considering what you have and what’s due. What role are you keen to uphold? What responsibilities or personal value would you like to input or contribute?

This is an incredible window to note your worth, and to plan ahead – even writing yourself a cheque and putting it on your vision board with a list of rewards, possessions, or compensation – what you hope to gain, build or develop through patience, and hard work–perhaps saving a deposit or splurge on new technology! Ask yourself what’s important to have and to hold…

Despite overwhelming focus on what you have to give or gain there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus now appear in your fun, passionate fifth house of sensuality, indulgences, pleasure and heart felt notions, urging you to cast your solo desires in a compelling light!! Romance, creative projects, hobbies, your kids and playful impulses may be driving you to take action – to find love, make and do, or get pregnant, match or mate…

But with a fresh start beckoning in your stable second house work and play are conflicting agendas – you may want to ask yourself if logically you have the bandwidth or time to follow your impulses towards a good time…

A conflict of interests arises!


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your sign, Aquarius, and your house of autonomous plans, your self-possessed zone that underscores your solo projects, presence or persona.

Harness the New Moon, making time and creating space for number one.

You’ve an incredible opportunity to set out on the right foot now, soaking up the chance to learn and grow (thanks to Jupiter), and take a long-term view of what’s evolving for you (anticipate this is a marathon, not a sprint, with Saturn in your first house).

A fresh start for is now on the table in so focus on you and your intentions. Don’t worry if you don’t feel you can get everything down on paper – Mercury is retrograde so a laid back, intuitive thinking process (or mind map) likely works in your favor as oppose to detailed lists. Plant positive seeds inspired by what you can do, with faith and luck on your side…

Despite overwhelming focus on blossoming ventures, growth opportunities and your own capabilities, there’s tension.

Mars and Uranus now traverse your fourth house of stability and security, so you may now feel motivated to take root, with a drive towards safety. These two lively planets pass through your sentimental house of parenting, and comfort, so the there’s conflict between finding stable ground, family obligations, and a project, journey, venture or solo feat that lights you up!

Take action around home life, where you live, your traditions or ‘norms’ in domestic settings but also seize the day in your personal growth and expansion…!! You’re the most capable of visualizing the future!


The New Moon in Aquarius creates a stellar line up your house of rest and rejuvenation, the solitary sector of fantasy, dreams and healing. Slip off the radar, go offline, and even digitally detox…

Lean into your exhalation process; release, find closure, and bed down into hibernation if necessary. There’s a fresh start around unknown – and unknowable – mysteries, so don’t be surprised if you’re dealing with mystical or surreal subjects, helping a partner or friend through sheer charity, or upholding a coaching role.

Harness the New Moon, making time for your rich inner life & imagination as six planets retreat for surrender, sleep or acts of self-sacrifice. Plan ahead the ways you can maintain a sense of peace, serenity and composure.

Despite overwhelming focus on isolation and artistic, spiritual or selfless acts of service (and self-forgetting) there’s tension.

Mars & Uranus appear in Taurus, and your connected house of communication, keen to touch base or be a part of a steady discourse, learning and engaging in the conversation, being part of a circle or conversation.

This is a tricky balance! Enthusiasm in local environments may be high, with involvements among kindred spirits spurring you on to be involved. Your sense of curiosity and aptitude for speech & navigation has likely gained momentum, with action among or close-knit friends.

But there’s a need for quiet gestation, escaping, with life circumstances that put you in a cosmic time out! Social ties are harder to maintain with your head in the clouds…

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