Your New Moon In Aquarius 2024 Horoscope…

The first new moon of the year holds promise for the future...

Read your New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope 2024 by Sun and Rising Sign!

  • Weekday: Friday – The Day of Venus, Venus in Capricorn,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn in Pisces / Uranus in Taurus.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: 6.58 am HKT Saturday 10th February 2024
  • London: 10.58 pm UT Friday 9th February 2024
  • New York: 5.58 pm EST 9th February 2024
  • Los Angeles 2.58 pm PT 9th February 2024.

Horoscope For The New Moon In Aquarius 2024…


Focus on community, your peers and online movements! The New Moon lends itself to friendship, so make time and space for social issues and hopes, dreams and wishes you have for all people! Human relations, social life and teamwork count! Come together as part of something greater than just you, knowing you can network in powerfully fresh ways.

There’s tension however, with Uranus in your house of material interests.

This emphasizes efforts you’re motivated towards in your role or position. The tangible side of life, money and personal gains are something to experience and be open to. Yet practical feats of interest don’t necessarily chime with the group dynamic.


Your goals and notions of success, notoriety, prominence and your aspirations may now be on your mind, with a sense of accomplishment to consider, Taurus. The New Moon touches the highest house of your horoscope, the ambitious sector of fame, leadership and career advancement.

What kind of public image do you want to put out there? Perhaps it’s about being a responsible parent or CEO of your own business.

Meanwhile, Uranus presents tension in your house of physical presence and body. There may be a personal change that’s happened or is now taking place interrupting how far you can propel your reputation. Take it easy, with routes to praise balanced with your own journey and personal awakening.


Set your sights on adventure, blue sky thinking, education and travel, Gemini! The New Moon sparkles in your broadminded, expansive zone higher thought, culture, knowledge and truth seeking… This is an incredible time to go further, making space for your dreams and opening up your world view!

There is also activity underway that could cause you to practice patience or undergo some healing, too. Uranus orbits your house of mysteries and gestation, forcing you to sit on the sidelines and take it slow.

You might be coming to terms with private dealings that have you in limbo, waiting or coming full circle. Welcome a fresh education, personal development and publish your thoughts, knowing plenty remains hidden.


The New Moon lands in your house of commitments, loyalty and pledges made. You could be thinking deeply about your legacy, long-term plans or ways you’re unified with others for keeps.

Yet friends and loose acquaintances are important now! Uranus in your community zone breeds tension now, with excitement or unconventionality around your social life and the group.

Your private life, trust and where you’re reliant on others could be apparent, yet challenged by your circle or network.


Focus on intimate relationships, considering how you show up for other people, and put yourself in their shoes. It could be easy thinking of others now, with a partnership or particular individual that stands out.

If there’s no-one in particular you’re engaged with, circulate and consider who you’d like to meet – who you want to know you!

But be aware that Uranus breeds tension at this New Moon. There may be some facet of your status, reputation or career that interrupts meeting people, fresh faces or the familiar. Your goals and the path you’re on may be more fun, as well as the routine and groove you’ve found.


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Matters of work, health, routines, rituals and lifestyle could now appear on your radar, Virgo. The New Moon suggests thinking about maintenance and the jobs you do, systems and service.

However, Uranus appears in your adventure zone, interrupting the approach you might have to your day-to-day, encouraging a change in outlook. There may be a quest, truth seeking, expansion or publishing underway, with a project that puts you in touch with new people.

Find space to be pragmatic, addressing admin or appointments, as well as discovering a unique and alternative lens.


The New Moon appears in your zone of passions, fun, gratification and pleasure-seeking. You might have ideas about a hobby, artistic expression, romance, fertility, kids or pregnancy. It could be an entertaining time so make space for parties, people, a vacation or the things you love!

Be mindful however that Uranus is prominent in your house of commitments.

Here you may have enduring bonds or a financial tie that interrupts your enjoyment. A private matter, arrangement, pledge or loan could be taken into consideration, as you find creative inspiration forthcoming.


There’s a potential focus on nurture, nesting and family life, with the New Moon at the base of your horoscope. Look to home spaces, your domestic environment or to a parent, now. Think about feathering the nest or caring for self and others under your roof. It’s an incredible time to look to the future, seeding ideas that tap in to your needs, traditions and values. 

Relationships and one-on-ones could seem extra important, potentially interrupting household interests or life behind closed doors. A partner, key people or one person in particular may stand out, as you address your property and where you came from. Try to connect to those around you as well as drawing back to experience what’s unfolding.


Focus on communication skills, neighbors, relations and navigation! Sibling type relationships may seem extra interesting, with people to listen to at a personal level in close proximity!

Take a fresh look at news and connection, how you stay mobilized, curious and informed. Just note there may be tension thanks to your day-to-day life: work, health, routines or a radical change to general maintenance.

Time spent engaging may remind you of your own wellbeing and the journey you’re on to dedicate yourself to a practical regime.


Matters of income, earnings, values and personal investments are spotlighted by the New Moon, in your money zone. Finances and your contribution can likely be planned with clarity, as you move ahead in your position.

Make space for your tangible, material world, considering what you have and what you’d like.

Just be aware that Uranus now appears in your fun, passionate sector of sensuality, indulgences, pleasure, heart and hobbies. Work and play present conflicting agendas. The path to getting what you want, and plans for happiness may jeopardize security or your assets.


The New Moon appears in your first house of self, autonomy, independence and solo projects. Your presence or persona may be what’s sought out, with lots of attention on you! Prioritize your health and wellbeing, allowing other people to focus on you.

Be aware too, that Uranus now traverses your house of stability, security, family and home. A shake-up around your roots, property, dwellings and private life may be apparent. Expectations towards the way you settle could clash with your intentions for you and your partner.

Plant positive seeds inspired by what you can do, and really let go of everything outside your control. You are almost through a process of closure!


Your solitary sector of dreams, rest and rejuvenation is touched at this New Moon. A fantasy, healing or exhalation process may see you slip off the radar, go offline, or even digitally detox.

Find fresh paths to escape, surrender, spirituality or around acts of self-sacrifice. Plan ways to maintain a sense of peace, serenity and composure.

Just be aware Uranus is in your connected house of communication skills and neighborly rapport. Your inner circle, social media or being part of a conversation may distract you from quiet gestation, even a charitable or coaching role.

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