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April 11th / 12th: Fresh Starts And New Beginnings, New Moon In Aries 2021…

Usher in opportunities to do something totally new!

New Moon In Aries, 22º25’

So many celestial bodies in Aries…

Your New Moon In Aries Horoscope…


Moon moves through your sign with a New Moon (and new beginning), Aries – allow the focus to land on you and your special attributes, your presence, physicality, personality, character and the responsibilities you’re willing to uphold and take on among your circle of friends, associates, and your group or team of cheerleaders.

The New Moon is a cosmic re-set, an opportunity not to be missed!

As the planets gather in your own sign and find harmony with those in air, you can whistle a happy tune, confident of your like-ability and popularity among peers!

In particular, ties to your ruler Mars bode well for your articulate, sociable side, and your capacity to report conscientiously or engage with close friends.


Love planet Venus appears in your sign, boosting your charm and amicability, and makes easy ties to buoyant, jubilant Jupiter in Aquarius and your house of friends.

This is a wonderful day to be in touch with your community!

Venus in Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn, however, so that you might be arm wrestling your way to the feel-good factor, challenged or conflicted about your solo appearance, and meeting notions of outward success: all you’ve strived for to come off as an authority, power house or formidable influence…

Find the balance between simple, keen engagement and your part as a bold, bonny, bright star, and the reputation you uphold professionally.

Personal Growth.

You have attributes and a persona that’s known for being, driven, initiating, courageous and independent – perhaps people know you for your autonomous fire power and hot-headed ways, for better or worse!

Now, what are you going to do with all that vitality and emboldened spirit?

It’s a time to plan, strategically, thoughtfully and for the long-term, with Mercury moving through your sign you can be articulate, clever and use discernment; and, with harmonious ties to Saturn you’ve a bird’s eye view and enduring longevity – think about humanity and your hopes for the collective as they might unfold over time…

Consider the way you express yourself – direct and forthright – and your identity. At New Moon you have a route to embark on a fresh start. Give yourself the attention you deserve, physically, your appearance without pressuring yourself thanks to others’ expectations…


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon in your sector of retreat and rehabilitation, making it a time to switch off, check out, and hit ‘Airplane Mode’. Allow reflections and focus to land on ways you gain closure and find peace, particularly solitary space that enhances your capacity to contribute practically, taking action or following through with lucrative endeavours.

The New Moon is tied to Mars in your money zone, while your ruler Venus finds harmony with expansive opportunist Jupiter in Aquarius and your house of career, goals, ambitions and your sector of outward success.

Note how well you’re coming across to the world, perhaps seen as a responsible pair of hands, thriving thanks to a retreat behind the scenes…


Your ruler love planet Venus appears in your sector of mystery, retreat and isolation, drawing you offline – and into the unknown; a world of fantasy, escapism and dreams, hidden from view. [Indulge your fantasies!]

Pull back, knowing you can blossom and come off well! Ties between Venus and joyful Jupiter could spell celebration around your title, reputation, or give you reason to smile as you step up to be seen (a veritable success)…

But note Venus in Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn, so you’ll want to balance the more elusive circumstances in life (that urge you into quiet surrender) with a broader quest; knowledge or a philosophy that’s been a big part of your journey – steps taken to determine what you know and believe to be true… Pause liberally, without resistance or struggle…

Personal Growth.

Disappear off the grid to lend your attention to the ways you might advance, Taurus – what are your aspirations and who are you trying to impress?

Now, as strategic thinker, clever Mercury syncs with Saturn in your tenth house of success and prestige you can take a long-term view of your path to prominence and anticipate ways you might get ahead.

You have an opportunity to handle misunderstandings, or address bad habits, vices, or phobias that are ready to be exhumed and put to rest. Purge, detox and tackle old wounds, heal and contemplate how you might broach anything that bothers you from the past…

We all need tools, methods, and remedies to recover and find peace – this is your chance to bed down, and dream of solutions to that are rewarding, even if they’re also charitable, and selfless.


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon in your social sector and networking zone – look at online spaces, your city, circle, community or clan.

Be fearlessly and resolutely honest with yourself about what your part is among friends, Gemini, as headstrong Mars drives ahead in your sign, tied to the New Moon.

You might have something important to instigate, share, publish or impart – be brave as you step into the crowd, making an announcement that’s about you as well as being relevant to those around you!

As an air sign, you’re a natural cheerleader for others, now welcome allies and members of society at large that want to follow your lead or visionary ideas… Jupiter and Saturn in your educational ninth house have no doubt bestowed experiences on you this year that your circle can appreciate…


Friends and your company of peers (coworkers, team mates, alliances or allies) have a huge part to play today, as your ruling celestial guide, go-between Mercury moves through Aries and your humanitarian eleventh house of hopes & dreams for the collective: your community and band of merry men.

Breathe life into what you have to share; Jupiter & Saturn make ties to Venus & Mercury, suggesting a warm reception from your audience or crew when you show up with enthusiasm and something to broadcast! Your knowledge, faith, your beliefs or a specialist subject that’s led to personal growth!

But note Venus in Aries (and your friendly sector) is square to Pluto in Capricorn – your investment house of commitments and financial ties – note the way you’ve devoted time, energy and resources, and where this may hold you back from circulating solo…

Personal Growth.

Your ruling planet Mercury appears in Aries, aligned with harmony and syncopation to Saturn in fellow air sign Aquarius, and your visionary ninth house of wisdom, education, quests and personal development.

Say what’s been yours to learn and assimilate – your people are ready to hear it! Note the company you keep and those you want on your team… The New Moon in your house of hopes and dreams steers you to the heart of your social scene and underscores humanity and the causes you care about.

Peers and people around you, your audience or team online are pertinent, perhaps helping you gain clarity around what you know – your truth. If you’re seeking to be part of a different industry or crew – or if you’re looking to extend your reach towards ‘the masses’ through a digital platform or channel – NOW is the time to consider the potential all around you.


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) for your outer role, your outer life later today, Cancer.

Note not just who you are but what you do and represent in the world, your vocation, trade, appearance or reputation – your public profile or image at large…

As Mars syncs with the New Moon from your low-key twelfth house there may be secret activity spurring you on, a process that’s occurring in your private life that steers you offline and into solitude.

Purge, pause and surrender…

You may be considering your legacy, obligations, and investments, which in turn affects how you’re seen in the world, the impression you hope to make and your career choices. Hit the reset button and wipe the slate clean as you move ahead knowing support is in situ, trust where you stand with others, and importantly the direction you’re headed – toward your calling…


Love planet Venus makes easy ties to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, both planets appear in your committed eighth house of loyalties, investments, pledges and shared or pooled resources.

2021 has likely steered you toward matters that prompt you to explore trust and what you owe others, how you’re obliged to dedicate yourself long-term to issues that aren’t necessarily comfortable to broach (sex, tax, debt, money and death…) You can now team up for the win, as you find your aspirations on the same page as a co-pilot or investor…

Venus in Aries is encouraging you to follow your path in the world, towards professional life or your public role, with confidence and headstrong pizazz but note, the love planet is square to Pluto in Capricorn, in your relationship zone. Although you agree on plenty there may be a sticking point in partnership challenging your ability to step up and reach toward your goals, and be seen in the way you desire!

Personal Growth.

Visualize your path to progress, Cancer, and come across beautifully.

The New Moon directs masses of attention toward your advancement, your vocation, direction, the way you’re presented professionally – your outer profile ¬and the reputation that precedes you.

Note collaborators, investors, or partners who have a stake in the way you come across, the people and relationships that bolster & lift you up, elevating you to higher heights! Talk about (and write down) aspirations, goals and the way you hope to get ahead with those you trust. It’s an amazing time to strategize and plan, especially with the help and support of others…


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) for worldly adventures, global experiences and your own growth now, Leo.

Dare to face your truth & explore broader horizons, stepping toward a quest, visionary pursuit, or be ready to refresh notions of what you believe – and involve your neighbors, your community or your peers (IRL or online!)

Mars moves through your sector of friends and followers, bringing an alliance between your education, experience or journey, and those you consider your crew (coworkers, teammates, allies or acquaintances in your network – your industry, organization or even your district…)

Focus on your ability to step out in the world to seek answers or affirm your knowledge, and consider what you might need from your social scene to really learn, engage and personally develop…


Jupiter and Saturn appear in your opposite sign Aquarius, and your house of others, Leo, signaling a time to be engaged one-on-one with certain partners, individuals, or friends. As Mars moves through your house of networking and friends, your social scene is no doubt illustrious too! You could be enjoying interactions you have with folk that are from places quite different to you!

This strong trio in air plays in to the New Moon; Mars aligned with Sun & Moon, Venus tied to Jupiter, Mercury to Saturn – all these easy, harmonious aspects bode well for the way you understand and relate – particularly when you have a common interest or focus, a project that encourages you to explore.

Personal Growth.

Sun & Moon embrace in your ninth house of truth-seeking, travel, education and philosophy – your house of higher thought, expansion and development – you may now be grappling with blue-sky thinking, ventures, spiritual principles or ideas that encourage you to go further, as this house of wisdom and visionary quests now calls attention. Broaden your path, let your track or course widen and open your mind and heart! Fearlessly explore you options.

Refresh notions of what you believe, and your enthusiasm for knowledge and understanding, Leo. Recognize how you feel about avenues to growth, your outlook, and be honest and true to you.

Allow others’ perspective to inspire you; welcome fresh perspectives, tolerating what others teach – the lessons they naturally impart…


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) for committed relationships, or, the pledges you make that involve outside parties (people or organizations) and your private life; sex, death, taxes, or melding your energy, money, resources or space may be a hot topic!

Mars is aligned with this New Moon now pushing ahead your outer profile, your title and reputation at large, so that getting ahead and your aspirations, routes to praise and success are likely a hugely motivating drive.

Focus on what you want from a partner in love, business, friendship, or even what you expect in matters of loyalty or a legacy from a family member…


Love planet Venus appears in your intimate eighth house of mergers, pressing upon a need to establish a sense of commitment, a topic that’s not always easy to grapple with. Notions of intimacy but also vulnerability could be raised, as four celestial bodies gather in your sector of unification.

Note Venus in impassioned Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn, in your expressive fifth house of fertility, pleasure and gratification – the way you find satisfaction and express yourself in creative ways likely shifted last year, and now there may be some ‘non-negotiables’ in your heart that don’t align with what’s now on the table in agreements & one-to-one obligations. No need to repeat an old argument, try and work around your wants…

Personal Growth.

It may be time to commit, consolidate and unify, Virgo, with a New Moon and fresh start in your house of investments, urging you to collaborate with others for mutual gain.

Ties to Mars in Gemini and your tenth house of advancement, achievements, success and vocational life point to outward appearances that have everything to do with your arrangements. You could be keen to seal the deal that enhances your public image, for example a ring or marriage proposal, company shares and a title, inheritance of a watch or bag (or property) that helps you make a winning impression, or trust in a person and a united front…

As your ruling planet Mercury makes ties to Saturn in your organized sixth house of daily toil, labor and work, wellbeing and employment, you’ll no doubt have agreements and contractual ties figured out, with proof you’ve the right foundations and are worth coming together with!


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) for one-to-ones and your relationships, Libra; your ruling planet Venus accompanies the Luminaries and clever negotiator Mercury in your house of partnering, so that your eyes and ears are directed towards others – from a spouse or sweetheart, to key individuals in your midst that must be dealt with solo.

Mars is aligned with this New Moon in air sign Gemini, and your ninth house of publishing, legal contracts, travel, truth seeking and higher education; there may be an inevitable growth experience attached to this collaboration.

Be prepared to broaden your outlook and horizons with a foreign perspective to consider as you devote yourself where your heart leads you…!!


Your ruling planet Venus appears in passionate Aries, and your house of partners, so your gaze is resolutely steered towards intimate relations conducted one-on-one. But Venus is square to Pluto in Capricorn, in your house of home life, parenting, family and emotional sensitivity.

There may have been tectonic shifts last year in your surroundings or approach to your elders and notions of nurture, thanks to a hot bed of activity in this foundational fourth house, forcing you to establish deep stability, ideas about your own traditions or sense of place and rootedness.

Today, ‘playing nice’, having fun, or appeasing a partner – paying attention to ‘them’ ¬– might not align with what you worked hard to build underfoot. No need to blow your house in, practice tolerance…

Personal Growth.

A fresh start in one-to-ones beckons with plenty to teach you, Libra.

The New Moon is bolstered by Mars in curious Gemini, and your sector of truths, beliefs, moral conduct and legalities. You may have to take on an outside perspective, listening and learning – or share your take, clearly communicating what you know to be true, which may pertain to the things you love most (your kids, your creative interests, hobbies, talents or your love life…)

Your ruling planet Venus is aligned with expansive Jupiter, blossoming in your fifth house of love and joyful exploration. Seek out what makes you happy in a couple, allowing your ‘other half’ to offer bright ideas and a sense of perspective around your own interests and hearts desires… The New Moon can introduce new partners or a person on your path who’s inspirational, visionary, or has a radically different view. Pay attention.


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) in your zone of health and organization – your efficient, productive, purposeful house of chores, work, healthy habits, and maintenance of a positive lifestyle.

Reset the agenda in how you might bring order to your day-to-day, streamlining systems and tackling tasks, how you operate and improve diet or fitness plans, or bring help on board at work or at home.

As thoughtful, clever Mercury in this sector finds harmony with structured Saturn – long-term planner and formidable planet establishing notions of place and security – you might like to think and write down domestic designs that align with plans to find solid footing and emotional equilibrium in your space.


Your ruling planet Mars moves through your collaborative eighth house of joint resources – shared space, energy, financial ties and bonds are likely motivating you now, Scorpio, with a willingness and even a compelling urge to unify…

Mars is harmoniously aligned with today’s New Moon in your sixth house of wellbeing, so that a cosmic reset in the area of health, wellness and work can be intertwined and entangled with committed relationships.

Note the people at work and in your world that serve you, assisting with simple tasks or encouraging you to stay fit for service, making positive lifestyle choices; trust those that seem to have you best interests at heart!

Personal Growth.

Show enthusiasm for the mundane facets of your day-to-day life now, and address any niggles or worries that need tending – from an overdue doctor’s appointment, to employing a new accountant, PA or health coach.

We all need support, Scorpio, and the New Moon in Aries presents likeable people to help you at home or with nutrition and lifestyle imporvments connected to your wellbeing (particularly eating).

Just note Venus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn in your communication zone and neighborly third house of contact and local environments posing distraction or a power struggle in conversation…


Moon moves through frisky Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) later today – allow the focus to land on your greatest passions, hobbies, and playful modes self-expression and a channel for love.

Your personal relationships are pertinent at this New Moon, with Mars in Gemini – your opposite sign, and house of others, what’s more, bold, affable Venus in Aries finds harmony with your ruling planet Jupiter, now in your house of close connection and kindred spirits.

Note partners and people around you in your tight knit crew that are dynamic, exciting and teach you something about the way you engage and relate… Affirm collaborations that encourage you to express your sexuality, your artistic side and creativity, or those who inspire you in ways that get your heart pumping with a spirit of fun!! Allow friends to help satisfy your need to pursue something enjoyable.


Joyful, joyful! Moon accompanies the Sun, Mercury and loving Venus in your fun, fifth house of play, sex, romance, love and affection now, Sagittarius in fellow fire sign Aries, making for an incredible day to put your heart into all you adore–set your sights on cherished people, or enjoy what life has to offer!

Note what makes your heart race, what your heart wants to conceive or create – what or who would make you smile?

But note Venus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn in your zone of money, wealth and work, so you could struggle to hotly pursue fulfil notions of love, sex and conception with your unyielding position, income or role looming…

Personal Growth.

Acknowledge what you enjoy and welcome potential for new hobbies, a baby, a business venture, project or playful fun (a party, feast or vacation) as your fifth house of pleasure, entertainment, desires and creativity is stimulated, lit up with four celestial bodies and a fresh start on offer.

Warmly visualise your passions or talents you’d like to cultivate! Seed ideas and know you have so much potential to relish and enjoy life – express yourself Sagittarius! Easy ties between Mercury & Saturn, and Venus & Jupiter could prompt you to involve your writing and communication skills, or your inner circle of siblings, school friends, close coworkers or those top of your messenger inbox. Say yes to an excuse to get together and make noise!!


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and new beginning) in your zone of home life, place and standing – allow the focus to land on your inner world that’s private, hidden and safely tucked away.

Consider life through an emotional lens, and the domestic rituals – or healthy routines and maintenance – that plays in to the way you find warmth and stability. The New Moon is a cosmic re-set, an opportunity to nest, nurture and settle and with ties to Mars your intentions can be efficient, productive and keep you on the beam…

Your ruling planet Saturn appears in Aquarius and your zone of money, earnings and assets, establishing a confidence in making a living – or asking you to develop a resolutely rigorous, responsible approach to income. Now, Saturn is tied to strategic Mercury, helping you devise even more ways to hammer in the tent pegs, tethering you to solid ground…


Love planet Venus appears in your sensitive fourth house of comfort and stable surroundings, so you might desire people around you that wrap you in love, warmth and assurance that all will be well. Venus makes harmonious ties to Jupiter in Aquarius, exploring what you can do to feel you’re valued, contributing and have more than enough, while ardent Mars drives ahead working relationships or rallies round for supporters, helping hands, and busily cultivates encouragement for your tasks…

Yet note, Venus in Aries is square to Pluto in your own sign, Capricorn, so be mindful – though you may deeply desire an assuring squeeze, you’ve proven yourself a capable powerhouse, and that strength of character may be hard to penetrate, today…

Personal Growth.

Gaze inwards. Today’s New Moon in Aries brings your focus towards home or domestic life, your surroundings, emotional environment, or feelings.

You could be experiencing fresh shoots and newness underfoot – within your four walls or family – your traditions or approach to the past, your roots, ancestry, and old patterns that go way back. Boldly and bravely look at the ground you’re standing on – is it solid and secure? Are the home fires burn warm and bright? Do you need to face realities about parenting, or behaviours that come out around those you feel comfortable with?

It’s likely there’s plenty you can do to establish your own good sense & practicality, which in turn helps those under your care (or your roof) to get on board with plans, showing up to help & support your (wellbeing) initiatives.


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and fresh start) around your communication and debating skills, sibling interactions, and local interests.

Your third house is jam packed with action, and with synergy with exciting Mars sparkling in your fun fifth house of love and creative expression, you might be called to connect, relate, engage and examine the way you talk, use your words and express yourself in ways that are particularly artistic or related to your own interests – your hobbies, kids, your desires, love life or heartfelt wishes!

Be curious, and navigate with fresh eyes – even a little naivety or innocence – as you make your way among neighbours, co-workers, school friends or those in your environment. Note the way you talk, converse, verbalize your thoughts, and make important statements – they may be a hot topic!


With ardent, lusty Mars now driving ahead in your fertile fifth house of love, passion, pregnancy and sex, you may be welcoming experiences that show you what, who and how you meet your need to be affectionate. Note desires and interests that have been introduced this year and last, Aquarius!

Today’s Aries New Moon resets the agenda in your approach to communication and close relations, but note Venus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn, so that some [secretive] point of contention [in your blind spot] may hold you back or interrupt friendly contact. If you feel something poised to disturb your discourse don’t allow it to become a standoff, power struggle, misunderstanding or reason to shut down. Come back to the conversation.

Personal Growth.

Hark! The stars are calling loud and clear – pick up the phone to talk!!

Navigate, mobilize and engage with your local area; think about people you typically rub shoulders with, and how you view issues that affect you all…

Clever Mercury and friendly Venus put you in touch with those in your immediate vicinity, folk you see regularly – siblings, school mates, those in your group chat or top of your messaging app – easy ties between Mercury & Saturn, and Venus & Jupiter could prompt you to consider what’s said among kindred spirits that you have a growing sense of responsibility or interest toward; is it time to engage with new ideas or ways of explaining yourself?

Note your own maturity and your journey of growth and relate this to those closest, thoughtfully addressing all that impacts your thinking (news reports, friendly chatter, your own learning and experience).


Moon moves through Aries with a New Moon (and fresh start) around income, wealth, your job role, or even the approach you have towards
money, material belongings, assets, and security, Pisces.

Mars presently drives ahead in your fourth house of land, lineage, home life and sentimentality, so you could be actively settling, nesting or addressing household concerns (refueling, broaching family matters, DIY or parenting).

The New Moon enjoys alignment and harmony between efforts currently being made to nourish self and others, cultivate a foothold, or engage with domestic life and your surroundings, with something worthy, valuable or a meaningful part to contribute independently now on the table (from your pay cheque to parenting skills, your fiscal sense and enthusiasm making a living).


Love planet Venus appears in your self-sustaining second house, so you might desire autonomy, and to feel strongly assured you have something to offer others that’s valuable or appreciated.

But note Venus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn spelling power struggles; you may have to grapple with the notion of your own worth or the role you play, and the overarching backdrop created by your social scene, community, and friends on the periphery (acquaintances or followers on social media).

Your comprehension of your industry network, alliances and society at large has likely shifted, now, you’ve to own how you make profitable moves, and feel good about your part in your circle or among peers and influencers…

Personal Growth.

Take stock of income and finances today, Pisces as the New Moon in Aries focuses on what you earn – and even what you’re worth – have you been undervaluing or overcharging? Do you need to make some bold decisions around your spending or saving?

Clever, strategic Mercury – planetary go-between and transactional guide of cash and coin – now appears in direct, headstrong Aries too, enjoying harmony with long-term planner and taskmaster Saturn in your twelfth house of prep and gestation.

Is there something you’re working towards in private that could be incredibly lucrative or confidence inducing? What does that mean in terms of building, developing & laying down firm foundations in your space or home?

Take a holistic overview to your personal purpose and what you have to gain in the real world: material comfort, resources and rewards.

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