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April 1st 2022: Fresh Starts And New Beginnings, Your New Moon In Aries Horoscope…

Usher in opportunities to do something totally new!

New Moon In Aries, 11º30’

  • Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day (and Mercury is in Aquarius),
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter (in Pisces) & Neptune (in Pisces).

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Friday April 1st, 2022 2.24 pm am
  • London: Friday April 1st, 2022 7.24 am
  • New York: Friday April 1st, 2022 2.24 am.

About This Aries New Moon…

New Moon In Aries 2022 Chart Set For London…

The new month opens with a New Moon, which resets the dial in Aries.

Celestial bodies in this sign make for a profound signature (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron and Pallas) bring positivity and optimism, ready for a fresh start, raring to go!

The ruler of this lunation is Mars in Aquarius, backed by Saturn, making for a socially dynamic yet formal atmosphere. Some may experience resistance, others grinding into gear…

Your New Moon In Aries Horoscope…


The Moon moves through your sign with a New Moon (and new beginning) in your first house of identity.

Spotlight your special attributes: your presence, physicality, personality and character, and the responsibilities you’re willing to take on among your circle of friends.

Teamwork is key, with Mars, Saturn & Venus in your eleventh house, bringing you toward your associates, allies, a company of peers, your social scene or people in the world around you: your group of cheerleaders.

With Mercury moving through your sign you can be articulate, clever and use discernment – make lists of intentions around this fresh start!

Relationships… Sense your popularity among peers. 

It’s a wonderful time to be in touch and involved with your community, to feel good about your solo appearance in a crowd – be present, volunteering thoughts and ideas! Speak up to those in your network!

Consider the way you express yourself among your people, ascertain what matters to everyman, one and all.

Take a bird’s eye view and look to your long-game, socially active for the benefit of humanity, with enduring hopes for the collective as they might unfold over time…

Growth… The New Moon is a personal cosmic re-set, an opportunity not to be missed.

As celestial bodies are gathered in your own sign, be confident and attuned to your needs, purpose and personal ideas

What are you going to do with all your vitality and emboldened spirit? Give yourself the attention you deserve, physically, devoted to your appearance and what you represent to others.

You have attributes and a persona that’s known for being driven, initiating, courageous and independent – perhaps people know you for your autonomous fire power and hot-headed ways, for better or worse!

Find the sweet spot between your part as a bold, bonny, bright star, and the masses who receive you gladly.


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your twelfth house of retreat, rehabilitation and healing.

Spotlight tools, methods, and remedies to recover and find peace, as you step up to be seen, visibly successful, accomplished, famous or notorious.

Misunderstandings or unknowable outcomes may still be part and parcel of the day, yet your career or reputation may have great momentum and prominence!

An illicit flavour, selfless undertakings, or untoward behaviour behind the scenes, doesn’t mean you can’t claim a crown or take up your title, praised or showing the world ‘you’ve made it’!

Relationships… Pause liberally, without resistance or struggle…

Disappear off the grid switching off, checking out, and hitting ‘Airplane Mode’.

Take the path of least resistance, while knowing you may be in a position to step up to be seen (and come off well) …

Whether you’re mourning a person or relationship, or prepping for something special in your own time, allow focus to land on ways you gain closure and find peace.

You can take up a position of isolation and uphold your outer role (giving the eulogy on the pulpit, giving comment in public spaces on misdemeanours…)


Mars, Venus and Saturn in your zone of career goals, ambitions and outward prominence signal a time to come across well to the world, perhaps seen as a responsible pair of hands, thriving – a veritable success!

Take up your title, uphold your reputation, or give others reason to look at what you do that leads you to prominence.

Meanwhile, take time in reflection, in solitude and retreat to explore a mystery.

A world of fantasy, dreams and escapism may lure you in, with the more elusive side of your world calling.

Pull back to quietly surrender, pregnant with anticipation

There are ways you might get ahead as you exhume the past and put certain tendencies to rest.

Purge, detox and tackle old wounds, heal and contemplate how you might broach anything that bothers you!


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your eleventh house of humanitarian dreams for society at large.

Spotlight friends, your social scene or company of peers (coworkers, team mates, alliances or allies) and note the motivation to pursue your visionary ideas.

There are new experiences or a course of action now being pursued – your ruling planet Mercury appears in Aries, making it even easier to think about the company you keep and those you want on your team…

Relationships… The New Moon is a cosmic re-set in your friendly sector of allies, peers and social networking – so seed a fresh start among loose acquaintances!

Ascertain your hopes for the collective and verbalize your thoughts to the community.

Look at online spaces, your city, circle, community or fellowship, your colleagues or your people!

If you’re seeking to be around a different group, take greater interest in social issues or looking to extend your reach towards the masses through a digital platform or channel – NOW is the time to consider your potential.

Growth… Peers and people around you, your audience or team online are pertinent, with a trio of celestial bodies underscoring the causes you care about, and the need to be a part of a movement that’s bigger than just you.

Seek to gain clarity around what you know, what you don’t, and what else you’re eager to understand, comprehend or experience, with the astrological co-pilots (Venus and Mars) with serious Saturn in your visionary ninth house of wisdom, education, quests and personal development.

Tap into your truth, a specialist subject (or specialism), part of an industry, audience or crew that makes sense to you and your growth journey.

Be fearlessly and resolutely honest with yourself about what you’re sharing publicly, publishing or knowledge you might impart.

Members of your circle can likely get on board with a worldly exploration you now have faith in…


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your tenth house of career aspirations.

Follow your true north, illuminate your public role, with confidence and headstrong pizazz; step up and reach toward your goals, and be seen headed toward your calling

You may be considering your legacy, obligations, and investments, which in turn affects what you’re striving for professionally, and your reputation.

Get on the same page as a co-pilot or investor…

Spotlight what you have in place to support your advancement, a contract or binding agreement…

Relationships… Sense the deep desire to come together, to give and receive in unity with others – pulling together as one, with Venus, Saturn and Mars establishing a way to enjoy the structures built between you and others.

It may have been painstaking setting up the parameters of ‘what’s ours to share‘, with slow moving taskmaster Saturn in your committed eighth house of loyalties, investments, pledges joint resources.

You can now sense satisfaction around trust and what you owe others, how you’re obliged, beholden, dedicated or invested (i.e. to a boss, spouse, family member or significant other).

Growth… Aries Season encourages you to visualise your path to progress.

Direct attention toward your own advancement, your vocation, trade or career, the way you’re presented professionally – your outer profile – and the reputation that precedes you.

Collaborators, investors, or partners have a stake in the way you come across count too – the people and relationships that elevate you, or have the potential to ‘make or break you’ with their input and resources shared.

Talk about (and write down) aspirations, goals and the way you hope to get ahead with those you trust.

It’s an amazing time to strategize and plan, especially with the help and support of others…


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your ninth house of truth-seeking, travel, culture and philosophy – your house of higher thought, expansion and development.

Plan the places you’ll go!

Spotlight a location, specialism or culture and look to explore with key people bringing you extra motivation as you follow your path.

With Mercury moving through this sector of the skies you can really gain clarity and an education – be clear on your intentions: what you’re keen to know, learn, experience, discover or conquer!

Teamwork is key, with Mars, Saturn & Venus in your opposite sign of partners…

Relationships… Saturn in your seventh house of one-to-ones signals a time to be engaged with certain people, partners, individuals, or friends.

What’s more, the astrological lovers (Venus and Mars) are shacked up in your relationship zone, so you may be looking to others for direction, eager to see which way your spouse, friend, co-worker, or even a therapist or coach is leading you.

Sun & Moon embrace in your house of wisdom, specialist subjects and blue-sky thinking, bringing you into contact with teachers, guides or philosophical types – another perspective, outlook or view.

Yet you must be open and willing to the notion of allowing others to head out with you, arm-in-arm…

Growth… Aries Season encourages you to light up ways you explore, expand, journey and grow. Focus on worldly adventures, global experiences and your own development – your own knowledge, understanding and avenues that lead you to face your Truth.

Dare to broaden your horizons, stepping toward a quest, visionary pursuit, or be ready to refresh notions of what you believe.

Be honest and true to you!

You may be grappling with the prospect of an adventure, spiritual principles or ideas that encourage you to go further; broaden your path, let your track or course widen and open your mind and heart!

Fearlessly explore your options.


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your eighth house of committed relationships, fears and investments.

Spotlight who you’re tied to and where you’re under an obligation, and the necessary daily activities or duties to perform that enable you to commit, consolidate and unify.

You may have agreements and contractual ties figured out, yet add detail around how you might seal the deal in the future, too.

New Moons are powerful times to plan and manifest! So trust in what you’re set on building or doing with outside support…

Relationships… The Luminaries and your ruler Mercury appear in your intimate house of mergers, pressing upon a need to establish a sense of commitment, a topic that’s not always easy to grapple with.

Notions of intimacy but also vulnerability could be raised, as the stars prompt you to unify.

Look at what’s now on the table in agreements and one-to-one obligations, what you stand to gain, what you lose, and what might be in the future.

For example, you might share space now, but the future might bring about a more permanent agreement; right now you might share a pet or home – a baby may be next (and the bills to go with it!)

Strategise the pledges you make that involve outside parties (people or organisations) and your private life; sex, death, taxes, or melding your energy, money, or resources.

Growth… Mars, Venus and Saturn move through your orderly sixth house of daily toil, labor and work, wellbeing and employment, suggesting all the hard work you’ve been doing to bring about order may be ramped up.

Your schedule may be packed and friendly faces may appear for you to delegate to.

Focus on what you need from others – their time, their money, their skills and help!

Partners – and what they have to offer – in love and business (or simply a financial transaction) are pertinent, so take an enthusiastic look at what you expect when getting involved.

Matters of loyalty or a legacy from a family member could be pertinent, too…


The New Moon (and new beginning) in your opposite sign and seventh house of partners and key unions brings a fresh start for one-to-ones.

Spotlight relationships and a serious approach around who and what you love and enjoy.

You’re likely taking a formal approach around your kids, creative interests, passion projects, pregnancy, artistic or sporty hobbies, talents or your love life.

You can now introduce new partners or a person on your path who is fun, creative or helps you hone in on what it is that enables you to express yourself!

Seek out what makes you happy in a couple…

Relationships… The New Moon is a cosmic re-set in your relationship zone, so seed a fresh start in one-to-ones, and allow all you’re devoted to in your heart to lead you forwards, guiding you to an ‘other half’ that can share bright ideas!

With clever negotiator Mercury in your house of partnering direct your eyes and ears towards others. Don’t limit your thinking to a spouse or sweetheart, any individuals in your midst count.

Steer your gaze resolutely towards intimate relations; a family member, friend, coworker or boss, enemy or rival could present a new beginning. Pay attention to those that must be dealt with solo, particularly those that bring passion; Mars sparkling in your fun fifth house raises the possibility for love, sex and sparks!

Growth… A fresh start beckons as you’re called to connect, relate, engage and examine the way you talk, use your words and express yourself to another person.

Allow key collaborations to loom large, as well as creative plans.

Your house of recreation, procreation, fertility and joy plays host to your ruler Venus, Mars (the ruler of your seventh house and the New Moon) and Saturn, which encourages a slow and steady approach to meeting your desires and personal gratification.

Look to modes of self-expression being mastered, and where a plus one is welcome.


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your efficient, productive, purposeful sixth house of health, wellness and work.

Spotlight the regime or routine you keep, and the structure bought about at home, in your space or surroundings.

Sober, stern Saturn – long-term planner and formidable planet of solid footing – is bringing about ways to establish notions of place and security.

Reset your agenda, bringing order to your day-to-day, starting with home or your baseline, your body, family or four walls…

Relationships… Sense the motivation and efforts currently being made to nourish self and others, ways you’re cultivating a foothold, or engaging with domestic life and your surroundings – even addressing your parents or ancestors.

Your ruling planet Mars presently drives ahead in your house of land, lineage, and emotional equilibrium, making it easier to tackle plans in your space or around where you might live legally or with formal plans in place.

You could be actively settling, nesting or addressing household concerns (where you might live, refuelling, broaching family matters, DIY or parenting).

Note the people in your world that serve and assist you with simple tasks or encourage you to stay fit for service, making positive lifestyle choices, keeping up healthy habits – cement or cultivate more of these relationships with today’s New Moon!

Growth… Aries Season encourages you to visualise your wellbeing, lifestyle, organisational practices and work.

As thoughtful, clever Mercury appears in this sector too, address any niggles or worries that need tending – from an overdue doctor’s appointment, to employing a new accountant, PA or health coach.

We all need support and to be supported!

Delegate or find ways to make efficiencies, looking toward maintenance of a positive lifestyle.

The mundane facets of your day-to-day life can now enjoy clarity.


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your playful fifth house of fun, fertility, sexuality, entertainment and joy!

Spotlight your greatest passions, hobbies, your children or projects that make you happy, and the way you’re establishing your voice, skills and an aptitude in navigating social circles, your close peers or people generally.

People around you in your tight knit crew who are dynamic, exciting and teach you something can be taken seriously, as well as ways you’ve begun to engage and relate in a more formal, even accredited fashion.

With Mercury moving through Aries you’ve great potential to be inspired around matters of the heart – or what you might like to put heart into (a baby, book or business!)

Relationships… Affirm collaborations that make you smile and encourage you to express your passion or sexuality, your artistic creativity – or those who inspire you in ways that get your heart pumping with a spirit of fun!!

Allow friends to help satisfy your need to pursue something enjoyable or look to a baby or lover to make you smile…

Close personal relationships are pertinent at this New Moon, with Mars in your sector of communication skills, siblings, school friends, close coworkers and messages – sentiments you share, news, gossip or your voice among tight-knit pals.

Say “yes” to an excuse to get together & make noise (or raise hell)!

Growth… Note what makes your heart race, what your heart wants to conceive or create with warmth in the most artistic, expressive sector in your chart.

Look to a new beginning with a plan, project, or talent to cultivate! Seed ideas and know you have so much potential to relish and enjoy life (and your kids, fun playmates, co-workers and loved ones).

With Venus, Saturn and Mars in your third house, be passionate among close kin and your inner circle – take what you write, journal or are able to volunteer or articulate seriously, or show a formal approach to social issues that matter to you and your close friends.

Report conscientiously, or look to your inbox for data with interest!


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to the base and bottom corner of your horoscope, your foundational fourth house.

Spotlight home life or domestic issues, ways you’re establishing your own earnings, assets and confidence in making a living.

The way you make money, save money or have developed a resolutely rigorous, responsible approach to income is key.

Devise even more ways to hammer in the tent pegs, tethering you to solid ground

Nest, nurture and settle, allowing work and your role to play in to the way you find warmth and stability.

Relationships… The Luminaries now bed down with strategic Mercury in your zone of comfort and stable surroundings, so you might desire people around you that wrap you in love, warmth and assurance that all will be well.

Explore the notion of personal value, and self-worth.

What do you do that leads you to feel you’re valued? What feels good about how or what you contribute?

Drive ahead notions that you have the muscle and resources others seek…

Issues around family or home may come into focus, so allow space to process figures in your past, or deal with parents or parenting issues.

Growth… Your surroundings, emotional environment, a sense of ease and comfort or feelings matter today: security, earned income, material gains and possessions.

You could be experiencing fresh shoots underfoot – within your four walls or family, your traditions and approach to the past, your roots, ancestry, and old patterns that go way back.

Boldly and bravely look at the ground you’re standing on – is it solid and secure? Are the home fires burn warm and bright? Do you need to face realities about parenting, or behaviours that come out around those you feel comfortable with?

There’s likely plenty you can do to practicality, which in turn helps those under your care (or your roof).


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your third house of communication and debating skills, sibling interactions, and local interests.

Spotlight the way you relate to others and the personal responsibility you take navigating hot topics.

With Mercury moving through this sector you’ve extra promise in expressing what you mean, getting directly to the point.

With Mars, Saturn & Venus in your sign, consider yourself a vital component to the conversation – your presence, wisdom and muscle is essential!

Relationships… Be curious about the people in your local areas, thinking about the new friends you might meet, what you might learn from people around you or how you might breathe life – and reignite the flames of passion – in your immediate vicinity…

Clever Mercury puts you in touch with folk you see regularly, or perhaps someone will call with news – siblings, school mates, those in your group chat or top of your messaging app feature, so sow seeds of opportunity to connect and begin again with personal enthusiasm high.

Don’t underestimate your allure and charm, with Venus in your sign now!

Growth… Re-set the agenda in your approach to communication and close relations, friendly contact and discourse, and the way you deliver news or run errands for and with neighbors.

With ardent, lusty Mars now driving ahead in your sign you may be quick to act, with higher levels of energy; coupled with responsible Saturn, you may come off as stern, firm and old-school.

It’s ok for you to be principled, yet practice listening skills; really hear what’s said in close quarters.

Note the way you talk, converse, verbalise your thoughts, and make important statements – as well as honouring your maturity.

Relate your experiences to those closest, thoughtfully addressing all that affects your kindred spirits… What can you take action on to help others?


The New Moon (and new beginning) brings focus to your second house of money and earnings.

Spotlight income, investments, your job role, or even the approach you have towards money, material belongings, assets and the ongoing process (that’s private or secret) that brings you the space and tools to do something worthwhile.

A low-key approach and what feels like limbo may help, as you set intentions around what’s next for your independent contribution

Relationships… Taskmaster Saturn in your twelfth house of prep and gestation prompts a deep clean and motivation to address the ways you cope and deal with things that are out of your hands and beyond your control.

(I.e. a sick parent, partner or person leaning on you).

There may be a lot going on others don’t necessarily see, something you’re working on in private that could be incredibly lucrative or confidence inducing but elusive too!

Solitude and ways you purge, pause and surrender may have everything to do with the people and relationships you’re able to tolerate…

Growth… The New Moon in Aries brings focus to what you earn – and even what you’re worth.

Have you been undervaluing or overcharging? Do you need to make some bold decisions around billing others, so you can profit?

Perhaps spending or saving needs a realistic look now.

With clever, strategic Mercury – planetary go-between and transactional guide of cash and coin – in direct, headstrong Aries, you may be ready to make decisions on the job you do, the role you uphold, and what makes the most financial sense!

Take stock of income, your purpose and what you have to gain in the real world: material comfort, resources and rewards.

Think about becoming self-sustaining with autonomy – valuable or appreciated in the way you build, develop and make more!

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