April 20th Horoscope – New Moon In Aries 2023…

Fresh Starts And New Beginnings! Your forecast for the New Moon in Aries.

Your New Moon In Aries Horoscope…


Sun and Moon meet in your sign (and your first house) with a new beginning to harness around your identity and personal life.

Spotlight you, your plans and special attributes!

Look to your presence, physicality, personality, character and the action you’re inclined to take in your circle of friends – among siblings, neighbours, close colleagues or those you happen to encounter.

With Mercury moving through your sign you can be articulate, clever and use discernment.

Make lists of your intentions around this fresh start. Volunteer the facts, mobilised in local hangouts or savvy to the consensus in your area.

Find you’re able to articulate news, gossip or shared sentiments among school friends or close coworkers – note your take on a hot topic!


Close personal relationships are pertinent at this New Moon, with Mars in your third house.

This is your sector of tight-knit ties, relations and communication skills. Note where you’re passionate among kindred spirits and your inner circle.

Teach and learn!

Note how you’ve come to navigate social circles, your close peers or people generally. Something exciting and dynamic has likely taught you about yourself, now give yourself the attention you deserve!

Actively engage!


The New Moon is a personal cosmic re-set, an opportunity not to be missed.

As celestial bodies are assembled in your sign, be confident and attuned to your purpose and ideas… What are you going to do with all your vitality and emboldened spirit?

It’s a big time for you to go large with Jupiter in your sign!

You have attributes and a persona that’s known for being self-starting, initiating, courageous and independent.

People may know you for your autonomous fire power & hot-headed ways, for better or worse! Start today!

Affirm grand plans and be connected through writing, reporting, delivering or proving a point on social issues that matter to you and yours…


Sun and Moon meet in your twelfth house of retreat and rehabilitation.

You’re invited to examine the tools, methods and remedies you have to recover and find peace.

Spotlight projects or plans that are selfless, with an eye on misunderstandings or unknowable outcomes that set you in limbo, and allow your earnings, assets and the motivation you have in making a living to be a theme, too.

Pause liberally, without resistance or struggle… Disappear off the grid to lend your attention to switching off, checking out, and hitting ‘Airplane Mode’.


Take the path of least resistance, while knowing you may be in a position to input something of real value.

Allow focus to land on ways you gain closure and find peace.

You could be in a period of isolation, or tending to others in a truly selfless manner. For example, you might be solving a partner’s (or your own) mental health issues, giving up your time and body for a baby. Notice where you’re putting others first.

Take time in reflection, in solitude, behind the scenes, mourning or retreating to explore a mystery or fantasy.

Your dreams and escapism may lure you into a more elusive side of life…

Exhume the past and put certain alliances to rest.

Purge, detox and tackle old wounds, heal & contemplate how to broach anything that bothers you!


Mars in your zone of personal value and self-worth may have affirmed the way you find confidence in your capabilities!

Find you’ve a handle on your role, the part you play and the way you make money, save or develop enthusiasm for your position.

There may have been a drive to explore your income and ways of contributing, perhaps cultivating different revenue streams.

Note all the hard work you’ve been doing to profit or gain semblance around your material life and possessions, even questioning what leads you to feel valued. What you do that provides resources or sees you providing?


Sun and Moon meet in your eleventh house of friends.

Spotlight your social scene or company of peers (coworkers, team mates, alliances or allies).

Note the dreams you have for society at large and the key part you play, as an initiator, with high levels of energy or something to take action on!

Reckon with the way you come off in a crowd; perhaps you’re quick to act or know you can become ‘inflamed’. Maybe you’re prone to arguments or passionate outbursts.

Find you’ve tapped into a way to channel your heady tendencies positively. 

Mercury helps you think about the company you keep, and those you want on your team… Pick up the phone to a friend!


The New Moon is a cosmic re-set in your friendly social sector of allies, peers and social networking – so seed a fresh start among loose acquaintances.

Ascertain your hopes for the collective and verbalize your thoughts to the community.

Look at online spaces, your city, circle, community or fellows, your chapter, fellowship or your people!

Who gives you a warm reception?

If you’re seeking to be around a different group, take greater interest in social issues!

Look to extend your reach towards ‘the masses’ through a digital platform or channel – NOW is the time to consider plans and go big!


Peers and people around you, your audience or team online are pertinent, Gemini!

Celestial bodies underscore the causes you care about, and the need to be a part of a movement bigger than just you.

With ardent Mars in your sign, consider yourself vital now.

Your presence, enthusiasm and muscle is essential!

Members of your circle can likely get on board with all that you’re getting behind or initiating, so drive ahead bright ideas.

Connect people or come up with projects that are social and about people.

Be part of an industry, audience or crew that makes sense to you and find you’re appreciated.


Sun and Moon meet in the highest corner of your horoscope, with a new beginning in your tenth house success!

Follow your true north and professional path toward your goals and aspirations.

Illuminate your public role!

Be aware of moves you’ve made in secret or privately. You may have come to terms with problematic people or situations and these can now inform your ability to advance!

With Mercury moving through your tenth house too, you can be clear and concise with your message, both seen and heard as an authority.


Mars in your twelfth house may have set you in limbo or prompted a deep clean behind the scenes.

You’ve likely handled unknown outcomes in solitude or a waiting period.

There may have been a lot going on others don’t necessarily see, something you’re working on in private.

Consider an elusive situation now leads you to your calling and a post of leadership …

A sick parent, partner or person who is leaning on you may have demanded attention, today you can pause.

Acknowledge those relationships you’ve been able to tolerate, and ways you’ve come to breathe through the angst… You’re almost done!


Visualise routes to progress with the New Moon in your career zone.

Direct attention toward what you might accomplish in your vocation, trade or around the way you present yourself.

Look to your profile and the reputation that precedes you, both in a personal and professional sense.

Be encouraged to be honest about the way you come across. Strategize and plan, affirming your authority and expertise!

Talk about (and write down) aspirations, goals and the way you hope to get ahead.

You may have developed tools you can count on, to cope and deal with things that are out of your hands and beyond your control…


Sun and Moon meet in your ninth house of truth-seeking, travel, culture and philosophy – your house of higher thought, expansion, education and development.

Spotlight a place, specialism or culture explored (or that you’re keen to discover) and the social activity or social scene this brings you toward.

Visionary ventures are a hot topic, so too is community, with the ruler of this lunation in your friendly sector!

Teamwork is key to what you might learn and come to know, so take a bird’s eye view and look to ideas that are for the benefit of humanity.

Be clear on your intentions: what you’re keen to know.


It’s a wonderful time to be an audience member or socially active, with hopes for everyman moving you to rally!

Note your company of peers, people in the world around you, your group of cheerleaders or the folk who would lift you up and see you do well.

Certain groups or a friend in the world around you wants to see you connected, following a path or trajectory to wisdom!

Seek out teachers, guides or philosophical types, another perspective, outlook or view.

Be open and willing to network in a crowd or with those in society at large…

You’ve likely come to understand your associates, allies and general acquaintances much better!


The New Moon is a cosmic re-set, which this month encourages you to light up the ways you explore, expand, journey and grow.

Focus on worldly adventures, global experiences and your own development – your own knowledge, understanding and avenues that lead you to broach your truth.

Dare to broaden your horizons, stepping toward a quest, visionary pursuit, or be ready to refresh notions of what you believe. Be honest and true to you!

You may now be grappling with spiritual principles or ideas that encourage you to go further, as this house of wisdom and knowledge quests now calls attention.

Broaden your path, let your track or course widen and open your mind and heart! Fearlessly explore your options.


Sun and Moon meet in your eighth house of committed relationships and investments.

Spotlight who you’re tied to and where you’re under an obligation or have to rely on others and what they can provide, also touching on the way you’re praised or showing the world ‘you’ve made it’! You may have worked hard to be seen or recognized, and can now focus on what you need from others – their time, their money, their skills or resources… Even their space!

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The Luminaries and your ruler Mercury appear in your intimate house of mergers, pressing upon a need to establish a sense of commitment, a topic that’s not always easy to grapple with.

Notions of vulnerability could be raised, as the stars prompt you to share and unify what you have but also look to others to borrow, loan or lean on them.

Strategize the pledges you make that involve outside parties (people or organizations) and your private life, with sex, death, taxes or a melding of your energy, money, resources or space a hot topic! Look at what’s now on the table in one-to-ones and what might be in the future!


Mars in your zone of career goals, ambitions and outward prominence has signaled a time to be motivated around your public image. You may have been motivated to step up, visibly successful, accomplished, famous or notorious! Claim a crown or take up your title, showing ‘you’ve made it’!

There may be an important contract or shared financial outgoings or income that now brings you into loyalty with others, or that prompts you to look at transactions and where you’re tied in, or wedded.

Your outer role could enable you to commit, consolidate and unify, so take an enthusiastic look at expectations around what you expect to make or develop with the support or presence of others…


Sun and Moon meet in your opposite sign in the Zodiac Wheel.

There’s a new beginning in your seventh house of partners and key unions.

Spotlight your relationships and allow visionary ventures and culture to make up part of your day.

You may have conquered a specialism these last few months, won a legal feat or made a profound discovery on another perspective or global view!

Clever negotiator Mercury appears in your house of partnering too, so eyes and ears are directed towards others.

Don’t limit your thinking to a spouse or sweetheart, any individuals in your midst count during this cosmic re-set, so be sure to seed opportunities for new unions (including business or platonic, or a fresh start with an ex) that enhance your journey of growth!


The New Moon presents a fresh start in your relationship zone, so you might allow key collaborations to loom large, as well as being fearlessly and resolutely honest about your beliefs…

Steer your gaze towards intimate dealings conducted one-on-one – even life with a family member, friend, coworker or boss, an enemy or rival could present a way to hone in on this new beginning.

Pay attention to those that must be dealt with solo, and carve out space so a plus one is welcome. Look for new partners or a person on your path that can brighten your day, with opportunities to explore the world, its cultures and different opinions or takes.


A fresh start beckons as you’re called to connect, relate, engage and examine the way you talk, use your words and express yourself to another person, particularly as your interactions pertain to what you know, what you don’t yet understand, and what you’re eager to comprehend or experience.

Mars has been touring your visionary ninth house of wisdom, education, quests and personal development, supercharging the way you get out and grapple with another perspective. Seek to gain clarity around a specialist subject (or specialism), allowing your ‘other half’ to share bright ideas!


Sun and Moon meet in your efficient, productive, purposeful sixth house of health, wellness and work life.

Spotlight the regime or routine you keep and the motivation you have to trust others, work together or rely on the resources others can provide (including a contract in love or business, a vow or pledge like inheritance or a loan) …

Reset the agenda bringing order to your day-to-day.

There may be clarity around the more mundane facets of your schedule, with a look at system upgrades and a thoughtful approach to where you might tighten up the nuts and bolts!


Sense where you’ve been broaching your obligations, debts and investments, where you’re vulnerable (and at the behest of others), where you’ve explored what you can trust others to do for you or build with you…

Note the people in your world that serve and assist you with simple tasks or encourage you to stay fit for service, too, making positive lifestyle choices, keeping up healthy habits. Even reaching out to a PA, recruiter or helpful individual you know can be a prominent theme: make a call and ask!

There may be people to talk to in your environment who you can turn to for what you need – talk about it, sense where you can open up to an exchange.


The New Moon is a cosmic re-set, and this time around encourages you to visualize your wellbeing, lifestyle improvements, organization and work.

Address any niggles or worries that need tending – from an overdue doctor’s appointment, to employing a new accountant or health coach. We all need support and to be supported! Delegate or find ways to make efficiencies, sub out errands or figure out where to take more initiative!

Look towards the maintenance of a positive lifestyle, considering your legacy and the longer term… You can now sense a satisfaction around what you owe others, how investors or collaborators have a stake alongside you – hand in hand, or arm in arm… Come together, to give and receive, on the same page as a co-pilot!


Sun and Moon meet in your playful fifth house of fun, fertility, sexuality, entertainment and joy!

Spotlight your greatest passions, from a child or your children (or kids around you), creative pastimes, or projects that make you happy and the way you’ve come to operate in important personal dynamics or key relationships, too.

With Mercury moving through Aries you’ve great potential to be inspired around matters of the heart – or what you might like to put heart into…


Personal relationships are pertinent at this New Moon, with Mars in your seventh house of one-to-ones – your sector of marriage unions and business partnerships, of intimate exchanges and collaborations.

With the New Moon underway you can consider romance, love-making, fertile stirrings and heated dynamics! There’s potential for pregnancy or to take on kids (like a loved one’s children).

Fun playmates can appear, or the chance for a joyful date or excursion (when you might fall for someone special!) Say “yes!”

Affirm alliances that make you smile and encourage you to express your passion or sexuality, your artistic creativity – or note those who get your heart pumping with a spirit of excitement! Allow a partner to help satisfy your need to pursue something enjoyable, or make a baby!


The New Moon is a cosmic re-set in your zone of conception, an opportunity not to be missed! Note what makes your heart race, what your heart wants to conceive or create, adding warmth to artistic plans, hobbies, and the arts.

A fresh start might seed a plan or project, or introduce a talent you’d like to cultivate! Let ideas germinate and know you have so much potential to relish and enjoy life – be inspired with key people bringing you extra motivation.

Even a therapist, coach or co-worker could be the one to walk with you, arm-in-arm, motivating you to come up with bright ideas to execute! Team up!


Sun and Moon meet in the base, roots and bottom corner of your horoscope with a new beginning in your foundational fourth house.

Spotlight your home life or domestic issues, as well as the methods or tools you’ve learnt to maintain your health or work life. Boldly and bravely look at the ground you’re standing on – is it solid and secure? Are the home fires burn warm and bright? Do you need to face truths about parenting, or behaviours that come out around those you feel comfortable with?

Devise a plan to tether you to solid ground; nest, nurture and settle really hammering in the tent pegs on your patch, with rituals or regimes, a daily practice to enhance your wellness, or admin scheduled in routinely!


The Luminaries now bed down with strategic Mercury in your hidden zone of comfort and stable surroundings, so you might want to engage caring types, and the people around you that wrap you in love, warmth and assurance.

Your surroundings, emotional environment, a sense of ease and comfort or feelings matter today. The New Moon provides a way to think of a new approach to home and those under your watch, your line and lineage.

Issues around family may come into focus, so allow space to process figures in your past, or deal with parents or parenting issues in present day!


Mars, move through your organized sixth house of daily toil, labor and work, wellbeing and employment – the last few months may have signaled a period of motivation where your everyday duties and activities are concerned.

You could now be experiencing fresh shoots underfoot – within your four walls or familiar surroundings – your traditions or approach to the past, your roots, ancestry, and old patterns that go way back may warrant a re-set!

Find stability, a way to lean into security, having figured out a way to stay well, with necessary duties or a practice that enables you to live well! You likely have a way to keep up with the tasks, chores and your managers or employees, having labored away at a major system upgrade! Now settle…


Sun and Moon meet in Aries, with a new beginning in your third house of communication and debating skills.

This is the zone of sibling interactions, and local interests.

Spotlight the way you relate to others, keep in touch and express yourself, or look to writing projects.

Find yourself engaged with your commute or a hot topic in your area that gets you excited!

Note too the passion and enthusiasm you have to put heart into life, having figured out what moves you toward happiness…

With Mercury moving through your sector of connection make lists of your intentions.

Attune to your artistic, creative side and capabilities!


Be curious about the people in your area, and think about those you meet and happen to be around.

What might you learn? How you might breathe life – and ignite flames of passion – in your immediate vicinity?

Head to a hangout that inspires you!

Clever Mercury puts you in touch with folk you see regularly.

There’s also space for news to arrive. Look to siblings, school mates, those in your group chat or top of your messaging app, planting seeds of connection.

Begin again with enthusiasm high.

Involve your kids or lover, with Mars sparkling in your fifth house raising the possibility for fun and romance!


Today’s New Moon resets the agenda in your approach to communications and close relations.

Consider friendly the way you deliver information or run errands for and with your neighbours.

Ardent, lusty Mars is in your zone of recreation, procreation, fertility and joy, so get creative!

Demand your own way, having worked out what it is you like and own a strong sense of personal gratification.

You’ve extra promise in expressing what you mean, getting directly to the point, so start the conversation that matters to you!


Sun and Moon meet in the second house of your horoscope.

This signals a new beginning in your sector of money and earnings, purpose and role.

Spotlight income, investments, your job position, or even the approach you have towards cash, material belongings, assets and life at home.

Consider action you’ve been taking around family members or around your property!

There may be a lot going on others don’t necessarily see, something you’re working on in private that could be incredibly lucrative and confidence inducing.

Be conscious about all you’re doing that’s worthwhile (including being mom!) Think about being self-sustaining, with autonomy – valuable or appreciated in the way you build, develop and make more!


Sense the motivation you’ve had around nourishing yourself and others, ways you’ve been cultivating a foothold. Have you been engaging with domestic life and your surroundings?

Perhaps you’ve been addressing your parents or a parenting issue, with activity concerning home life.

Mars has been driving through your sector of land, lineage, and emotional equilibrium.

You make have been tackling plans in your space or around where you might live, with passion around your sense of place.

Note where you’ve been actively nesting or addressing household concerns (refuelling, broaching family matters, DIY or parenting).

Set intentions for your independent contribution…


The New Moon in Aries brings focus to what you earn – and even what you’re worth.

Have you been undervaluing or overcharging?

Do you need to make bold decisions around billing others, so you can profit?

Perhaps spending or saving needs attention!

Clever, strategic Mercury – planetary go-between and transactional guide of cash and coin – is in direct, headstrong Aries.

Therefore, you may be ready to make decisions around the job you do, and the role you uphold. Ask yourself what makes financial sense?

Take stock of income and finances, your purpose and what you have to gain in the real world. Think of your material resources and rewards…

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