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Thursday 11th January 2024 6:56 am EST (New York / 11:56 am UT (London) / 7.57 pm AWST (Hong Kong)

As the year begins, we’ve a New Moon in Capricorn prompting us to begin again, wiping our slate clean with plans seeded at this time.


Now in your ambitious house of professionalism, public image and reputation, your ruler Mars is co-present with the New Moon. Ramp up efforts to be seen, acknowledged and aligned on your career path. Your outer life and reputation now counts, with a focus on who you are as a success story. This could also be a moment to ‘come out’ as a mother, creative or ambitious type.

Compensation is absolutely relevant, your income, financial position and the role that breeds value in you!

There’s also an importance around your spiritual life, selflessness or a undertaking that’s nudging you to take a serious approach to charity.


The first New Moon of the year is a reset in your worldly house of travel, higher education, knowledge and wisdom. Set intentions around far reaching plans and foreign ventures (or relationships with those that push you towards personal development). You might feel inclined to connect to people that understand you and the road you’re ascending on.

Your own growth is absolutely relevant, with a journey or path that’s all about you and your personal expansion (or physical position).

There’s also an importance around your social life, friends and the team you’re on, with people in your network or wider circles to take seriously.


Now in your intimate house of commitments, bonds and investments, the New Moon invites a fresh start for your legacy, debts and inheritance. Set intentions for how you pledge yourself or acknowledge your part in a trusted pact. Talk to key people, able to take action in financial matters that invite you to work together, sharing and unified.

Closure, acceptance and catharsis is absolutely relevant, a healing journey and your dreams!

There’s also importance around your career, public life or reputation, too. A sense of responsibility and longevity may arise, thanks to your ambitions and goals for the long-term.


This New Moon appears in your partnership house Cancer, so look to your most important relationships, and how you intend to move forward.

Community, friends and your group of peers could absolutely relevant at this time, so too an educational path you’re working on. There may be steps you’re taking that builds upon your one-to-one encounters, which add to your own knowledge base, growth or global plans. Be a part of a team or social sphere, with key people who stand out!

Set your sights on unity, and ways you might collaborate or come together, finding a path ahead with a plus one – romantic, platonic and everything in-between!


Now in your work-a-day house of health, sickness, wellbeing, toil and ritual, the New Moon is a cosmic reset worth harnessing.

Set intentions around everyday tasks and chores, fitness regimes and systems employed. Look to people that help and heal!

Your reputation and goals in life are absolutely part and parcel, as you lean into a new position of leadership. See that you have the right tools and relationships to rely on. There’s an importance to loans, debts, inheritance and the sacred bonds you have with others that you’re now taking seriously.

Find yourself practical, in your stride with a handle on all you need to do to ascend ambitiously!


The first New Moon of the year is a reset in your joyful, passionate, fertile house of gratification, love, sexuality, play, entertainment and children.

Acknowledge your personal desires and growth around global ventures or publishing platforms, too. You may have embarked on an educational feat that’s seen you develop more awareness of the world and its people, or could have spread a big message.

There’s importance around key figures, be it a spouse, client or relationship you’re inclined to take seriously. Look to what you’ve learnt and set creative intentions from the heart!

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Note how and where you’re devoted to expressing yourself, through artistic plans, a business project or pregnancy!


Now in your foundational sector of domesticity, property, land, family and household matters, sense a new beginning for your surroundings! Take a cosmic reset in your space and home, feeling capable and constant.

Financial stability, a commitment, loan, pledge or investment is now key, as you come together with outside support. There’s also importance around your routine, and the jobs you undertake every day or systematically. It may be hard getting a handle on health and employment matters, yet finding a way to settle down compliments your regime or daily practice.

Safety, your sanctuary and nurture can be your focus, with a way to gain stable footing!


This New Moon appears in your house of contact and connection, Scorpio. Lend emphasis to your mindset, sibling relations, and ties you share with those in your local environment. Set intentions around your voice, language, writing and communication skills, your influence within a neighborhood or local network.

Growth in key relationships has a part to play now, so reflect on changes made and new methods to work together. There’s an importance to childrearing, your creative talents, entertainment, pregnancy or the things that bring you joy, too! What’s fun requires hard work, yet it’s worth it.

Look to kindred spirits, the way you express yourself or build key skills to broach those around you!


Now in your house of money and earnings, the New Moon brings awareness of your self-worth and sustenance. Acknowledge what you contribute, and all you do as a consistent practice.

Health, routines, wellbeing and job tasks have key part to play now, as does your home environment or property issues.

Set intentions around your income, aware that sacred spaces, family or dwellings demand work. Note to your ability to keep on with a regime or system of employment!

Alternatively, your belongings possessions, assets and attributes may stand out in some other way, show a partner what you can do or have…


The first New Moon of the year resets in your sign Capricorn, so it’s an affirming time to pay attention to you! Acknowledge who you are, where you’re from, and how you come off to others. Where are you in agreement or able to show up in a pact? Who trusts you and in turn, where do your own loyalties lie?

Your passions, children and a sense of inspiration are key at this time, with an invitation to grow more heart centered. There’s also importance around the way you express yourself, potentially using a more formal tone, or improving your communication skills.

Dig in to find an appropriate sense of connection, expressing yourself and your authenticity in a way that’s creative. Focus on your persona, character, look or ego, able to take action and connect to those like you in your local environment.


Now in your house of healing, solitude and hidden agendas, the New Moon invites you to reset how you accept life and regenerate, Aquarius.

Gain closure on what’s passed, acknowledging what you can’t control, and find a way to subdue yourself and others. You may need to retreat and take it easy, with time out in escape mode.

Home life, your sanctuary, residence or family are absolutely part and parcel, as you find a place to ground. Visit your garden or artistic corners that are safe, away from it all.

There’s also importance around your income, financial position or professional role. Note the hard work you’re putting in to make something of yourself. Draw back into the unknown, willing to see what you have in stock or in your possession that has value.


This New Moon appears in your community zone. You could be focused on teamwork, friendships and the hopes and dreams you have for all people. Look to society at large, common goals you share with peers and your group.

Connection and communication is key, with growth around your own skillset or capacity to write, talk and relate to those like you. Siblings or a sisterhood may have prompted you to develop your mindset or outlook on life, and you can now express yourself with wisdom!

There’s importance around your physicality, too, with back-breaking Saturn trudging through your sign. Amplify social activity and team spirit, sensing you’re the authority, or an influence that’s responsible or mature to those in wider circles!

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