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2 January 2022: Your New Moon In Capricorn Horoscope…

Make optimum resolutions with the moment to seed and succeed!

New Moon In Capricorn, 12º20’

  • Weekday: Sunday – The Sun’s Day,
  • Element: Earth,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn (in Aquarius).

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Monday, January 3rd 2022 5.33 am
  • Hong Kong: Monday, January 3rd 2022 2.33 am
  • London: Sunday, January 2nd 2022 6.33 pm
  • New York: Sunday, January 2nd 2022 1.33 pm
  • Los Angeles: Sunday, January 2nd 2022 10.33 am.

About This New Moon…

We underwent and learnt from considerable transits to Capricorn in 2020, with a stark look at power structures, authority, and political establishments.

We felt a lack of leadership, as the South Node moved through this sign, an inability to rely on those at the top, and our own ambitions were hard to rely on, as world economies changed forever.

Today, we’re granted a ‘new beginning’ and fresh start in these areas: how we get ahead, how we’re led by those in power with far more confidence in our capabilities and clout.

We have moved on

Saturn has moved from Capricorn to Aquarius, so that this New Moon answers to a more progressive, innovative, scientific tone –  we have to take what we’ve realised about our limits, leaders and authorities, and take a fresh stance.

What (good) can we take forwards, how can we do better in the years ahead (Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023)?

Saturn is accompanied by Mercury in Aquarius.

These two areas of the horoscope (Capricorn/Aquarius) are dominating, as Sun, Moon, Venus, Juno and Pluto are assembled in Capricorn, while Mercury has slipped into Aquarius to sit with Saturn – both signs draw our attention to the themes of austerity, coldness, hard toil and endurance for one & for all–ambition has its place, underpinned by realism for the masses

New Moon In Capricorn 2022, Horoscope By Sign…


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house of professionalism, public image and reputation.

Set intentions around the work you do in the world, your resilience in your career, or matters pointing you to how you understand and relate to success or focus on your path – your authority in a particular field or position. Today, reflect on accomplishments and what your intentions are moving forwards.

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your eleventh house, suggesting your peers, acquaintances, or general crew could be an important influence; hold consideration for the masses and the audience you reach! Mercury here too could bring great conversational interest and appeal to community dealings.

Relationships… Your mind and thoughts could become preoccupied with the group or a sense of fellowship, your clan, audience, crowd or crewmates. You’re encouraged to be socially active, participating in teamwork, community and your circle.

Relationships that revolve around practical agendas and advancement are favoured now. With Venus in Capricorn you could be keen to draw toward ambitious types! Balance what you need to make a good impression, aspiring to appear capable and attractive in your post or outward position, while also getting involved with friends, allies and team endeavors.

Growth… Draw on your industrious nature, with a stellium in your house of vocation, professionalism, reputation, leadership, fame and praise or validation. The New Moon in your career sector brings a sense of notoriety, and potential to get ahead, with a fresh start underscoring how you’re seen!

Mercury and Saturn are following an agenda that’s ultimately concerned with collective interests and the allies that offer camaraderie, a sense of team spirit and unity as part of a crowd…

Balance your motivation to get ahead ambitiously, focused on your goals and overarching purpose, and graciously meld it within a group, or squad of likeminded peers, trusting that this network are on the same side as you.


The first New Moon of the year is a reset in Capricorn and your worldly ninth house of education, knowledge, travel, and personal development.

Set intentions around foreign ventures (or relationships with a foreigner), a voyage, quest or your outlook and personal philosophy – your beliefs or stance. Reflect on your comprehension of the big picture and global issues (or a matter of faith, magnitude, religion, politics, or simply a different perspective).

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your tenth house, suggesting your public image and responsibilities placed upon your shoulders have something to do with your direction, aspirations, & a path to understanding or knowing your truth, a pathway to gain experience, to grow & expand.

Relationships… Your ruling planet Venus in Capricorn is accompanied by the Sun, Moon, with Pluto standing by too. Now retrograde, you may be experiencing a process of evaluation around who you’re keen to bond with from outside your usual domain. The New Moon – and new beginning – in your philosophical ninth house allows you to seed big ideas around projects or plans that bring you into touch with those further afield.

Professional aims, your career, trajectory, or gaining stability through a partner’s path in the public eye (secure thanks to ‘their’ sense of stability) is a potential influence over your pursuit of adventure, wanderlust, higher thought or cultural experiences.

Growth… This New Moon in Capricorn is an ideal time to visualise, discover and open up your world view or outlook. We all have ways to broaden our horizons, from signing up to a course or extra curriculum, to exploring a new religious dogma or path, even dating someone different, or tasting another culture through food, or literally traveling a bit further. Maybe exposure to a different perspective comes through another news channel or publication, or maybe you have the chance to anticipate sharing your wisdom and message. Today, allow the possibilities to percolate, lean into a climb that takes you far!


The first New Moon of the year is a reset in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house of commitments, serious bonds & investments or legacies.

Set intentions around how you pledge yourself or engage with your obligations and devote your time, energy, money and resources for mutual gain. How might you make yourself vulnerable, or promise what you have, to come together unified, melded – borrowing, loaning, wedded, co-parenting, inheriting, or finding you’re irrevocably bonded to another to share…

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your ninth house, suggesting a path to personal education, formal routes to your own development, understanding knowledge or experience is part & parcel to the deep focus that now grips you.

Relationships… The New Moon in Capricorn is an ideal time to visualize the way you might deepen your alliances to others, relying on another person to pull through for you, or share what they have, splitting the bills, honoring joint interests.

Merge with a mutually beneficial agenda, while allowing your mind to explore another person’s outlook; Mercury now in your ninth house accompanies Saturn in Aquarius and your sector of seeking, higher education, foreign relations and teachers (it’s possible you are the teacher, too!)

Reflect on experiences with important figures that have taught you when to rely on others, and how best to direct your attention… What’s next?

Growth… Your ruling planet Mercury now appears in cool, radical, innovative Aquarius and your sector of visionary quests! You could find yourself keen and able to engage in moral talks, legal discussions, practical plans and projects that take you further afield – out of your comfort zone.

Yet with the New Moon + Venus in Capricorn bring focus to the pact or contractual obligations, expectations or financial realms that ties you to others, payment plans, insurance and all that can be accomplished when you work with others – and their resources, input or gain their support (or cash).

You’ve likely the potential to engage with the big picture, and be practical.


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your house of partners, Crab, so that you can fully set your sights on others and ways you might collaborate and come together in harmony, balance and unity.

Set intentions around ways you might move ahead with key people – business partners, family members, a spouse or friend. Seize a fresh start for relationships really focusing on what you might accomplish in tandem with a plus one – romantic, platonic and everything in-between!

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your eighth house, suggesting a unified approach with reliable figures (people, institutions, frameworks or agreements) allow you to depend on them.

Relationships… Venus (*and Pluto) in Capricorn brings a depth, richness sweetness and pleasantry to one-to-one encounters, with a fresh start too thanks to the New Moon. Note long-term shifts in power dynamics within your relationships, grappling with the nature and pull of those you encounter and how to circumnavigate magnetism and even those who prove seductive.

It’s a day to consider where you need individuals to play a part, including the responsibilities you’ve come to learn others handle, with Saturn in your zone of formal commitments. Reflect on coupling up with positive outcomes – and a future for you both together, intimate, loyal & able to trust & rely on ‘them’.

Growth… Come together, aware of other people, and what they might bring to your world, your experience of life, as a partner, pal or person of interest – the New Moon in your house of ‘others’ is willing you to pay attention to a plus one, and how you experience unity.

Yet conversations are touching on intimate matter, and the details of your bonds – how you’ve developed ways to commit yourself, your resources, money, time and space to pool together and merge, borrow, loan or pledge.

See where you’ve become better at meeting your obligations, where you’ve taken private agendas seriously and can lighten your own load or get more accomplished thanks to a formal agreement…


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your industrious sixth house of health, sickness, wellbeing, toil and ritual.

Set intentions around the work you do every day, your helpful, practical role and regime, ways you stay healthy, the schedule you have a handle on. Today, reflect on those in service to you as you prove what’s best for you everyday (i.e. your doctor, PA, cleaner, gym buddy, assistant, your employer who sets you to task!)

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your seventh house, suggesting the way you’ve learnt to take others and their part seriously, or look to a formal partnership or simply the consideration of key people you’ve developed, awareness of individuals in your midst could provide important!

Relationships… Unions or relationships may have flourished last year, in particular, the way you engage formally in one-to-ones, mindful of the part you play in a dynamic of two. You may have encountered one person or many key individuals that allow you to learn and grow, really looking to your personal interactions, how you respond, react, or your expectations.

Now, with planets in your house of everyday maintenance, work and wellness, consider the dealings you have in your environment: your workplace or even your gym, the places you go regularly – or even your barber, hairdresser, physician or boss.

Reset the agenda around the helping hands you’d like to become better acquainted with.

Growth… Drill down into job or working practices (or healthy routines) cultivated over time, the practical routine you know work for you. Elevate everyday commitments & healthy agendas, considering all that’s been accomplished–and what lies ahead…

With the New Moon you’ve an opportunity to seed the ways you’re productive, consistent, how you stay busy, and look after your wellbeing – the way you purge, purify or eradicate toxicity day-to-day. Allow new ways of doing things to surface!


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your joyful, passionate, fertile fifth house of personal gratification, love, sexuality, play, entertainment and desires.

Set intentions around matters of the heart, be in your creative heart center, knowing you can manifest anything from your own life force – a baby, business project, love affair or talent. Hobbies and sporting prowess may be potent and compelling!

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your sixth house of work, wellbeing, health and order – progress made in your everyday life, to streamline, implement best practice, and organize your daily rituals may have bearing over what you do to bring joy into your life, to have a good time!

Relationships… Flirty, friendly Venus appears in the most amorous house of your horoscope, bolstered by the New Moon, which favors a great focus and powerful draw to be in love, devoted to the people, places or things you love, or to find love!

Allow romance to reign, as well as pleasure, play, creative expressions and lusty intrigue. Heartfelt notions and all you make as an extension of yourself is topical – from children, pregnancy and conception to your sexuality and proclivity for attracting a mate.

New regimes, routines or a busy practice and approach to work and wellbeing, diet and exercise can inform the person you might fall for, or the habitual side of life could add structure that brings your fertility and baby making toward a new chapter!

Growth… Your ruling planet Mercury now appears in your house of health, so you could be turning your attention to the daily duties and useful practices that occupy you – the regular acts or choices that help you preserve your position.

Really think about what you do day-to-day to maintain yourself, pure and simple, while also sustaining a focus on what’s fun! Seed your future plans, projects, opportunities for entertainment, laughs, parties and performances, set intentions around what you might do that sparks joy, with a new beginning for solo impulses.


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your foundational fourth house of household matters, domestic life and emotional fortitude – the zone of home and emotional sensitivity, of the past & roots.

Set intentions around your appreciation of parents or what you’ve learned through those that came before you: your ancestors, your land, lineage and traditions, even feelings or memories that don’t necessarily belong to you.

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your fifth house, your sector of pleasure, personal gratification, hobbies, joys and entertainment. This suggests your own happiness has plenty of influence over choices about your surroundings. Your kids may enhance your intentions as a parent, creative inspiration and pastimes could inform your choice of dwelling…

Relationships… Your ruling planet Venus now tours your nesting zone, titivating or improving relations within your four walls, and with the New Moon in this sector there’s potential to embrace those under your care (or older folk that have cared for you…) Be in touch with your own feelings about those around you, as well as all that goes on behind closed doors.

Saturn is taking its time to work its way through your fifth house teaching you to take your passions seriously, and to bring structure to the things that are an extension of you – your beloved, cherished rapport with special people, and the heart you put into your desires and loved ones, including your kids!

Know that the intention to formalize your own pleasures – and progress made – inspires what you might find stabilizing or comforting…

Growth… Safety, your sanctuary & the domestic realms of nurture, comfort + sensitivity could be key, now, with planets assembled in your zone of home and hearth – the security conscious fourth house of hidden roots, land and stable footing.

Claim a new beginning and fresh start, while also appreciating the formal approach you’ve taken to your fertility, childbearing, sex life or dating, to the ways you enjoy yourself or make yourself happy.


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your third house of contact and connection, Scorpio, lending major emphasis to the sector of your horoscope that guides your mindset, connections, sibling relations, and ties you share with those in your local environment.

Set intentions around your voice, language, writing and communication skills, even your power & influence within a neighbourhood or local network – journal!

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your fourth house, suggesting an issue around where you live, how you find yourself settled, your parents or parenting issues, with a domestic or family line of thought underpinning what you find you’re connecting on with others …

Relationships… Venus (*and Pluto) in Capricorn brings depth, richness and sweetness or pleasantry to the relationships you have with those around you: coworkers, neighbors, school friends, local contacts and coffee mates. Yet thanks to the retrograde you may be in a deep dive or process of questioning or revaluating best friends or how you get on with sibling types in your area.

With the New Moon there’s a fresh start to harness among kindred spirits too, perhaps the way you express yourself or enter into discourse, touch on news stories or gossip, even relate or explain what matters to you and yours.

Think outside the box as Mercury now appears in cool, innovative Aquarius, particularly as you ruminate on where you’re from, how you relate to others, even how you touch on your foundations or the more sensitive areas of life…

Growth… With Saturn the guiding influence over this New Moon it’s important to take a look at progress made in your four walls, around household matters, among family (particularly parental ties or work done to understand the past).

You may sense a genuine, authentic connection to others and stellar rapport thanks to planets assembled in your sector of kin, yet allow what you find yourself identifying with (around others) coming back to the framework you’re looking to establish at home – your ideal foundations, security, roots and soundings. Improve communication skills in service of your space…


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your second house of money and earnings, your sector of self-worth and sustenance, belongings possessions, assets and attributes.

Set intentions around the ways you contribute or input something worthy, finding your purpose and value, deeply identifying your position in the professional realms, or simply feeling capable and good about your part!

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your third house, suggesting your communication skills – and the framework or social structures (or aptitude you’ve developed) could be an important influence; hold consideration for language or navigational tools you’ve amassed and continue to take seriously.

Relationships… It’s important you feel appreciated now, by others who see what you contribute to the fold, with the Sun, Moon and Venus activating your sector of self-worth. Consider ways you’ve established yourself (and your part) with the ability to talk over the ways you give or introduce something of value to partnerships, knowing your worth.

Your ability to articulate or talk with others in an appropriate fashion is key – Mercury and Saturn in your sector of close-knit-peers, self-expression, learning and coherence brings about an interest in discussing or connecting over the details, particularly with buddies or your inner circle, neighbors and local contacts. Stay connected to siblings, colleagues or those in your usual, local area or hangout, a clubhouse of break room (even digitally in touch); affirm your relations and how this allows you to uphold a role that’s practical.

Growth… Draw on your lucrative side and resourceful nature, with a stellium in your house of cash, earnings, monetary income and position – reset the agenda around finances and fiscal affairs, taking on board the current status of your bank balance, assets or what you’ve accumulated – or lost over time.

You may be particularly cerebrally inclined, now, picking up on the skills, responsibly and aptitude you’ve established, that really allows you to contribute. Seed intentions for what you might do, earn, make, build or attain in the future, with a social edge and willingness to learn – no matter how hard the syllabus!


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in your sign Capricorn, so it’s now an incredibly affirming time to hone in on the physical realms, or around your unique purpose, position and persona! Your character – or ego…

Set intentions around your power and deeply stir your inner strength, resilience and capabilities… Be in your stride, planning and looking ahead based on what you know about yourself, ways you’ve triumphed personally.

The ruler of this New Moon is your own ruler Saturn in your second house, so your input, role & contribution (+what’s in hand in a fiscal or tangible sense) could impact the way you intend to ‘make over’ or re-introduce yourself…

Relationships… Affable attraction planet Venus now appears in your sign, retrograde, prompting a reflective time for you personally. Coupled with the New Moon today, take time out to be in your own magnetism – you do you!

Let others lavish attention your way, yet know you might foot the bill! Saturn has been slowly imparting wisdom around money and your earnings, your part, your purpose. While others have their part to play (and pay) you can really forge ahead under your own steam. Decisions may be in flux about your solo life, but your personal gravitas reigns supreme. Let your birthday month be all about you and what you do!

Growth… The New Moon in Capricorn is your personal reset, and with the Sun & Moon teaming up with Venus & Pluto there’s an even greater significance to work with, particularly in cultivating self-worth and proving yourself, your capabilities. Elevate who you are at your core.

As Venus is Retrograde in your own sign your own plans may seem somewhat halted, slow to materialize, or perhaps a reevaluation underway asks you to really deep dive into what you actually want and desire.

Pay attention to the considerable progress you’ve made (last year), adding sensible structure to your material world. You could find you’re thinking a lot about money now, and your earning capacity – making gradual moves to attain, spend, accumulate or find a fresh position, now.


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your cloistered, low-key twelfth house of healing, gestation, solitude and prep.

Set intentions around the hidden realms of your private life, putting the focus firmly on your need to retreat and take time out to rest, dream or surrender…

The ruler of this New Moon is your own ruler Saturn in your sign, setting responsibilities on your shoulders, maturity on your person – even authority or a hard line you now take (i.e. on the rules, vaccine or social distance, or on your online presence). Your wisdom may impact the way you let go…

Relationships… Gain closure on what’s passed, what and who you know you can’t control, and the tools you use to accept a partner or people you relate to.

The Sun and Moon team up with Venus and Pluto in your sector of catharsis and liminal spaces, so that mysteries and the unknown are asking you to pay attention. Allow yourself to move in spaces that are beyond or out of your hands, in your blind spot or playing on your need to wait.

You may have established considerable expertise and set out on a new path or taken a harder line last year, a trend that’s set to continue, no-nonsense, a little cold with others as you establish yourself, your purpose and what you’re inclined to do or be solo. And yet, close the door on heavy issues still lingering in those spaces behind closed doors, trusting your firm logic.

Growth… Dig deep into your inner resource and lend generous attention to the ways you surrender or overcome challenges and hard toil that’s not necessarily yours to deal with (tending to the sick, physically or mentally).

Acknowledge all you’ve overcome in relationships, at work, even in your body or personal resilience, your own journey of recovery – exhale what no longer serves you including the need to escape into your senses, fantasy or even dominate others. Quietly contemplate where you’ve been charitable – perhaps to a fault! You may need peace and quiet, as secrets, and emotions feel ‘beyond you’ heightened; you’ve one foot in elusive, mysterious territory.


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your community zone, so you could be focused and engaged with teamwork, friendship, industry objectives, and the hopes and dreams you hold for society at large, common values shared with those around you.

Set intentions around your place among peers – you may have developed a network or platform, a reliable clan that resonates with your outlook on the world, folk who corroborate with your aspirations for humanity.

The ruler of this New Moon is Saturn in your twelfth house, suggesting the notion of retirement, surrender, or awareness of mental health issues or a spiritual leaning (or the setting of a hospital, place of seclusion, retreat or healing) has significance over your involvements with acquaintances & allies.

Relationships… Relations within the community, friends and online peers, the people in your network or your fellows enjoy a reboot, and, may benefit from work you’ve been doing behind the scenes – planets assemble in your friendly eleventh house of team spirit, guided by the stern hand of Saturn in your twelfth house of isolation, gestation, prep and undoing.

Finding your way in the dark, serving others or talking about what usually goes unsaid could be essential to how you find common ground with those in your social scene, audience or company. There’s a POWERFUL fresh start relating to those around you, just remember the expertise or spaces you occupy offline –– the way you heal, recalibrate and connect to subtle inner wisdom, doing the work, setting to task, even when it’s hard.

Growth… Teamwork, social issues, your colleagues, and the group are now given gravitas, as the sensitive Moon teams up with the bold Sun, Venus and Pluto in your house of collective dreams and aspirations for humanity. Over time, you may have come together with your people on group endeavors, putting ‘everyone’ first, putting your desires last, with an audience standing strong.

Now, you may be evaluating who you’re ‘friends’ with, who your crowd is, and where you fit – certain connections or team mates may have been hugely influential, or the way you show up among fellows to do your part… Get together with your people!

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