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January 13th: New Moon In Capricorn Horoscope…

Our First Lunation Of The Year Packs A Punch!

New Moon In Capricorn, 23º13’

  • Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day,
  • Element: Earth,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: January 13th, 2021 4.00 pm
  • Hong Kong: January 13th, 2021 1.00 pm
  • London: January 13th, 2021 5.00 am
  • New York: Wednesday January 13th, 2021 12.00 am
  • Los Angeles: January 12th, 2021 9.00 pm.

About This New Moon…

  • Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto, trine Vesta
  • Venus in Capricorn trines Mars-Uranus in Taurus
  • Mars-Uranus in Taurus square Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

At this lunation we’ve a conjunction to Pluto, which deepens the New Moon and makes for a powerful and profound fresh start. Given the gravitas of what we underwent and learnt from the [Capricorn] planets in 2020, this is our true ‘new beginning’ and fresh start looking ahead.

What (good) can we take forwards, how can we do better in the years ahead (Pluto remains in this sign until 2023)?

Venus appears in Capricorn too, and finds harmony with Mars and Uranus in Taurus – a strong trine in earth! However, there’s tension; Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, and come up against driver Mars and erratic Uranus (Mars is square Saturn, and Uranus is square Jupiter and Mercury…)

These are so tightly packed you can consider “planets in Aquarius” vs. the duo in Taurus when ascertaining the tension at this New Moon…

New Moon In Capricorn 2021, Horoscope By Sign…


The first New Moon of the year is a cosmic reset in Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house of professionalism, public image and reputation.

Sun and Moon will appear conjunct potent power house Pluto, embracing the transformational force that’s helped you shift the work you do in the world, and your resilience in career or matters, and how you resonate with success, notoriety, success, vocational aims & advancement.

Be in your stride, reflecting on accomplishments and what your intentions are moving forwards.

Venus in Capricorn finds harmony with your ruling planet Mars in Taurus, and Uranus in this practical sign – shaking up what you believe you can do, earn and contribute.

Relationships that revolve around a practical agenda are favored now, with the astrological lovers (and your celestial champion, Mars) in earth, and the houses of your horoscope that bring you into reality and draw on your industrious nature… Mars in your money and earnings zone finds itself at ease with practical efforts, tied to affable Venus, now getting ahead in your house of praise, accomplishment and professional aims.

Equally, with a trio of planets now in Aquarius your peers, acquaintances, or general community – and charitable feats – could seem appealing and interesting, providing plenty of distraction from your ambitions. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn promote an agenda that’s far more about collective concerns and the allies that offer camaraderie, a sense of team spirit and unity as part of a crowd…

Note the pairing in Taurus clashes with planets newly established in Aquarius, encouraging you to be socially active, participating in group work and friendship circles – not just paying attention to financial responsibilities or the role you’re inclined (& driven) to uphold…

Balance your motivation to get ahead with ambition, focused on your goals and overarching purpose and graciously meld it within a group, or squad of likeminded peers, trusting that this network are on the same side as you; dinner with the boss vs. the unique rabble of friends gathering…


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn, and your worldly ninth house of education, knowledge, travel, and personal development.

Sun and Moon will conjunct–and embrace–deep, probing Pluto, the transformational force that’s slowly helped you shift your outlook, beliefs or stance, comprehending the big picture and global issues (or a matter of faith, magnitude, religion, politics, simply a or different perspective).

Be in your stride, reflecting on a venture, journey, quest, project, teacher or experience that’s taken you further afield, and broadened your horizons, noting what your intentions are moving forwards – what to learn next…

Your ruling planet Venus in Capricorn finds harmony with Mars in your own sign, Taurus, so that you could now find great satisfaction in getting behind your own growth and development, connecting with teachers, guides, or mentors who have something to share, who help you take your wisdom global! Gravitate towards partners who take you further…

It’s a compelling time to pursue adventure, truths, higher thought or cultural experiences, to lean into a vision of what’s next on your path… Involve others and your climb will no doubt be richer and deeper…

Planets newly established in Aquarius encourage you to aim towards your professional path and life at large, Taurus, your overarching goals for career or your reputation and outwards facing image, striving for success and notoriety, praise or validation from those higher up (i.e. a boss, or parent).

Yet it’s also a day to focus on accumulating knowledge, considering your own development, adventure & a your inclination and capacity to go the distance!

It’s a fine balance to navigate, as enthusiastic Mars in your sign clashes with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, strategizing a way to advance and get ahead…

Be mindful of your tenacity and tendency to push, particularly if you find you’re coming up against a certain logic or institution that’s just as immovable as you are!


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house of commitments, serious bonds & investments or legacies. Sun & Moon will conjunct–and embrace–deep, probing, masterful Pluto, a force that’s helped you shift the balance & transform your capacity for vulnerability…

Be in your stride, reflecting on experiences with important figures that have taught you when to rely on others, and how best to direct your time, energy, money and resources for mutual gain – and a return… What’s next?

Venus in Capricorn brings sweetness and pleasant stabilization to your house of joint interests, so you could now be interested in coming together with partners, keen to see what can be accomplished when you both put your heads – and resources together.

Venus finds harmony with Mars in Taurus, now hibernating in your twelfth house of elusive retreat and self-sabotage – it might be easy taking time out to devote to the ones you trust and are wedded too, but similarly it might be all to easy to indulge in escapism, fantasy, and undo good work behind the scenes! Merge with a mutually beneficial agenda, while keeping a sense of autonomy, too Gemini.

Planets newly established in Aquarius encourage you to learn and grow in 2021, Gemini, with your ruling planet accompanying entrepreneurial Jupiter, & responsible Saturn in your educational house of visionary quests!

However, note that this exuberant trio in your element, air comes to blows with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, and your secretive house of surreptitious activity in the private realms. A relationship or changes invoked consciously or unconsciously could disturb you from gaining knowledge or experience you’re seeking! You could even find yourself unable to broach a topic of conversation that’s on your mind as Mercury clashes with erratic Uranus…

You’re likely on a wonderful path, with the potential for opportunities to open up, yet it’s possible you’ve also to navigate some tough terrain, and drives that are smoldering within…


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your house of partners, Crab, so that you can fully set your sights on others and ways you might collaborate and come together in harmony, balance and unity.

Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent power house Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you shift your power in relationships, grappling with the nature and pull of those you encounter and how to circumnavigate magnetism and a pull – and push back with boundaries intact…

Be in your stride, reflecting on ways you might move ahead, responding rather than reacting, coupling up with positive outcomes – and a future for you both…

Venus in Capricorn brings sweetness and pleasantry to one-to-one encounters Moon Babe – seize your fresh start for collaborations that are profound and provoking… The New Moon urges you to really focus on what you might accomplish in tandem with a plus one – romantic, platonic and everything in-between!

You may already be thinking and strategizing how to pool resources and merge, with Mercury in your intimate house of trust and private agendas, but it’s a tough balance between a human touch, friends and togetherness, and a step towards your investments of a financial or resourceful nature…

It’s a day to consider unity, teamwork and where you need individuals to play a part, Cancer – the Sun and Moon are gathered with intensity addict Pluto in your house of one-to-ones, so that an encounter with a certain person could feel incredibly meaningful or poignant!

Meanwhile a trio of celestial bodies have made their way into your investment zone– you could be beginning to commit yourself in a myriad of ways (financially or energetically, sharing your space, time or resources).

These [Aquarius] planets clash with Mars and Uranus in your house of friends, hopes and dreams for the collective, so that what you choose to do (in your private life) or ways you’re inclined to deepen and unify with others doesn’t necessarily fit with the group dynamic or agenda…

Interruptions and interjection are likely as you discern how to come together…


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your industrious sixth house of health, sickness, wellbeing, toil and ritual. Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent power house Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you shift your habits to eradicate toxicity from you daily environment or lifestyle…

Be in your stride, reflecting on ways you’re useful, organized, managing work, jobs and employment – or employees – with deeply resounding focus… Note consistency cultivated, ways you purge and look after your wellbeing or those under your care, the way you keep domestic life ticking over, or the support you have in your everyday. Note where you’re happy to manage others or be supported by those in service that comfort you (i.e. your doctor, PA, cleaner, gym buddy, assistant, your employer who pays you!)

Venus now brings sweetness to the dealings you have in your everyday environment, so you could find you’re getting on well with those that have your best interests.

Meanwhile a trio of celestial bodies in Aquarius and your house of partners have introduced a shift that sees 2021 significant for one-to-ones, so that you could already be encountering important growth in unions or relationships.

Balance the fresh perspectives opening up to you; Mars and Uranus in your house of career, reputation and professional goals clashes with these planets, so that your overarching aims and path doesn’t necessarily make sense to those on your radar….

Drill down into job or working practices (or healthy routines) cultivated, Leo, as the New Moon presents opportunities to reset the agenda in your house of daily maintenance, chores and labor. You may have tackled sickness, or poor habits, and now find you’re usefully employed in the right circumstances, role, regime or position.

Now, delightful, affectionate Venus finds harmony with Mars in your house of public image, driving ahead your reputation and persona at large. Enjoy the practical routine you know work for you. Elevate everyday commitments & healthy agendas, considering all that’s been accomplished–and what’s ahead…

Find you’re grounded comfortably in your position, while also being ambitious about what this means for you sense of success & accomplishment!


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your passionate, fertile fifth house of personal gratification. Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent power house Pluto, the deeply transformational force that’s helped you shift your desires and approach matters of the heart with poignancy and meaning.

Be in your creative stride, knowing you can manifest anything from your own life force – a baby, business project, love affair or talent. Hobbies and sporting prowess may take on extra levels of potency now!! So, consider what’s ahead and what lies in your future, Virgo, you can seed it today…

Sun, Moon, Pluto and Venus in your romantic fifth house of pleasure, play, creative expression and lusty intrigue emphasizes a new beginning for solo impulses. Heartfelt notions and all you make as an extension of yourself is a hot topic, from children, pregnancy and conception to your sexuality and proclivity for attracting a mate.

Flirty, friendly Venus in this amorous house of your horoscope aligns with Mars now, so that any new beginning is supercharged with the pursuit and connection to an outside venture – a foreigner or someone culturally different may catch your eye, someone from outside your usual dating pool or a friend and collaborator that challenges you to experience a new outlook or thoughtful perspective!! Push yourself to go the distance, Virgo!

A trio of celestial bodies in Aquarius and your organized house of health and daily ritual, including your ruling planet Mercury, getting busy, and potentially thinking a lot about what you do day-to-day to maintain yourself, pure and simple.

However your approach to work and wellbeing will no doubt be disturbed or interrupted, with a clash in the stars… Mars and Uranus in your house of adventure, quests, projects and plans that take you to new heights are in disagreement with what must be logically done: routines, rituals and the habitual side of life that’s inviting you to the table.

Wanderlust or educational opportunities are likely fun and in focus – it might be necessary to navigate the opportunities before you, with plenty to tend vying for your attention and time!!


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your foundational fourth house of household matters, home life and emotional fortitude.

Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent power house Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you shift where and how you stand in security and your place, how you approach elders, parents, parenting and your domestic realms of nurture, comfort, and all that goes on hidden from view or behind closed doors.

Reflect on ways you might ground yourself further, stabilizing in the future for even more resilience in your family setting, roots and connection to your lineage and ancestry…

Your ruling planet Venus now tours your nesting zone, titivating or improving relations within your four walls, and with the New Moon in this sector there’s a fresh start on offer to embrace with those under your care (or older folk that have cared for you…)

Venus is trine to Mars in your intimate eighth house, and change maker Uranus injecting a progressive stance on the way you co-parent, bond, or invest with a partner. It’s easy to connect to your loyalties and legacies, however there may also be disruption thanks to desires that breeze into view…

It’s a day of sensitivity as your ruler [Venus] accompanies Sun, Moon, and Pluto in Capricorn and the security conscious fourth house of land, property, lineage and home. All that you’ve worked towards in your surroundings could be in focus, with Mars boosting your private interests & commitments.

Meanwhile a trio of celestial bodies in Aquarius and your house of pleasure, personal gratification, hobbies, joys and entertainment interrupt serious agendas, with disruption afoot in the stars.

Your creative inspiration, playful notions, your kids, love life, or any number of distractions could try what you’re hoping to accomplish with a partner…


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your third house of contact and connection, Scorpio, lending major emphasis to the sector of your horoscope that guides your mindset, connections, sibling relations, and ties you share with those in your local environment.

Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent Pluto, your contemporary celestial guide and a transformational force that’s helped you shift into your voice, language, writing and communication skills, even your power within your neighborhood or local network of close pals.

Perhaps you’ve entered into poignant discourse, or become an orator sharing a profound, deep truth. Maybe you work with news sources that allow you to touch on matters others would shy away from… Ask what’s next for your curious nature, Scorpio?

Venus now moves through Capricorn improving your communication skills, lending grace and enhancing the relationships you have with those around you: coworkers, neighbors, school friends, local contacts and coffee mates.

Venus finds harmony with your traditional ruler Mars and Uranus, both now in your house of partners lending a dynamic quality to your one-to-ones.

While it’s an exciting time for entanglements it could be hard to find the sweet spot in your four walls or home spaces. You may need to think outside the box as taskmaster Saturn potentially forces Mars to a halt…

Sun and Moon merge with transformational Pluto in your house of contact and connection, speech, tone and navigation. Elevate the significance of your tight knit circle, Scorpio and all that’s transpired putting you in touch with the right people… See the kindred spirits that surround you and the powerful way you relate to those closest. Note your capacity to relate and mobilize among neighbors, expressing yourself with authenticity.

But note a clash in the stars.

A genuine connection to others and stellar rapport with one person in particular doesn’t fit into the framework you’re looking to establish at home; note tension between planets in your house of partners, & a trio of tourists to your hidden sector of emotional sensitivity, land & household interests…


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your second house of money and earnings, Sagittarius, so you can turn your attention and a generous focus towards the role you uphold, and the income you make – ways you sustain yourself and contribute.

Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent power house Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you shift your input in tremendous ways, finding your purpose and value, deeply identifying your position in the professional realms, or simply feeling valued, good enough or realistic about what you do… Claim a new beginning around incomings and outgoings!

As Venus and Mars align in earth signs, you could find there’s room to maneuver with ease in the professional landscape – the astrological lovers now ensure you’re equipped to get along with colleagues, employees and managers, feeling good about stepping into position with those on your team.

But elsewhere your ruler Jupiter is accompanied by Saturn and Mercury in your chatty connected third house of neighbors and local connections.

Friendly encounters are on the rise among your inner circle and you could find you’re called to engage all the more, or are cerebrally inclined, picking up communication skills, involved and in demand in your inner circle with plenty to say; as Mercury now clashes with Uranus in your house of routines, health and day-to-day life there may be interruptions and discourse that don’t allow you to manage little trivialities or fully indulge a practical agenda.

The sensitive, fluctuating Moon accompanies Pluto in your house of salary, savings, sustenance, building and development, with a new beginning that looks ahead in the realms of your role and self worth.

Today, you can feel at ease with accumulation, assets, income and personal gains – the way you earn a living – amplifying money-making, material considerations, your position and its rewards. Appreciate what’s in hand!

Be in your stride with so many planets in earth bringing you inclination to strive for a practical, stable outlook and security looking ahead. But, note too that there’s plenty tension today, and what you’re angling to say or affirm around social contacts, close peers or simply think about in local rings doesn’t allow you to dedicate your full energy into your work….


The first New Moon of the year resets in your sign Capricorn and is incredibly affirming in the physical realms, or around your unique purpose, position and persona! There’s emphasis on your solo presence, Capricorn, your personal gravitas, so claim a fresh start just for you, an autonomous focus on number one and all that interests you!

Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you shift into your power and deeply stir your inner strength, resilience and capabilities… Be in your stride, planning and looking ahead based on what you know about yourself, Mountain Goat!

Affable attraction planet Venus now appears in your sign and makes harmonious ties to Mars and Uranus [in Taurus] and your fertile fifth house of dating, affections, personal gratification, and playful creativity.

The New Moon in Capricorn – and your personal reset – is bolstered by this affirming, easy notion; the astrological lovers boosting what you love and adore, what you enjoy, relish and find joy in, Capricorn!

Just be mindful that money could be a thorn in your side, with serious Saturn – planet of restriction – in position to halt your wild & amorous fun…

Planets newly established in Aquarius encourage you to pay attention to the material realms, your input, role and contribution (in a fiscal or tangible sense, Capricorn). You could find you’re thinking a lot about money now, and your earning capacity – making gradual moves to attain, spend, accumulate or find a fresh position, now.

But these three celestial bodies are all now in tension with a duo (Mars and Uranus in Taurus) in your creative house of entertainment, joy, fun and passion (sex, dating, love, and artistic ventures).

With the Sun & Moon, plus Venus and Pluto all in your own sign your stance and solo achievements are elevated and emphasized – who you are at your core, and what you’re capable of is no doubt compelling today, yet passionate enthusiasm might not get the ‘green light’ due to considerable activity around what’s in hand or under your responsibility (cash, work, your role, your earnings, your financial commitments).


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your cloistered, low-key twelfth house of healing, gestation and prep, Aquarius, lending generous attention to the hidden realms of your private life, putting the focus firmly on your need to retreat and take time out to rest, dream or surrender…

Sun and Moon will conjunct–and embrace–potent Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you shift in tremendous ways, overcoming personal feats that others can’t see! Note your journey of recovery and ways you vow to take the best of what you’ve mastered into the future… Exhale the last of what no longer serves you Aquarius–a fresh start is yours! A new chapter is dawning…

Venus has dipped out of sight, moving through Capricorn and your self-sabotaging twelfth house, so you might be thoroughly acquainted with tendencies that are escapist, fantastical, or played out in ways that aren’t necessarily comfortable. Take a step back, yielding to all that’s passed; steer your gaze inwards, quietly contemplating where you’ve been charitable – perhaps to a fault! Or where you’ve relied on others to show up for you…

Venus makes ties to energizer Mars and Uranus [in Taurus] and your foundational fourth house, so that your dwelling, emotional stability, home or sense of care and nurture are a contributing factor. Family or household matters could provide an ideal setting to work out your feelings as you work through heavy issues. Dig deep into your inner resource acknowledging all you’ve overcome and surrendered, noticing huge, tectonic shifts!

Yet be aware too that you’re invited onto a new path, a fresh start is being ushered in with a door already wide open – don’t ‘bolt through the gate’ before ensuring you’ve really gained closure on what’s passed…

With your twelfth house activated you may need peace and quiet, as secrets, and your emotional world are heightened. Others likely can’t fathom where you’re at, now, with one foot in elusive, mysterious territory, and the other ready to get started with a fresh chapter on the cards.

Be at ease with the last breaths of solitude, sacrificing yourself behind the scenes, working through remaining tasks or preparing for what’s next.

Your personal venture and responsibilities being ushered in don’t sit easily with home life and a sense of stability you’re keen to cultivate, therefore teething problems are likely today, as you try and bridge the gap between old and new.


The first New Moon of the year resets in Capricorn and your community zone, Pisces, so that you could be focused and engaged with teamwork, friendship and the hopes and dreams you hold for society at large, common values shared with those around you.

Both Sun and Moon will conjunct – and embrace – potent power house Pluto, the transformational force that’s helped you find your own place among peers, influencing – you may have developed a network or platform, a reliable clan to rally and rely upon (think of loose acquaintances, online peers, or those you might never even meet!)

These folk can now be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated with consideration and reflection looking ahead; who are your cheerleaders & kindred allies that make all the difference…

It’s an awesome time for friendship, Pisces, as astrology’s love birds tour the houses of your horoscope that allow you to be actively engaged with those in your circle; Venus helps improve relations with community, friends and peers, while Mars inspires your communication skills, your language, contact and inclination to get involved at a more local level.

Feel at ease with allies, and allow the group to offer a stable backdrop noticing all you’ve accomplished within your social scene, audience or industry

There’s a POWERFUL fresh start relating to those around you, just watch where you’re inclined to wander with a trio of planets pulling you offline…

Teamwork, social issues, your colleagues, and the group are now given gravitas, as the sensitive Moon teams up with the bold Sun and Pluto in your house of hopes and dreams for the collective – and humanity. Over time, you may have come together with your people on group endeavors with an audience standing strong, certain connections being hugely influential.

As Mars now drives ahead contact and connection you could feel that your voice and rapport is strong.

However be mindful of the tension in the stars today, Pisces. Three celestial bodies in Aquarius (and your restful, sleepy house of spiritual surrender, gestation, prep and undoing) emphasize your inclination to retreat and step back from the world, so there’s conflict around how much you’re able to engage and where you might need to heal and go within for answers…

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