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New Year’s Eve Astrology And Horoscope…

Note The Mood Of The Moon – And Celebrate By The Stars!

Moon in ScorpioVenus in ScorpioSun in CapricornMars in Pisces

It’s Capricorn season as we wave goodbye to 2018 and ring in and brand new year.

But what else is in the stars for New Year’s Eve?

Moon & Venus In Scorpio

The moon moves into Scorpio joining Venus in Scorpio, on December 31st, at 1.23 am (GMT).

With Venus and the moon in Scorpio you’ll want an intimate affair – think of a sweet soiree between those closest – bosom buddies or just you and bae.

This is the sign of sexual allure, and private moments, so slip into something comfortable, dark and mysterious. This is also a jealous sign, so no flirting with the wrong suitor if you do venture out!

Mars in Pisces > Aries

The most fascinating player this New Year’s is Mars, who changes signs from Pisces to the first sign of the Zodiac on the 31st or 1st, depending on your time zone.

This ushers in the most sensational fresh start, as Mars is our energy planet and is right at home in Aries. 2019 is off to a bang with this energising astrological happening – you might want to pencil in an invigorating walk on January 1st to celebrate!

Water Water Everywhere!

Still, there’s a lot of water energy splish-splashing about, as the moon, Venus and Neptune are three astrological bodies in the emotional realms of the water signs. Plus we have asteroid Chiron in Pisces, and the all-important north node of fate and karmic ties in Cancer.

On the opposite side of the Zodiac wheel, we’ve the sun sitting with hard-ass Saturn, Pluto and the south node (plus the part of fortune and Lilith)…

Capricorn Season

New Year’s always falls during Capricorn season, the sign of enduring quality, classic touches and traditional craftsmanship.

Since the evening favours an intimate get-together why not procure some fine treats?

A cracker board with all the trimmings and a fine red should go down well, or a candle-lit supper.

Fire + Water – Steamy Conversation or Extinguished Embers?

Mercury and Jupiter are in fire sign Sagittarius, yet Jupiter and Neptune are coming into tension, with exuberant, jovial Jupiter at 11º and Neptune at 14º.

Like I keep saying about this aspect that’s peppered December, fireworks could fall flat, as the foggy influence of Neptune in Pisces descend like a wet mist over the hot air balloon that is Jupiter in Sagittarius.


Waning Moon, New Moon, New Year – New You!

It’s worth bearing in mind that January 5th is the new moon in Capricorn and the first eclipse of 2019, so we’re in the waning lunar phase.

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