Your November Horoscope 2023…

A New Month Means A New Forecast – Look Ahead At Your Stars, and the Key Dates for November!

What does the November Horoscope for 2023 have in store for the twelve Zodiac Signs?

Events In The Calendar…

  • November 1st – Samhain | Day of the Dead
  • November 12th – Diwali
  • November 23rd – Thanksgiving…

Remember to read the following for your your Sun and  rising sign.


Aries Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

The month opens with momentum around what’s shared, Aries. Think about where you’re committed and bound. However, keep showing up for you as an autonomous presence! Relationships matter but so does your independence. November 10th reminds you of the people that matter to you.

There’s inner work underway, with Saturn in your spiritual twelfth house. This planet is encouraging you to take your healing path seriously. Clean house and help others, showing up as a responsible figure. From the 25th a project, place or person calls from further afield. Be ready to fly!


Taurus Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

Relationships could seem incredibly confronting this month! There’s lots to process, as you’re faced with important conversations and key people in your midst to deal with.

Work life can hit a smooth patch, with the 10th a positive day to connect to team mates. Later in the month you’ll want  to find a magical closeness with those that stand out. Find ways to collaborate and communicate, no matter how feisty some seem! Life in your community can also turn a corner, with wisdom to share with friends.


Gemini Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

It’s a good time to dedicate yourself to a health practice, Gemini. Get into the swing of things, non-negotiable and motivated by diet, exercise or your schedule. Tackle admin and make time for self-care. Your career plans can improve in line with routines. See your public image turn a corner, as you take wellness seriously and step up!

Relationships are foremost from the 11th, when your ruler Mercury moves into your opposite sign. Expect conversations to be pertinent, with opportunities for fun with key people. Enjoy life, making merry and finding ways to blow off steam with a friend. Mid-month is ideal for playdates!


Cancer Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

Dedicate focus to projects, love life and creativity this month, Cancer. The 13th sees a New Moon in your playful house of joy, artistic talents, hobbies and vacations. This is an ideal time to move ahead with your own plans and what your heart most desires. Friends and community have been signifiant this year but make space to express yourself or have fun with your kids!

Later in the month you could find you’re busy. Be sure to schedule a break with time out for the Full Moon around the 27th. Find acceptance around your health or wellness path at this time.


Leo Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

Domestic settings may be in focus, as the Sun tours your zone of family life and home. You may crave adventure, however wait to embark on a fun plan till later in the month Leo. Some issues around your property or parenting may need to be hashed out before you can step into your creative passions.

From November 23rd it’s easier expressing what’s in your heart, or ready to be experienced. There’s also a serious approach to your commitments, thanks to Saturn in your house of investments, marriage and contracts. Be sure to acknowledge what’s between you and others, including a financial pledge or agreement that’s secure. 


Virgo Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

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Connecting to others, speaking your truth and being present in local dealings may seem important. You’re likely participating in some key relationship dynamics, with the motivation to develop rapport. Notice your approach in one-to-ones, as you may be ready to embark on a formal union or take others more seriously. A key involvement may seem hard work, yet you could be ready, given your expert communication skills.

Turn attention to family, a parent, your home life or property from the 11th. It could be time to think about stability and security. Thankfully you’re well placed to contribute to domestic dealings.


Libra Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

Focus on organising your belongings! Line up your personal resources, and think about the position you’re in financially, Libra. This is a great month to be aware of your money, while allowing others a little space to figure out where they are, too. You might sense a partner looking to you and what you earn or have. Or, you might be a step closer to releasing a loan or commitment is ready to be secured. Patience!

Life may have given you a rough patch to move through, which you’re coming out of on November 10th. Planets have been transiting Virgo, inviting you to purge, process and close the door on old ways. You can finally begin to come out of this limbo, shaking off the past. Consider stability and security at mid-month, then set about socialising! Friends rally around you from the 25th.


Scorpio Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

It’s your time to focus on yourself and your personal plans, Scorpio! Dedicate energy to what you want to do, taking your happiness seriously. Use a formal touch regarding creative plans or childrearing, able to create boundaries as you see fit. Relationships are important but you could be keen to press pause and direct attention more towards you. Elsewhere, community could be experiencing a sweet spot!

From the 11th there’s a shift that sees money and finances on your mind. You could be ready to take matters into your own hands, working behind the scenes, preparing in some way for a role. Step into this position or find yourself focused on your assets, possessions and belongings from the 25th!


Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

You may be dedicating yourself to a project that’s taking up lots of your focus and energy now, Sagittarius. Find a way to work tirelessly without burning yourself out! Reflect on what’s going on within. Your efforts may be based on faith, rather than guarantees, so balance what’s percolating and the plans that are practical, sensible and logical.

From the 23rd life will make more sense, with some stellar days to be among friends and your social scene! The 24th looks to be fun, if you can balance what you want with the people in your network. Home life is important, and you may sense you’re becoming increasingly grounded, able to set down roots or move forwards with firm footing.


Capricorn Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

The spotlight is on your community this month, Capricorn. You’re invited to double down your efforts in a group, working towards the greater good! Think about your dreams and aspirations for all people, resetting agendas. Find you’re socially active and participating…

However, you’ll likely also become a little introverted later in the month. Find you’re stepping away from your crew on the 25th for respite. Focus on creative plans, your kids, or find space for a vacation and escape! Connection and communication skills are to be taken seriously, find time to think about what you say and really mean.


Aquarius Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

You’re likely forging ahead with motivation and momentum, stepping into visibility at work or on your own terms. However, there’s a balance between home and your inner world, and the life you live publicly to contend with. Slow and steady steps in your role is the answer, as you refashion where you live or make radical changes. This will take time yet you’re ready with a plan. Therefore, find you’re okay dedicating yourself to your professional or personal image at large.

From the 23rd your relationships become a much more prominent matter. You can have great fun this month when you let others take the lead, so step out into your circle of friends, willing to be open! Meet new people and count on trusted partners to lead the way.


Pisces Monthly Horoscope, November 2023

With Saturn in your sign turning direct, you may be extra sensitive to your physical presence or how you’re feeling in your body, Pisces. While old age isn’t necessarily creeping in, there may be a sense that time (or a timeline) is somehow omnipresent. Welcome responsibility and a way to implement structure, without being too hard on yourself.

Relationships may seem extra sweet, with lots of wisdom delivered by you and to you. Allow philosophies, theories and knowledge to enter the conversation, sidestepping legal, religious or controversial talks that upset you. Speak your truth without getting into conflict – choose your audience!

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