What Are Relocated Charts And What Is Relocation Astrology?

Discover how to align your personal horoscope with a hop, skip and a jump!

For some, a major move to a new area will be a significant and life-changing transition.

It could be that circumstances have prompted a sudden change or the shift could’ve been a long time coming.

However it’s come about, a new residence will mean opportunities to explore a new side of yourself, as your personal horoscope can be changed with a move east or west. It’s not only a new local area you’ll want to familiarise yourself with but potentially a whole new astrological perspective! To draw up a relocation chart have an astrologer or astro-savvy friend do it for you. Or, if you’re determined to do it yourself instructions are below.

What Is A Relocated Chart?

Your usual birth chart is a map of the skies when you were born, at a particular moment in time, in a particular location.

Relocation astrology is simply relocation your birth place to a new location at the SAME moment in time, therefore you’ll want to familiarise yourself with time zones and day light saving.

A relocated chart changes the longitude and latitude used in the natal or birth chart, but keeps the same time, or time zone).

Your relocated chart shows the same chart in terms of planetary aspects and patterns, only the location has changed – your birth chart will still reflect your birth at the same moment in time, but in a different part of the world.

What will change in your chart is the astrological axis, the rising and descending points, and the ic and mc – the

What Is Relocation Astrology?

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Relocation astrology is a method used to suggest positive places to relocate or move to, based on astrology.

If you’re finding the conditions of your present situation strenuous, and you suspect it’s linked to your astrological chart, a move could ease the overwhelming feeling that the planet brings.

For example, if your natal chart puts your moon on the ascendant but you feel that your emotions are consuming, a trip or stay elsewhere could offer some respite and even lead to plans for a move.

Vacationing, Holidays And Short-Term Trips!

It’s not only a life changing move that relocation astrology is useful for. You might also like to check out your chart when planning a vacation or short-term visit.

If you’d like to guide your travel by the stars check out my guides to AstroCartoGraphy, which points out the most powerfully aligned locations in astrology.

How To Draw Up Your Relocated Chart

To draw up your new relocated chart simply calculate the moment you were born in your new location.

So for example, if you were born at 3.15 pm in London on March 22nd 1990 but are moving to New York, add the time difference of 8 hours.

Your new birth chart will be calculated for March 22nd 1990 at 11.15 am.

An invaluable tool is this timeanddate meeting planner tool, which allows you to enter in cities and calculate the right time – don’t forget British Summer Time!

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