Zodiac Interiors – Sagittarius Style At Home…

It's Sagittarius Season, so lets take a look inside the expanse that's the Archers domain!


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Sagittarius Style At Home

The Sagittarius spirit is nurtured when freedom is granted by those in her nest.

Fan the flames of this mutable fire sign with reminders that she’s free to roam, maps or travel plans strategically placed around the home!

This is a philosophical sign that’s forever seeking experiences, knowledge, or ways to broaden her horizons.

There must be opportunities to quench a thirst for education, so plenty of bookshelves with opportunities at hand are ideal.

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The home itself could be in an area that promotes travel – not too dar from the airport, motorway or train station. Spontaneity makes her heart sing and she’ll love the easy access – that is if she’s not working in the tourism industry already!

Those with Mars, Venus or the moon in Sagittarius are also drawn to work with overseas connection, which fuels their wanderlust no end…

Moon In Sagittarius – Naomi Campbell’s Summer Mansion…

This is the sign represented by the Centaur, half man half beast, and the Sagittarius you know might appreciate a horsey home – literally living on a ranch or a place that’s reminiscent of a ranch or stables. Think wide open spaces with room to roam and gallop freely. They might have an inner love for motorhomes or one day take a trip in a gypsy caravan!


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Governed by jubilant Jupiter, oversized maps or artwork, wall hangings with a cross continental feel. They might also like pop art, or over-the-top styles, bold and even a little brash!

  • Room in the house: The garage or library.
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Uplifting, jubilant, stimulating and philosophical.
  • Signature colors: Violet, Red.
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