Saturn Square Uranus – When Rules Are Made To Be Broken…

What happens when the planet of structure challenges the planet of freedom?

Quentin Tarantino, Venus-Saturn in Aquarius, Taurus Moon…

Lucy Liu, also born with a Taurus Moon…

2021 is controversial, with a challenging square and tension between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus throughout the year – and even present in 2022!

This astrological aspect is exact on:

  • February 18th 2021, 11.05 am EST, both planets at 07º13’;
  • a second square occurs with Saturn Retrograde, June 14th 2021 4.38 pm EDT 13º06’,
  • a third and final square lands 24th December 2021 at 12.14 am EST 11º05’,
  • and a lingering square (though not ‘exact’) occurs October 1st 2022 to the 12th, in the 18th degree of the fixed signs.

It’s well worth seeing if your birth chart contains any prominent planets at 7º, 11º, 13º or 18º of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, as you are the people bound to experience this the most…

Saturn in Aquarius…

Stern Saturn is the old guard, the planet of time, consequences and limits, the foreman or architect who instructs scaffolding to be erected or dismantled as we do hard labor and set to work. He controls the outline and boundaries and form of things, the way we’re able to erect and respect where the line is drawn.

Saturn in Aquarius could help us create social parameters, systems and structures in society to control and liberate, frameworks that give us freedom; rules around community, borders and restrictions not only for our clans, peer groups, industries and organisations that we’re part of physically, but in the online and digital realms, too.

Saturn dipped into Aquarius for a few months in 2020, introducing us to notions of social distancing, restrictions for ‘the people’, and innovations to help organise humanity with technology and science fit for the masses (the new vaccine). 

Uranus In Taurus…

Unpredictable Uranus – the great awakener – is the planet of rebellion, revolt, revolution and radical change.

It’s the erratic, caffeinated influence of innovation and genius, a marker of disruption and disconnect, an upsetting, unusual force that upturns the status quo and tips our world upside down.

This planet even rotates on a slight tilt and is electric blue in color!

Uranus in Taurus is disruptive to notions of stability, security and the land (mother earth), to economies and our tangible assets – what we have in stock.

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Now that we’re awake to what is unsustainable, and tapped into wealth (and who holds the reigns thanks to power-broker Pluto in Capricorn,) Uranus is bringing about new ideas and possibilities that are practical, introducing notions to the collective about our material world: food, fashion, finances.

Shopping sustainably, using plant-based, meat-free solutions, being aware of climate change and the impact we’ve had on our green planet.

There is ‘instability’ and change with Uranus in Taurus, affecting real world assets, and the way we harvest them, plough away, and put bread on the table…

The Square Between These Two…

The Saturn-Uranus square is a time to break out of a rut, to challenge the old – and create breakthroughs – and force structures to take into account fresh ways of doing things. It may be harder to create structures that are secure, with Uranus interrupting and disrupting Saturn’s aims.

Both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs, stubborn, wanting things ‘their way’ so that there may be blocks to progress in 2021/22, stress thanks to the tension in the stars.

Trying to impose limits, boundaries and restrictions could spark controversy with a rebellious attitude to be faced! It will be hard to set up structures or parameters that don’t align with what the collective deems sustainable (in money, ways we eat, ways we shop and spend).

As above, so below, we’ve seen this hinted at already with people not really adhering to the rules of social distancing, wanting to get their fill (Taurus) even though there are rules to follow (Saturn). 

Innovative Solutions (Aquarius) vs. Steady Income (Taurus)

Digital (Aquarius) Economies (Taurus)

Social Distancing, Quarantine (Aquarius) vs. Food, Hospitality, Shopping (Taurus)

Stopping (Saturn) the Economy (Taurus)

How Does It Feel?

Of course we all want to know how to navigate this energy, and overcome any personal angst, so I’ll put together a horoscope by sign to demonstrate how and where this unsettling will play out.

But consider notions of being stuck and yet a compulsion to innovate or rise up in resistance, too. Be mindful of an inability to accept change, to be stubborn and unable to see others point of view, so consumed with personal agendas or thinking righteously on behalf of the group that life becomes chaotic and unnerving.

Notice where you’re keen to enjoy freedom, and stay in reality.

Celebrities Born With Saturn Square Uranus…

  • George Eliot, (b. November 22, 1819) Uranus (23º12′) square Saturn-Pluto in Pisces (24º0′-25º33′) [Scorpio Rising]
  • Paul Cézanne, (b. January 19, 1839) Saturn in Sagittarius (7º27′) square Moon-Uranus in Pisces conjunction, 12º56′-10º4′ [Scorpio Rising]
  • Thomas Hardy, (b. June 2, 1840) Saturn in Sagittarius (18º57′) square Uranus in Pisces (20º9′) [Leo Rising]
  • Roseanne Bar (b. November 3, 1952) Saturn-Neptune in Libra square Uranus in Cancer (and Mars in Capricorn makes a T-square) [Aquarius Rising]
  • + Princess Alexandra of Hanover, Roseanne, John Cena, Helmut Kohl, Brutus de Villeroi.
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