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Scorpion On The Ascendant – See Scorpio Rising Celebrities…


If The Constellation Of Scorpio Sits On The Eastern Horizon At Birth You’re Scorpio Rising…


People born with Scorpio on the ascendant are controlled, loyal and although they may seem outgoing, will likely be keeping some things hidden.

This constellation is expert at keeping secrets and maintaining privacy. It’s not a great wonder that Scorpio rising people suit powerful positions in politics… Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Imelda Marcos all have the Scorpion rising in their birth charts, maintaining a public air that’s still; calm waters clearly win out (no matter what’s stirring underneath…).

Pluto Is Your Ruler…

With Scorpio rising your chart ruler is Pluto, planet of powerful transformation. Depending on where Pluto falls in your chart and how it’s aspected will reveal even more about your character and your Star Sign Style! With Pluto ruling the chart you can count on Scorpio rising people being powerful, determined and strong willed.

Slow to move, they’re consistent, persistent, and as a fixed sign, Scorpio rising has real staying power.

Scorpio Rising Fashion Style

People with this placement might favour wearing fashions that shroud them in mystery, with black and deep reds working well…

Read Scorpio, Mesmerising In Maroon.


Scorpio Rising Stars Clockwise From Top Left, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, Dita Von Teese, Dannii Minogue, Katharine Hepburn And Chloë Sevigny…

They might don a turtleneck, or oversized shades – so no-one sees them in the shadows!

Scorpio Rising Appearance

Scorpio is also known as the eagle in myth and legend, and true to the aesthetic of this strong bird, the appearance of Scorpio is to have hooded or heavy-lidded eyes and a beaked look to the nose.


Scorpio Rising Stars, Clockwise From Top Left  Chloë Sevigny, Vanessa Paradis, Diana Ross And Debbie Harry…

They can be muscular or look strong and stealthy, they may have a seductive, powerful, penetrating presence about them, even a walk that’s magnetic.

Their steely glare that susses out any situation before stealthily making a move.

They suit smokey, understated make-up. A smudge of oxblood lipstick works better than a glossy pink lip…

Scorpio Rising Celebrities

chloe-sevigny  diana-ross   megan-fox   katherine-hepburn  jk   bjork   stella   janet-jackson  vanessa-paradis   natalie-portman   eva   dita-von-teese  aretha   rachel mcadams   Claudia-Schiffer-virgo   nicole-kidman

☆ Angela Lansbury ☆ Aretha Franklin ☆ Jessica Chastain ☆ Bette Davis ☆ Chloë Sevigny ☆ Dannii Minogue ☆ Debbie Harry ☆ Diana Ross ☆ Diane Von Fustenburg ☆ Dita Von Teese ☆ Ellen Burstyn ☆ Eva Longoria ☆ Geri Halliwell ☆ Grace Kelly ☆ Gloria Steinem ☆ Hilary Clinton ☆ Imelda Marcos ☆ Jackie Kennedy ☆ Jessica Simpson ☆ Joan Crawford ☆ Katharine Hepburn ☆ Megan Fox ☆ Margaret Thatcher ☆ Nicole Kidman ☆ Maria Callas ☆ Martha Stewart ☆ Rachel McAdams ☆ Tracey Ullman ☆ Vanessa Paradis ☆ Gianni Versace ☆ Alexander McQueen ☆

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