Gemini Nicole Kidman – A Scorpio Rising…

Nicole Kidman, A Gorgeous Gemini With Lashings Of Luscious Leo!

Nicole has a gorgeous Gemini Sun, making her versatile, fun and sparkling, with a flair for communicating her message. However, there’s much more than air with Nicole’s planetary placements, as this star has lots of fire signs in her chart too (see below), with her Sagittarius Moon and Venus in Leo!

Leo’s are born actors and Kidman’s chart has the Leo constellation highlighted with lucky planet Jupiter dwelling there too! So that’s why she looks so good in the colour gold. Read on for more fashion astrology insight, and how Nicole has more than a touch of sexy Scorpio…

Nicole Kidman’s StarSignStyle!

☆ Sun In Gemini ☆ Moon In Sagittarius ☆ Venus In LeoScorpio Rising ☆

Leo – Shine Like A Star, With A Touch Of Gemini Glitterati…

Leo holds the regal air in the zodiac, while Gemini is the bird-like creature, flitting from place to place. I liken Gemini to the magpie, mesmerised by glittery things, always curious and interested in everything!

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I think Nicole’s role in Moulin Rouge gave light to a beautiful fashion moment, when she was able to adorn herself with the beautiful trappings of Gemini (feathers, sparkle and shine), but maintain a queenly air to suit her Venus sign…

So Sexy, So Scorpio!

Nicole has Scorpio rising, so it’s no wonder that her most memorable red carpet moments have seen her in deep crimson hues.

The best colours for Scorpio are dark and mysterious, so shades with a touch of drama work well. Read Scorpio, Mesmerising In Maroon

This sense of Scorpio that’s ingrained in Nicole’s approach allows her to tackle the psychological roles she takes on with ease.

Nicole’s Birth Chart

Nicole Kidman astrology birth chart

Born 20th June 1967 in Honolulu…

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