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Scorpio, You’re Mesmerising In Maroon…


Scorpio Fashion? Call On Crimson – and Emma Stone…

Scorpio Colour – Mesmerising In Maroon…

Scorpio fashion should incorporate their best shade, a dark red.

Blood red (imagine a dried blood stain), burgundy, carmine, crimson, maroon, scarlet and oxblood hues are the colours to look for.

They’re strong, stealthy and deep.

Essentially, this zodiac sign suits shades that are dark and mysterious….


Burgundy red is a hue that reflects deep emotions, passion – even obsession…

It’s Scarlet For Scorpio…



It’s not simply your Sun sign that dictates the way you look and what looks good on you.

In fact, it’s well known that our rising sign is how we come across and meet the world – including what we look like!

Scorpio Rising Stars


Maroon – Marvellous On Scorpio Rising Stars Too…

So the stars above that have the Scorpion on the ascendent look amazing in this shade too…

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Strong Scorpio

People born under the Scorpio Sun are rarely weak willed, or of a weak disposition generally.

Even if they’re ill or sickly they maintain a strength of character and tend not to waste away.

Blood red or Oxblood translate this inner reserve through fashion, and speak to the world of the wearers character that’s not to be tested!

Scorpio-born are powerful individuals…


Black too conveys the sentiments of the sign perfectly and even brown can suit, incorporated into Scorpio fashion or home furnishings.

Come To The Dark Side


You might know that the Scorpio zodiac sign rules over all things that are dark and mysterious, including the tarot, occult, magic, death and rebirth.

Honouring the blackness of night and the depths of human nature, black is an important colour for the Scorpio archetype.

It can of course allude to villainous or evil characters, like Dracula or a murderer concealed in the shadows, likewise the Scorpion can at times seem like a still, dark creature, who is poised to sting.

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