Spice Girls Star Signs

Girl Power All The Way! 


☆ Geri Halliwell 6th August 1972 Leo ☆

☆ Melanie Chisholm 12th January 1974 Capricorn ☆

☆ Victoria Beckham 17th April 1974 Aries ☆

☆ Melanie Brown 29th May 1975 Gemini ☆

☆ Emma Bunton 21st January 1976 Aquarius ☆

The Spice Girls Star Signs are a strong mix of Fire and Air, with a little bit of grounded Earth thrown in, courtesy of Capricorn Mel C. Was it this cosmic combination that made the powerful pop sensation so fiercely dynamic? I’d say so!

Now let’s take a closer look…

leo-geri-halliwell-gingerConsidered leader of the pack, eldest group member Geri is a luscious Leo and boy does she roar! But like any lion, there’s a purring pussy cat side to her too…

Anyone who has watched interviews with Ginger will tend to agree, there seems to be a gentler side to Geri. Because her Moon’s in the wonderful Water sign Cancer, once you get to know her, perhaps she’s really a sensitive softie…

Still, triple Leo (Sun ☆ Mars ☆ Mercury) graces Geri with many Leoline qualities. She’s definitely charismatic, dramatic and sunny. As a Leo she’s naturally drawn to all things regal, I’d say Geri feels quite comfortable with the Royal family (so comfortable in fact that she famously pinched Prince Charles’s bottom!)

Leos make great leaders, especially when backed up by feisty Fire sign Aries, which came in the form of ‘Posh’.

Aries Victoria

victoria-posh-ariesVictoria seems to have very typically Aries attributes.

She’s direct, determined and relentless in her varied ventures, bouncing back from failures with barely a bat of an eyelid. That single with Dane Bowers? Pah – move on! Hubbys horrid affairs? Who cares?!

Her driven, assertive spirit is quite frankly mighty admirable, and also typical of the resilient nature that is Aries.

Lucky Jupiter sits right on Victoria’s Midheaven, which gives her a super positive attitude towards career, and a touch of luck in her outward approach towards audiences and the public. It’s honesty that wins her favour.

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Interesting, this Spice has Cancer rising (like Angelina Jolie), which softens her somewhat tough exterior. This aspect in her birth chart means when people meet her, they find a far more sensitive soul than her tough exterior indicates.

Gemini Mel B

mel-b-gemini-scaryNext up, Mel B. Undeniably Gemini, she talks and talks (and talks) with a vivacious enthusiasm and humour.

Not a surprise that her Mercury is in Gemini too, and with Mel’s Midheaven in Leo, you can really hear her coming (Roar!!)

Why so Scary? It might just be that Mars in Aries… These are action people, the most outwardly passionate and headstrong of the zodiac. No doubt that sparks of firecracker get-up-and-go courtesy of this placement really moved the cogs of the Spice machine…


Capricorn Mel C

sporty-spiceMel C, a classic and sometimes serious Capricorn pulled on the reins for the group, ensuring things were done properly.

Moon in meticulous Virgo on the ascendent makes her comfortable with her role as the thorough, critical eye. It  may have also given her ‘Sporty’ pseudonym (Virgo’s are über health-conscious).

Interestingly, it’s Melanie C that has sold more records worldwide of all the Spice Girls. This is really in tune with the hardworking ethics of Cappy, as she built a solid foundation, then followed through in her career with a methodical manner, gaining great success.

Aquarius Emma

baby-emma-bunton-aquariusLastly Baby of the bunch, Emma Bunton, a (Sun ☆ Mercury) Aquarius she chose to follow the unconventional path in life, the girl group, which of course paid off!

I’d guess the group benefited hugely from an unusual Aqua influence, and Emma’s Moon in laid back Libra indicates that this Spice is the real peacekeeper (extraordinaire!) At home with harmony, no doubt she smoothed over much of the bickering with a balanced and fair air.

Venus rules not only her Moon but also her Midheaven in Taurus – no wonder she loves the pastel shades!

The Spice Girl’s Star Sign Style!

Geri looks great in gold, warm burnt oranges, reds but also white too. Victoria’s best colours are white and black, a Pisces Midheaven points to shimmering fashions looking terrific too…


Mel B should wear yellow for luck and energy, while Mel C can really carry black, plus the earthy tones (and the Sporty get-up looks great, natch.) Baby Emma should turn it up with Turquoise, and can really go to town with pretty pastels. Read More – Fashion And The Astrology Of Colour.

Fact: Astrologers have noted there’s a distinct lack of Earth in the combined birth charts of the Spice Girls but there is lots of fire and air… Perhaps this hot air balloon effect really is what allowed them to reach for the stars – and pass them by as they were propelled to higher heights!

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