20 Years Young! See Sex And The City Star Signs…

20 years young! Discover the astrology of the Sex and the City stars...


Get A Fashion Fabulous Fix With Sex And The City Star Signs!

I sometimes think that the stars of our favourite TV shows play an exaggerated version of themselves – or at least some hidden aspect of their personality…

It certainly makes slipping into character easier!

After seasons and seasons we feel that know them so well – let’s check out the leading ladies from hit show Sex and the City, their zodiac profiles and Star Sign Style!

Sex And The City Zodiac Signs

Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw

☆ Sun In Aries ☆ Moon In Capricorn ☆ Venus In Aries ☆ Gemini Rising ☆


Star of the show, SJP, is an amazing Aries with gorgeous Gemini Rising! Parker is a fabulous example of a feisty fire sign stepping out with mutable Air – what a beautiful blend.

Is it the sign of duality that makes this Sex and the City star synonymous with shoes? The Twins rule over things in pairs and she sure does step out with a bounce in her step as only the Mercurial bird knows how…

As the zodiac’s first sign Aries is the baby of the bunch, which is where Sarah gets her sweet naivety from – she’s still learning about the wonders of the world (and dating) but burning bright with enthusiasm and positivity.

And it’s the Gemini that prompts her endless questioning…

Moon in Capricorn gives her beautiful bone structure and a more serious attitude to matters. I wonder if Parker sits at home by the windowsill, musing, as does the shows star… Who knows – who cares! I just want her NCY apartment…

This Capricorn Moon also gives SJP bags of fashion savvy – this is a lover of classic, quality clothes and fashion brands. Capricorn knows how to build an empire (or a really good collection of accessories!)

Kim Cattrall, Samantha Jones

☆ Sun In Leo ☆ Moon In Aquarius ☆ Venus In Cancer ☆ Libra Rising ☆


Loud, proud, super charismatic – Kim is a purring Leo pussycat – obviously. 

Leo’s are dramatic, natural born entertainers and Kim is supercharged with star power!

However her Venus sign is Cancer, adding a softer more compassionate edge. She’s not a total wild cat like her character, Samantha.

There’s a lot of Air to Cattrall’s chart. Gracious, balanced and sweet, Libra Rising shines though in her personality momentarily in Samantha’s gentler moments, when she’s acting as the diplomat or charming the pants (literally) off some willing soul!

Moon in Aquarius gives this actress a detached perspective on proceedings, handy for an actress that wants to keep a handle on her emotions.

Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Hobbes

☆ Sun In Aries ☆ Moon In Sagittarius ☆ Venus In Pisces ☆


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The career driven red-head? It’s Aries again! Cynthia Nixon is born under the sign of the Ram, and just like the actress who plays her, Miranda is determined, brave, and independent, all qualities that resonate with the Arien nature.

With a Sagittarius Moon Cynthia has spontaneity and adventure in her too, with a philosophical and broad-minded approach.

It is her Venus In Pisces that softens her character, giving her a more fluid quality that blends within the group dynamic.

Mars in Aries makes her extra spunky, but her Mercury and Venus are swimming sedately with the fish…

Kristen Davis, Charlotte York

☆ Sun In Pisces ☆ Moon In Sagittarius ☆ Venus In Aquarius


We can really see the dreamy princess in Charlotte – actress Kristen is Pisces through and through!

Big brown watery eyes, a gorgeous mane of hair and shedloads of empathy and compassion come across.

Thankfully, like Nixon, Davis has her Moon in the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, helping her to manage all that Aries energy about her.

Her Venus sign too compliments the Sex and the City crew, as it’s in the sign of quirky and revolutionary Aquarius.

Like Cattrall, Davis can be a little aloof and cool in her character, and will more readily dive into the more risqué subjects than we perceive with her initial Sun sign to.

But that poor Pisces – she’s stuck within a hot and fiery threesome!

Brilliant Celebrity Birth Charts –

Sex And The City Style

Sarah Jessica Parker Birth Chart


Born March 25th 1965, At 9.00am In Nelsonville, OH

Kim Cattral Birth Chart


Born 21st August 1956 In Liverpool, Great Britain

Cynthia Nixon Birth Chart


Born 9th April 1966 In New York, NY (Time Unknown)

Kristin Davis Birth Chart


Born 24th February 1965 In Boulder, CO (Time Unknown)

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