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Venus In Pisces Celebrities And Their Style…

The beauty, dress and adornment of those born with goddess Venus in pretty Pisces...

Venus In Pisces – Romanticism, Idealisation, and Blurred Lines…

People with Venus in Pisces are dreamy idealists.

Highly sensitive, fantasy can be their reality and they are particularly artistic, adaptable and empathetic.

Pisces people are flowing and intuitive, picking up on the subtitles others miss and with Venus in the sign they’re particularly romantic and gentle. Soft-hearted and kind, those with this planetary placement are wonderfully compassionate and emotionally in tune, but can be easily wounded.

Venus In Pisces, Princess Fashion Style…


Celebrities With Venus In Pisces – Aquarius Selita Ebanks, Capricorn Zooey Deschanel, Aries Victoria Beckham, Taurus Penelope Cruz, Capricorn Michelle Obama, Taurus Michelle Pfeiffer, Aries Kate Hudson, Aquarius Isabel Lucas…

This sign adds a touch of fluidity to the Sun sign, so the Aries isn’t quite so harsh, toned down as if a wash of watercolour had been added to their fiery nature.

Aquarius isn’t quite so wacky, their rebellious side sated with a dreaminess to their idealism. Capricorn is at times far removed from their usual business-minded approach, living more in an intuitive realm than the usual realness of life.

Silvers and iridescent materials, sequins and flowing lines work well, and hair can be tousled or more relaxed than usual.

Remember – this is the Mermaid of the Zodiac!

Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, which means that the Venus-ruled Taurean ladies with Venus in Pisces have an incredibly harmonious blend of feminine earth and water!

Colours are in line with Pisces’ aesthetic – lavender, silver, grays and ocean blues.

Venus In Pisces, Dreamy, Enigmatic Beauty…

Take advice from this Pisces makeup guide, Miss Venus in Pisces – your beauty is gentle and enigmatic, like water rolling softly over clinking pebbles.

Romanticism is your calling card…

Go for light dusting or liquid strobing, and show off your romantic aesthetic.

There are just five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Pisces, Capricorn through to Taurus. See which celebrities have their Venus sign in pretty Pisces, below…

Celebrities With Venus In Pisces…

Venus In Pisces With A Capricorn Sun

zooey-deshanel  capricorn-michelle-obama

☆ Zooey Deschanel ☆ Michelle Obama ☆ Shirley Bassey ☆

Venus In Pisces With An Aquarius Sun

☆ Isabel Lucas ☆ Alicia Keys ☆ Natalie Imbruglia ☆ Sasha Pivovarova ☆ Agyness Deyn ☆ Doutzen Kroes ☆ Selita Ebanks ☆ Geena Davis ☆ Vanessa Redgrave 

Venus In Pisces With A Pisces Sun – Double Pisces!


ursula andress  peaches  palmero  drew  rachel-weiss

☆ Drew Barrymore ☆ Olivia Palermo ☆ Ursula Andress ☆ Rachel Weisz ☆ Eva Herzigová ☆ Laura Dern ☆ Charlotte Church ☆ Dakota Fanning ☆

Venus In Pisces With An Aries Sun

emma-watson  kristen-stewart  Kourtney Kardashian astrology aries  leighton  diana-ross  celine  victoria-b  kate-hudson  rosie-h-w  Reese-Witherspoon

☆ Victoria Beckham ☆ Billie Holiday ☆ Kristen Stewart ☆ Emma Watson ☆ Lucy Lawless ☆ Maria Sharapova ☆ Kate Hudson ☆ Céline Dion ☆ Reese Witherspoon ☆ Kourtney Kardashian ☆ Norah Jones ☆ Claire Danes ☆ Suri Cruise ☆ Joss Stone ☆ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ☆ Jennifer Grey ☆ Diana Ross ☆ Shannen Doherty ☆ Selena Q

Venus In Pisces With A Taurus Sun

kirsten-dunst  Michelle-Pfeiffer

Penélope Cruz ☆ Kelly Clarkson ☆ Kirsten Dunst ☆ Michelle Pfeiffer ☆ Barbra Streisand ☆ Bettie Page ☆ Andie Macdowell ☆ Queen Elizabeth ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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