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See Libra Rising Celebrities & Dress For Your Rising Sign…

Libra rising people have a fair, balanced approach, striving for harmony in their surroundings and dealings.

They come across as likeable, co-operative, fair and charming – easygoing types, and they can have a natural awareness of aesthetics and beauty…

Relationships are very important to them and so, they may constantly strive to play peacemaker.

Not only are they diplomatic but personal relations are their forte! So lovely is Libra that they can get away with a lot – sweet as a cherry they’ve a pleasant demeanour that helps them get their own way…

Interestingly the rising sign is how we come across when people first meet us, and those with names of congenial connotations can Libra Rising.

Courtney LOVE and VENUS Williams all have associations with the Venusian-ruled Libra constellation when they meet and greet! Libra Rising Venus Williams was born with Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini!!

Libra Rising Appearance…

Libra Sun & Rising – Doja Cat

Venus ruled, the Libra constellation is renowned for boasting natural beauty, and those Libra rising babes might be blessed with fairness and symmetry in spades!

Kate Winslet – Sun, Moon and Mercury in Libra (+ Pluto), and Libra Rising, she has starred in the films Heavenly Creatures and Sense and Sensibility, and is perhaps best known as ‘Rose’ in Titanic…

Anna Nicole Smith, 16º Libra Rising, Venus 19º… Note the heart shaped face!

Libra Rising? Discover The Houses According to your Ascendant, here!

Click on the wheel or here for a breakdown of house rulerships…

Naturally attuned to style and what looks good, they’ll dress well, groom themselves, and have an affinity with fashion and colour, and what’s pleasing on the eye.

People born with this placement may even sound sweet too!

Both Leo Kim Cattrall and Britney Spears have Libra Rising and the Moon in Aquarius adding air to their fire sun signs!

Venus Is Your Ruler…

Look to the sign and house position of your Venus, and aspects the planets are making to this planet…

Libra Rising Fashion Style – So Sweet!

Libra Rising: Anna Nicole, Kim Cattrall, Tara Reid, Britney Spears, Kelly Brookes, Dua Lipa, Doja Cat and Beyonce

Keep it cute and balanced…

Wear a heart pendant necklace, to show others your sweetheart nature!

Spot the heart bracelet on Libra Rising, Natalie Wood!

Libra Rising Celebrities

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Anna Nicole SmithBeyonce ☆ Britney Spears ☆ Clémence Poésy ☆ Courtney Love ☆ Debbie Reynolds ☆ Deborah Kerr ☆ Doja Cat ☆ Diana Dors ☆ Geena Davis ☆ Elizabeth Montgomery ☆ Gia Carangi ☆ Jean HarlowJean Paul Gaultier ☆Jennifer Aniston ☆ Joan Fontaine ☆ Kate O’MaraKate Winslet ☆ Kim Cattrall ☆ Laetitia Casta ☆ Lee Miller ☆ Lynda Carter ☆ Monica Lewinsky ☆ Natalie WoodPaloma Picasso ☆ Tara Reid ☆ Petula Clark ☆ Venus Williams ☆ Zoë Kravitz ☆

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