Venus In Cancer Celebrities And Their Style…

The beauty, dress and adornment of those born with goddess Venus in chic Cancer...

When Venus is in Cancer, it can bring a nurturing and emotional energy to a person’s sense of romance and friendship.

Venus represents the way we love, our relationship style and personal values. Cancer is a water sign known for its emotional depth, nurturing nature, and strong attachment to family and home.

Here are traits and tendencies associated with Venus in Cancer…

Nurturing & Caring…

Deeply sensitive, these people are nurturers and really devote themselves to their relationships.  They enjoy playing caretaker of a partners and often have a strong desire to create a homely environment. Usually they are looking to build a family or recreate what’s familiar. In terms of romance they prefer quality to quantity and need a safe partner they can trust with their tender hearts.

Emotional & Sensitive…

Cancer is a sign that has vast emotional resources, and here the person values depth and sensitivity. With Venus is in Cancer, a person may be in touch with their emotions and may seek partners who can provide high levels emotional support and security in turn.

They seek commitment and relationships that are safe and predictable rather than spontaneous and full of surprises.

Intuitive & Empathetic…

Gentle but firm, Cancer is a sign that is intuitive and empathetic. These people may have a strong ability to sense the emotions of others and may be incredibly supportive in relationships.

These folk might dip their toe in the waters of love before diving in or making big waves. And yet the are able to assert themselves.

Protective & Possessive…

Cancer can adopt a hard outer crust if they’re feeling vulnerable. Like the crab they can retreat into their shell… Naturally protective, their love could feel possessive and overwhelming at times, as they’re highly attached, a fan of cuddles and closeness from friends and lovers.

These people may have a strong attachment to partners and may be reluctant to let go of relationships even if they’re not working out.

Moody & Nostalgic…

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer can produce fluctuations and sentimentality. When Venus is in Cancer, a person may have a tendency to dwell on the past. Nostalgia may be strong, with ties to memories and experiences.

Venus in Cancer can bring emotional depth to a person’s love life.

However, it can also lead to possessiveness and a tendency to dwell on the past.

Venus In Cancer Beauty Style… Soft, Smokey Vulnerability…


This is an absolutely gorgeous placement for Venus, shining through this luminous zodiac sign, governed by the moon.

Here, Venus is bathed in the glow of moonlight, and thus the people with this flavour of Venus have deep, sensitive eyes, a luminosity to their skin and an air of comforting gentleness.

They suit the Cancerian palette of grays, pinks, pearly whites and silvers.

As the zodiac sign governed by the moon this placement can be moody, prone to pouting and can suit a smokey eye that shows their serious side.


Venus In A Crab Shell…

Angelina Jolie typifies the Cancerian beauty, born with Venus rising in Cancer – both her Venus in Cancer and Cancer ascendant shine through.

Venus In Cancer Fashion Style…

Stevie Nicks, Olsen Twins, Anna Friel, Judy Garland, Ginnifer Goodwin in Valentino, Miuccia Prada, Lily-Rose Depp, Astrid Berges-Frisbey…

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As a nostalgic sign, Cancer is all about a reverence for the past – including Grandmas closet!

If you’re born in this sign you might be drawn to wrap yourself in a shawl or adorn yourself in pieces from the past… Lace and taffeta is oh so feminine, and suits this sign…

The Venus in Cancer person suits gorgeous soft greys, white and pinks and feminine touches.

A full flowing skirt might suit them better than trousers or pants, depending on the rest of their chart, and they might steer towards slouchy, easy, comfortable looks that are girlie, comforting, and relaxed…

Fashion Designers With Venus In Cancer…

Many fashion designers are born with Venus in Cancer, including Tom Ford, Miuccia Prada, Valentino, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix and the Olsen’s.

Many fashion icons are born with this placement, too – Grace Jones, Liberace, Liz Hurley, Angelina Jolie, Stevie Nicks, Charlotte Gainsborough and Iris Apfel.

Liberace, born May 16th 1919, with Venus conjunct Pluto in Cancer, with Jupiter in Cancer too…

I feel like the need to be ‘safe’ and enveloped might translate to a love of the cape or cloak, with Grace Jones often wearing a hood, and Liberace (seen above) wrapping himself in a huge garment.

The protective outer shell might be embraced through comfort wear, cozy, thick winter fabrics, and reliable, simple trends.

What’s notable about the Cancer constellation, is that this is the zodiac sign most in tune with the collective consciousness, as the moon (ruler of Cancer) puts us in touch with ‘people’ at a very encompassing level.

Those with Moon in Cancer instinctively know what people need, and can be ahead of trends in this regard.

Similarly people with Venus in Cancer can anticipate aesthetic trends and what looks good.

Venus In Cancer Celebrities…

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Cancer, Taurus through to Leo. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Venus In Cancer With A Taurus Sun


☆ Miuccia Prada ☆ Valentino ☆ Grace Jones ☆ Christian Lacroix ☆ Eva Peron ☆ Nicole Brown Simpson ☆ Amber Tamblyn ☆ Liberace ☆

Venus In Cancer With A Gemini Sun

  natalie-portman  angelina-jolie  courtney-cox  olsenn-astrology  stevie

☆ Lily-Rose Depp ☆ Adriana Lima ☆ Juliette Lewis ☆ Natalie Portman ☆ Elizabeth Hurley ☆ Sadie Frost ☆ Judy Garland ☆ Lucy Hale ☆ Faith Evans ☆ Josephine Baker ☆ Courteney Cox ☆ Nancy Sinatra ☆ Angelina Jolie ☆ Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen ☆ Stevie Nicks ☆ Leah Remini ☆ Ginnifer Goodwin ☆ Lauren Hill ☆ Anna Kournikova ☆ Melanie Brown ☆ Katie Price ☆ La Toya Jackson ☆ Isabella Scorupco ☆ Sonia Rykiel ☆ Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Venus In Cancer With A Cancer Sun – Double Cancer!

aubrey-plaza  anna-friel  khloe-kardashian-astrology  Brigitte Nielsen

☆ Aubrey Plaza ☆ Anna Friel ☆ Barbara Stanwyck ☆ Meryl Streep ☆ Kristi Yamaguchi ☆ Phyllis George ☆ Serinda Swan ☆ Charlotte Gainsborough ☆ Brigitte Neilson ☆ Marianne Williamson ☆ Khloe Kardashian ☆ Valentino ☆ Sky Ferreira ☆

Venus In Cancer With A Leo Sun


Leo-Jourdan-Dunn  Anna Paquin  leo-hilary swank  brit  geri-harlliwell-leo  kim-cattrall  halle-berry-leo  mae-west  leo elisabeth moss  leo-iman  alice_dellal-leo  leo-devon-aoki

Jourdan Dunn  ☆ Anna Paquin ☆ Hilary Swank ☆ Lisa Kudrow ☆ Halle Berry ☆ Brit Marling ☆ Camilla Parker Bowles ☆ Geri Halliwell ☆ Maureen O’Sullivan ☆ Coleen Moore ☆ Mae West ☆ Kim Cattrall ☆ ImanAlice Dellal ☆  Devon Aoki ☆ Elizabeth Moss ☆ Anna Kendrick ☆ Angie Harmon ☆ Allison Mack ☆

Venus In Cancer With A Virgo Sun


☆ Zendaya ☆ Keke Palmer ☆ Cameron Diaz ☆ Raquel Welch ☆ Tom Ford ☆ Iris Apfel ☆

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