Shoe Horoscope – The Best Sneakers For Your Star Sign…

What are the best shoes for your star sign?

Bringing sneaker heads inspiration through the zodiac, top picks from Star Sign Style!


Hot, fresh kicks appeal to the daring Rams, who choose bold colorways over pastels. This sign loves things looking new, with clean streaks .

Camo print is also their thing… This sign is a tomboy at heart!

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Luxe lovin’ bulls appreciate detail and delicate touches. Feminine fabrics with an interesting texture will appeal – satin, silk, velvet in small doses. Check out these Air Jordans in Sunset Tint.

Pink is their best hue…


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Fun social butterfly Gemini can leave a flash of bright neon in their wake with these Nikes. Blink and they’ve moved on.

Can also wear shoes that ‘say’ something about them. Remember, Mercury-ruled Gemini never stops talking…

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Sign of nostalgia and vintage pieces, Cancer can choose a throwback shoe that reminds her of days on the beach – personal memories or someone else’s will do…


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Nike Air Max 97 in “Metallic Gold” OR these Nike Animal print sneakers.

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Virgo needs a chic, refined shoe that’s not to cray. This Thunder Desert Puma sneaker reflects their earthy nature…


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Super cute pastels look sweet on Libra but this sign will also want a shoe that’s chic. This is the sign that pulls together a look so beautifully, and a classic blue looks stunning.

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Scorpio’s best color is crimson. No reason not to choose these Adidas beauties or seductive Fila shoes…



Rainbow sprite Sagittarius can embrace a spring in their step that reflects their sunny personality. Go for fun kicks.


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Classic Capricorn likes a shoe that shows she means biznuss. These classic forest green Nike’s look practical and stylish…


Avante garde Aquarius needs a wacky, space age shoe, like these silver iridescent Margiela Sneakers from the Autumn-Winter 2018 Collection.

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Mermaid Pisces needs a dreamy pair to keep her floating through life.

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