Zodiac Interiors – Taurus Style At Home…

It's Taurus Season, so lets settle into the perfect powder room – the Bull's pastures...

A Resting Spot For Taurus, via JohnLewis.com

The archetypal Marie Antoinette, Taurus loves to lounge on their favourite item – their chaise, three-piece suite or other easy chair of choice. The sofa may be one of their most prized possessions and a considerable investment! 

That and a sturdy table of the highest quality.


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An earth sign, Taurus has an affinity with the real world, and a solid oak table (or other handsome piece) will serve as an enduring testament to what’s good – gathering together to break bread after a hard days work, assured that all’s well in the world with the steady pieces to prove it.


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A farmhouse aesthetic may appeal to the Bull, with wooden features. Chic yet heavy furniture that’s built to last; an aga or sizeable stove is a must, as the kitchen is their domain (shared with Cancer).

Strong and enduring, Taurus appreciate decadent artistic touches – silk coverings, deep velvet cushions, thick curtains and beautiful enclaves. They’ll want to demonstrate their particular artistic choices and tastes with carefully selected coverings on the walls, or through signature pieces throughout their space.

Taurus Jessica Stam…

Taurus is one of the signs most enamored with food and fine wine, so a considerable pantry or storage facility is appealing. They might also like a wine cabinet, cooler or cellar.

This is a sign that craves creature comforts, so jars that display an abundance of food, a vegetable patch or herb garden or fruit bushes loaded and flourishing are ideal. They adore a patch of land or garden, and many of them will find gardening soothing.

  • Room in the house: Lounge, kitchen and garden
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Plush, heavy silks, crushed velvet, sumptuous, decadent, indulgent
  • Signature colors: Pinks, tan, caramels.
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