The Best Show On Netflix For Your Zodiac Sign…

If you’ve been looking for a new show to watch, we’ve rounded up all the best Netflix shows for you to watch this spring – all according to your zodiac sign.


Spring it on!

April sees an influx of fresh releases for your viewing pleasure, but with so much on offer you might want to narrow it down a bit, which is why you might as well streamline with the stars and let your horoscope guide your next Netflix binge. Keep reading on below to see which show you should be streaming, and grab your popcorn.


Fire sign Aries vibes with thrilling, fast-paced, high drama – and a bloodthirsty, sadistic twist will keep their pulses running high… They will love that Mindhunter is based on the true story of an elite FBI crime team, tasked with understanding most dangerous psychopaths and serial killers but be warned it’s gruesome. Aries will also adore rooting for the underdog, watching new-to-Netflix Fastest Car, which pits custom-built motors against suped-up rides.

Taurus or MOON IN Taurus

Born in spring, earthy Taurus is ruled by the goddess of sumptuous sensuality – Venus – and thus blessed with superior senses. She will be delighted with the mesmerizing docuseries of culinary delights, Chef’s Table: Pastry, a veritable feast for the eyes that will need an accompanying snack tray IRL… Also likes finances and the material plane so for bovine excitement, see Money Heist.

Gemini or MOON IN Gemini

The keenest thinkers, and the zodiac sign most in need of mental stimulation, Gemini can look forward to the return of political drama House of Cards, back with its final season. As the sign of duality – Diablo – the devil incarnate to some, those born under this sign have a mercurial quality that manifests as a quicksilver knack for problem solving. Dare Devil, Lucifer, Gossip Girl and The Magicians can all be queued…

Cancer or MOON IN Cancer

Nostalgic and family focused, our moon-ruled, sensitive sisters the ‘crabs’ love to get their cry on while watching telly, so Call The Midwife or any emo drama will tick the box. Highly rated, Sense8 shows viewers how a close-knit gang from around the world can band together as an all-embracing tribe, while Ozark (now in its second season) follows the relocation story of the Bryde’s, who uproot to a lakeside resort community. Can also binge on food shows – ideally The Big Family Cooking Showdown.

Leo or MOON IN Leo

The most creative sign, Leo needs high entertainment value with shows related to their interests, themselves or to the beauty of performance. Think Abstract: The Art of Design, Glow, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. They also like to identify with a strong lead character; Amateur is new to Netflix and follows a 14-year old basketball player phenomenon. And with a lavish $130 million dollar spend, regal biographical The Crown is fit for the zodiacs queens.

Virgo or MOON IN Virgo

She who loves to bring order to chaos, Virgo can satiate her perfectionist tendencies by binge-watching this transformation show. Turfing clueless causes out of their style, grooming and health ruts, Virgo can relish the work of the helpful team of experts, while picking up tips on how to navigate unsuspecting slobs in her own world… Can also indulge in the wellness and diet documentaries section…

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Libra or MOON IN Libra

Mini series and romantic drama Troy: Fall Of A City focuses on the love affair between Paris and Helen of Troy, with exquisite costumes, soothing the viewing needs of relationship-loving Libra. Similarly, the social graces on display in Big Brother style Terrace House could prove incredibly pleasing. This fair and congenial zodiac sign governs legal proceedings – from weddings and divorces to all law and order of the courtroom – yes, Judge Judy is a Libra. Watch the full story unfold in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Scorpio or MOON IN Scorpio

Dark, brooding, deeply private and suspicious, Gypsy ticks the box for Scorpio. An intense psycho-drama with voyeurism and manipulation as its core, it didn’t get continued into a second series. However it’s bound to titillate Scorpio-born, who will also want to check off Black Mirror and How To Get Away With Murder from their watch-list.

Sagittarius or MOON IN Sagittarius

Laugh a minute Sagittarius loves comedic, lighthearted viewing – see half man, half beast BoJack Horseman, which uncannily reflects this equestrian zodiac sign, plus the latest standup specials. Aparna Nancherla, Gina Yashere and Chris Rock come out top. Speaking to their high-minded, philosophical nature, Sagittarius might well be fascinated with Wild Wild Country, the true story behind controversial guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Note The New Legends Of Monkey is the fun adventurous middle ground they really need to get on to.

Capricorn or MOON IN Capricorn

Capricorn will totally get off on watching ‘Queen of Shops’ – Mary Portas – turn retailers with flailing fortunes around. Short and sweet, the three part series can inspire the mountain goat’s considerable professional goals, including how best to run her own empire. Given her natural business acumen and work ethic, determined Capricorn will undoubtedly fare far better than the featured companies. For true escapism turn towards Marvel’s Jessica Jones, a melancholic and reluctant heroine – quite possibly based on a Capricorn…

Aquarius or MOON IN Aquarius

Sci-Fi loving space cadets, Aquarius can indulge their imagination from mid-April when cool robots appear via Lost in Space, plus watch the new-ish Altered Carbon. Futuristic, progressive and quirky, Aqua should also watch The X-Files for a slice of the supernatural, and check out Ram Dass Going Home, a documentary featuring the 60s icon, counter culture guru and pioneering acid researcher as he explores the reality of consciousness and death.

Pisces and MOON IN Pisces

The ultimate show for the dreamiest sign of the zodiac has got to be The Sinner starring poetic Pisces Jessica Biel, with gorgeous cinematic shots of the actress in water. Navigating truth and reality, boundaries and imprisonment, loss, longing and faith, this is a top choice, as is ethereal masterpiece The OA. Neptune-ruled escapist Pisces might also want to explore documentary Fish People and newly released The Alienist…

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