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The Gemini Rising Birth Chart…

If you were born with Gemini Rising, you’re in the right place to quickly see the layout of your birth chart in Whole Sign Houses.

You’ll also see I’ve included house rulerships, for example the ruler of the first house is Mercury…

The Gemini Rising Birth Chart…

Discover the houses through the horoscope according to a Gemini Ascendant – how 

The 1st House: Gemini, Ruled By Mercury

As a Gemini Rising you may be a restless spirit, a spright that has many interests and past-times keeping you busy! Look to Mercury to reveal more about where your keen, attentive mind may lead you!

The 2nd House: Cancer, Ruled By The Moon

With a Cancerian second house possessions may hold meaning, and the notion of security may be strong.

The 3rd House: Leo, Ruled By The Sun

Activity in your tight knit circle – among kindred spirits – might be warm, fun, and gregarious! Generous rapport can arise, with discussions that go from a flicker to a flame. Gather around a campfire and tell stories!

The 4th House: Virgo, Ruled By Mercury
The 5th House: Libra, Ruled By Venus

Those you love and all that sparks joy can be found breezing through your fifth house, and with fashionable, debonair Libra governing this sector of the skies you might like to indulge with all that looks good!

The 6th House: Scorpio, Ruled By Mars

Gumption comes easily, with your house of health and wellbeing governed by a Mars sign: Scorpio. Yet purging and mysterious illnesses might crop up, psychological matters may weigh you down. Or, you might find you’re working day-to-day in an environment that is intense, even at times toxic!

The 7th House: Sagittarius, Ruled By Jupiter

Partners in your midst and on your horizon may be larger than life, colourful characters, people who are well-travelled or connected to a place that’s foreign! You may find yourself teaming up with a Sagittarius – check to see if your spouse has planets or points in this sign!

The 8th House: Capricorn, Ruled By Saturn

Suit up and show up within collaborative frameworks, structures and agreements, with conservative Capricorn overseeing your eighth house. The sector of mutual gains and joint interests, find solutions that suit you both!

The 9th House: Aquarius, Ruled By Saturn

As you venture out into the world to explore, educated yourself and go the distance, you may find you’re keen to take a formal approach, seeking out an authority on specialisms that spark your attention.

The 10th House: Pisces, Ruled By Jupiter

How are you seen in the world? What reputation do you uphold? Is it glamorous? Musical? Do you have a talent for photography or the arts? Do you let others see you out and about like a mermaid or at the beach? Diving or swimming with the fishes… With dreamy Pisces presiding over your tenth house, you may find that the image you show, your vocational path and the public face portrayed is seamless and serene. Work life might be tied to publishing, artistic areas and entertainment, or nursing and professions that are charitable!

The 11th House: Aries, Ruled By Mars

As you make your way understanding others, and what matters to you all (in your industry or network of peers) you might find passion and zeal is high. Friendly faces and your allies in your city, district or online could be spicy, heady characters. Yet these types can also be helpful! Some fellows and people on the periphery are looking out for you – select an Aries as the head of your cheerleading squad, an ally.

The 12th House: Taurus, Ruled By Venus

How do you escape the everyday grind and find a moment in solitude? Your senses may be key, as you switch off and enter a state of selflessness, isolation or gestate.

Music or art may be particularly meaningful, or slow walks in nature could be a healing remedy!

Planetary Rulership Of The Houses For A Gemini Ascendant!

As a Gemini Rising person, Mercury rules your first house and your fourth house…

…because Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo!

The Moon rules your second house…

…because the Moon rules Cancer!

The Sun rules your fourth house…

…because the Sun rules Leo!

Venus rules your fifth and your twelfth house…

…because Venus rules Libra and Taurus!

Mars rules your sixth house and your eleventh house…

…because Mars rules Scorpio and Aries!

Jupiter rules your seventh and tenth house…

…because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces!

Saturn rules your eighth and ninth house…

…because Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius!

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