thisisthelast – Pretty Porcelain Plates With A Zodiac Motif!

Be still my beating heart... Swooning over this stellar tableware!

Is this dinner service set not divine?

Scattered with stars and astrological symbolism, these stellar plates would make the most magical touch on your tables cape.

Bring together the best people in your orbit and allow the stars to align!

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Cosmic Confetti Cake!

Throw a dinner party for the superstars in your world and bring heaven down to earth, as above, so below.

Play into your astrology obsession and make birthdays – your solar return – really special. I also think this set would be just joyful at Yuletide!

A galaxy’s worth of twinkling gold stars adorn the rims and a shimmering edge will peek out if you choose to layer a piece on top.

These fine porcelain dinner plates featuring all twelve Zodiac signs in gold surrounded by a gold rim (though not in chronological order). All party pieces from ThisIsTheLast are produced by hand, so designs vary slightly (no two pieces are identical).

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