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Uranus In Aries Round-Up! 11th March 2011 to 5th March 2019…


Lets recap the latest planetary cycle of Uranus – Uranus in Aries – 11th March 2011 to 14th May 2018…

Uranus is…

☆ Liberation ☆ Freedom ☆ Radical ☆ Revolt ☆ Revolution ☆ Reform ☆ Unruly ☆ Unpredictable ☆ Shocks ☆ Surprises ☆

It’s also…

☆ Digital Technology ☆

Aries is…

☆ Individualised Energy ☆ Self Awareness ☆

Really, Uranus in Aries has seen the digitisation of our ‘selves’…

Uranus (Tech) + Aries (Me) = The Selfie!

China introduced the Social Credit System at the end of Uranus in Aries, and our web presence – our social media or digital profile – has become an accepted means of individual participation and existence.

Aries / Uranus – Head Space!

Aries rules the head and we have just seen that wearing the hijab has become optional in Saudi Arabia!

Aries Inventions.

Radical Self Love

Celebrities In Action – Thanks Uranus In Aries!

Keira Knightly

Russell Brand

Emma Watson

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