Venus Goddess Workshop With Network Gratitude, London…


Embrace Your Inner Goddess –

Venus In Astrology And Your Personal Horoscope

May 24 2016 7 pm –9 pm


Network Gratitude HQ – De Beauvoir / Shoreditch Park, London, N1 7AT, exact address will be emailed to you.


A blissful gathering as Venus transitions from her place in the sensual zodiac sign, Taurus, into the intellectual Twins constellation, gorgeous Gemini.

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I’ll be discussing Venus, the planet aligned with Aphrodite in myth and legend, and how this planet in astrology represents our feminine wiles, our tastes and the style in which we love!

Discover your Venus sign and its place in your natal horoscope and in your character…

Please email through your time date and place of birth in advance to

This is a pay by donation event, with suggested minimum donation £5.

50% of the proceeds will go towards HOUSING FOR WOMEN to meet the needs of vulnerable women and give them better chances in life.

A £5 donation would enable a woman on the Re-Place project to travel to college.


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