Your Venus Retrograde Horoscope…

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For Aries, Venus will retrograde your fun fifth house of fertility, conception, flirting, pleasure and enjoyment.

Review your passions, personal interests, love and sex life! Note the way you seek out a good time, and note the potential for mischief in matters of the heart. You could be interested in satiating your desires but also prone to a change of heart.

Take stock of what you might anticipate in the weeks and months ahead – including getting pregnant, falling for someone new, or discovering a fresh attraction to the people, places and things you adore.

Deeply explore who you really love, and learn something new about yourself, your wants, and your desires.


Your ruling planet Venus will retrograde in your fourth house of domesticity, home life, and emotional matters.

This is a cycle that could be incredibly life-enhancing at an inner level, or in literal terms. Your property, real estate, and environment may be affected.

Consider your relationship to place, and improvements that can be made that impact comfort and security. Address your space, your relationship with parents, too. What would sweeten your experience of ‘home’?

From the superficial or surface titivations of interiors to overcoming sensitivities, probe what you desire from family. Appreciate and elevate your foundations, roots, and your relationship to where you’re from.


For Gemini, Venus will retrograde in the third house of local environments, connections, siblings, and neighbourly ties.

Consider how you get along with those closest, your inner friendship circle. Note how you learn and show, develop rapport, engage, and enhance the way you express yourself.

You have an opportunity to improve and deeply explore this subject matter, learning something new about you and the people in close quarters.

Take note of those you’re keen to become friendlier with, and the potential for social (and romantic) encounters in your environment to get shaken and stirred…


Venus will retrograde in your second house of salary, spending, saving, and self-worth.

Consider how you earn a living, attributes that bring you compensation and a sense of confidence. Address what you charge for, how you make money, your position, contribution, and ways you like to buy to reward yourself!

You have the opportunity to learn something new about the nature of your values. Take note of your most cherished possessions and what they mean to you, and the potential for your work or role to get upended in weeks and months ahead.


Venus will retrograde your sign, Leo, bringing about opportunities to improve on your appearance and social relations.

It may be time to turn heads or attract attention!

Consider how you appeal to others, the special qualities you embody that are attractive, alluring and enticing. You might be keen to try out different looks in the weeks ahead, so visualize what would work well on you and the image you feel drawn to (being mindful not to make permanent changes unless absolutely sure). Learn something new about yourself and your identity – and the improvements you want to make.


Virgo will experience Venus Retrograde in their twelfth house of dreams, escapism, and hidden agendas.

Consider unconscious behaviours or secret plans you’re keen to address. It may be uncomfortable, yet it could be incredibly cathartic, too. You’ve the opportunity to learn something new about how you process and heal from hurts, how you gain spiritual awareness and understanding.

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Your ruling planet Venus will retrograde in your eleventh house of groups, networks, and friendly engagements.

Consider your part in the collective, what or who you are to others, what you represent among the masses. Notice friends and your sense of teamwork: community participation.

Personally identify with a cause (or common interest), social scene, or ‘people’ that draw you towards them.

Take note of those you’re keen to become allied with (including a professional network or industry). Note the potential for heightened (romantic) encounters with those in wider circles.


For Scorpio, Venus will retrograde in the tenth house of public image, reputation, profession, success, and notoriety – how you come across to others in your employment or outer role.

Consider how you want to be seen, the direction you’re headed, your advancement and route to success. Your own brand, vocation, achievements and goals may be ready to shift!

Adjust how you appear, learning something new about the nature of your status, standing, and the impression you make in the world. Take note of your outer role, and the potential for your ambitions to get shaken and stirred in weeks and months ahead.


Venus will retrograde in your ninth house of travel, higher education and publishing.

Consider your desire to expand and grow through experiences, to Know your truth and garner wisdom or guidance from others. Look to a teacher or someone further afield, outside your usual sphere. Notice what you broadcast, how you reach toward broader horizons. A culturally different (exciting) encounter may have been on your radar,

Explore what it is you’re seeking – perhaps something to believe in, something that takes you outside yourself… Review a quest, your relationship to the wider world, and the affections you feel for those in it.


For Capricorn, Venus will retrograde in the eighth house of intimacy, trust, and commitments. Consider where you have the urge to merge, bond and unify – and with whom. Review ways you sustain important relationships.

From sharing space with others (home and office) to revealing the private parts of yourself, reserved only for the select few, note how you deal with resources. Money, power, energy, sexuality – and receiving what others have to give – could be potent!

It may be necessary to come to terms with your vulnerabilities. Review what you have, what you’re gaining, and how other people show up with something to offer.


Venus will retrograde in your opposite sign Leo, and your seventh house of partnership and intimate, personal relations.

Consider how you get along with a lover, marital or business partner, family members or those at home, even a best friend. Deeply explore the subject of marriage, unions, teaming up, negotiating and balance. How you get along with others is noteworthy.

Take note of those now before you – those you’re presented with ‘across the table’, one-on-one. Perhaps you’ll sense the potential for social (and romantic) encounters to get shaken and stirred in weeks and months ahead.


For Pisces, Venus will retrograde in the sixth house of routine habits, service, work, and maintenance.

Consider the people you encounter in your everyday – employers and employees, the people that serve you your morning coffee, your personal trainer, doctor, etc.

Note improvements that are possible as you make your way among these folk. Think too about your attitude and approach to a health practice.

Diet, fitness and generally looking after yourself could be topical. For example, ensuring you’re happy in your work and environment.

Venus now seeks for you to feel pleased with your day-to-day, so address anything that’s holding you back. Allow the way you work or your job function to be under scrutiny. Learn something new about yourself how you operate and look after yourself with the help of others.

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