Zodiac Interiors – Virgo Style At Home…

Virgo Style At Home

The sign that swings like a pendulum between polished precision and utterly slovenly, Virgo is a fan of uniformity but can be quite haphazard too!

This is the sign of neatly pressed laundry, tidy cupboards, healthy grains organized by metabolic order, color, size, and use-by date. This is also the sign of service, aptitude and incredible design skills – Virgo is the fashion designer with masses of attention to detail!

Your Virgo friend will often impress you with her incredible aesthetic sensibilities, producing a look that’s not only practical but pleasing on the eye, too. 

The kitchen prep area will be a cherished place in the home. Your Virgo might be a fussy eater or choose to be Vegan, health-conscious or obsessed with food and cooking.

In their well-tended outdoor area, they might have a patch of medicinal herbs –this is the Zodiac’s nurse and the healer within our earthly realms. A greenhouse of organic produce keeps the wheels turning, while their actual medicine cabinet is stocked for a neighbors emergency.

You might find pets in the Virgo home, as this is the sign that governs small domestic animals!

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A space to work is a pre-requisite for Virgo, as this is the Zodiac’s busy bee (alongside fellow Mercurial bird Gemini), and they will like an alphabetically ordered shelf of useful titles, a quiet study or reading nook is perfection, a place where their mind can do overtime.

Some Virgo’s will also indulge in a sewing machine, once they’ve bought their big-ticket cleaning items – they need the best vacuum cleaner on the market and an array of cleaning materials.

Take fashion icon, Iris Apfel, she throws together print-on-print like a pro, with tiles and ornaments curated from different places of interest. A great editor, she selects things that are useful, as well as streamlined and chic.

The sign of harvest, Virgo can live in a converted granary barn, a malt-house or beside a wheat field, nestled the corn stalks. They might also like to like near a running track or gym.

Their earthy, organic temperament might favor rustic finishes, with terracotta or rough, grainy, sandy textures. 

  • Room in the house: Gym, sewing room, office, ironing cupboard,
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Uniform yet natural, orderly yet organic.
  • Signature colors: White, green, gray, blue, cream, tan, browns.
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