Vosges Chocolate – A Constellation Of Cosmic Truffles…

Magical morsels for the decadent and the divine!

Enchanting Beyond Compare!

$72.00 USD…

Cosmic Chocolates For The Modern Mystic…

At Vosges Chocolate, founder Katrina Markoff is experimenting.

As the brand’s “cosmic” truffles cool in temperature, they’re treated to sounds of varying frequencies. Edible-crystal-infused are handmade, and correspond to the different zodiac signs.

The 21-piece box set is ideal for those people who believe in the wellness proprieties of vibrations, healing frequencies!

And those that love gorgeous treats!

A Constellation Of Treats: Cosmic Truffles!

The cosmic chocolates are infused with Moldavite crystal energy and angelic vibrational frequencies known as the love frequency

They have a deep-rooted relationship with nature, and significant healing potential.

The story book inside details the origins of each of the twelve zodiac signs found in mythological characters of astrology, each paired with a truffle in the collection.

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Stay tuned for their offerings at Vosges Chocolate, stunning in every way!

Are these not the prettiest?

13 Moon Chocolate Club – Lunar!


Imagine if there was a club you could join, where the delicacies you love to consume were timed with the Moon…

You don’t have to dream, Stargazer – it exists!

Shipped on a monthly basis according to the Lunar Calendar, and beginning with the Hawthorn Moon, a parcel arrives each new moon.

This gives the recipient a fully immersive experience leading up to Full Moon.

The New Moon moment in the cycle is most potent for manifesting your intentions, so each parcel will include a tasting experience specific to that moon cycle, with crystals and accoutrements included to allow you or your friend to fully make magic.

Such an incredible gifting idea!

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