Which Ice-Cream Flavour Suits Your Sign?

Ice-cream Through The Zodiac, What to eat, based on Astrology...

Summer Star Signs…

Assuming you had unlimited options, what kind of ice-cream would you devour?

Oh how to choose! There’s so many summertime treats that picking just one is near impossible! What a conundrum you face at the ice-cream van window, when the sun is beating down and you can’t remember whether a pinball really is delicious, or you’re just being drawn in by the bubblegum finale?!!

Don’t worry, you can choose the best iced treats according to your zodiac sign – so next time you’re getting the ices in, just ask “What’s your sign baby?!”, and you’re sorted. Gosh you’ll be popular.

Bringing you twelve of today’s scrummiest treats, here’s your ultimate guide to icecream (and lollys) for you and your friends, based on the coolest cosmic forces.

But remember, you’re not just your sun sign – consider your moon, rising sign and Venus too – look up your birth chart, here

Aries – Fab

When hot headed Aries needs to cool down she wants it all.

If they see you’ve got chocolate covering your lolly by god they’ll want it too! Give them a multitude of taste sensations with a fab. Covered in sugary hundreds and thousands it’s bound to shut ’em up for at least five minutes as they work their way round this lolly.

They’ll love being reminded of their childhood too, as they’re just big kids at heart…

Taurus – Ice-cream Sundae or Something Fancy!

This zodiac sign is the ruler of all sweet treats.

People with a strong Venus or Taurus in their charts are very partial to sweet things and are most likely to have a sweet tooth. Let Tauro luxuriate in their ice-cream please people, preferably undisturbed. If they’re going to indulge they’ll want to do it properly. Take a Taurus for a treat and buy them a (big) Knickerbocker Glory.

Taurus will also appreciate their desert being aesthetically pleasing, so consider a pretty color scheme and keep it classy!

Gemini – Pear Sorbet


Gemini always wants to try something new but likes to keep it fun and light, too.

Introduce your friend to a sorbet that promises ‘pears at the peak of perfection’, it’s a winner from Glastry Farm! This brand hails from Ireland so if you can’t get your mits on that beautiful flavour a suitable substitute would be a light lemon or orange sorbet – slurp!

Cancer – Oyster Delight

Bring back memories of childhood for the most nostalgic of the zodiac signs, Cancer. You can get these tasty treats from the supermarket and create Oyster Delights!

This sign loves to reminisce so will regale a tale of seaside magic with one of these in hand – even if it’s not their holiday they’re thinking of! They’ll be starry eyed and welling up at the memory…

Leo – Maxibon



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Here’s a substantial icecream sandwich to really sink your teeth into, perfect for a Leo friend.

The Maxibon icecream sandwich has enough bite to satisfy even the biggest roar (gob). They’ll enjoy smashing through it in no time, and they’ll like that it looks the business too. Meow!

Virgo – Frozen Yoghurt


Your virtuous Virgo friend will love you for providing the healthiest option, so produce a frozen yoghurt for them this summer. Point out the natural ingredients, lack of dairy and calorie count! They’ll love this virtuous option from Pinkberry.

Libra – Twister


Libra has trouble deciding, it’s true.

Avoid any deliberation at the icecream van and choose a firm favourite for your lovely Libra friend. Give them perfect balance this summer with a Twister! This pineapple icecream and lime lolly offers equal measures of refreshment and creamy sweetness on the outside, with tasty raspberry once they’ve worked their chops round that! Can’t say fairer…

Scorpio – Dark Organic Chocolate 



Scorpio should be delighted with this dark surprise from Green & Black’s. They’ll like that it’s Organic, too. Now leave them alone with the ice-cream, and pass them some large, dark shades to hide behind – they’re secretly people watching in the park.

Sagittarius – Zoom


If only tutti fruitti Gino Genelli was still on the market our variety loving Sagittarius could’ve cooled down with a helping of that! Help them to shoot for the stars by buying a rocket to the moon! It’s a Zoom

Capricorn – Earl Grey Ice Cream


Capricorn is pure class. Do not expect them to be impressed with something simple. No, they want a good quality, classic ice cream.

Play it safe with one of the poshest iced desserts on the supermarket shelves, or if you stumble across an artisan option, that will fare well too… Something like Van Leeuwen’s Earl Grey Ice Cream would go down very nicely indeed…

Aquarius – Strawberry Honey Balsamic With Black Pepper 


Tick the box for Aquarius who will want an unusual treat.

It’ll have to be different to what everyone else’s slurping on, and no doubt they’re ahead of the game, potentially knocking up their own ice cream concoction in the kitchen! The flavours in Salt & Straw‘s Summertime treat will have Aqua babes cooing like the cat that’s got the cream!

Pisces – Ben & Jerry’s

Let your Pisces friend get lost in this tub of gooey marshmallow and caremel swirls, mixed into chocolatey ice-cream. Don’t forget to find the chocolate fish that are swimming round!

Phish Food has been around since 1997 and its still going strong in the supermarkets – not just in summer either. That’s ‘cos it’s so goddamn scrumptious.

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