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Astrology And The Body

Your Zodiac Sign Style…

Some astrologers, myself included, believe that each of the astrological signs is associated with different parts of the body, and also the functions that the body performs.

Medical astrology, or Iatromathematics, is an ancient system that includes diseases and drugs into the mix, however you have to be pretty schooled in very old theories to advise as a professional Medical Astrologer, and it’s something that most people steer clear of.

Still, I like to consider astrology and the body parts in regards to aesthetics and beauty, noting particularly prominent features of the zodiac signs, or how the body parts are highlighted in ones fashion choices.

You might notice that a body part of a friend or family member is particularly noticeable, or perhaps vulnerable and prone to accidents!

The more you’re familiar with the different signs that make up your unique birth chart the more you’ll discover parts of your appearance that you can make the most of – there could be some that are quite attractive that you’ve not considered flaunting…

Remember, You’re Not Just Your Sun Sign! 

Consider your Venus, Moon, Rising and Mercury sign too!

aries-body-part taurus-beauty gemini-body-two




The Aries Body Part

This sign rules the head, face, brain and eyes, so a head massage is pure heaven. Aries loves to be touched or stroked about their head but are also susceptible to more headaches and the occasional bump on the head! In fact, Aries are generally said to be accident prone… They also rule the adrenal and suprarenal glands. Now, behold the Aries Brow!

The Taurus Body Part

This sign rules the throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract or vocal cords and ears. They will quite often have a long or thick neck – either way it may be a stand out feature. Taurus often have sweet sounding voices, and often beautiful singers will have planets in Taurus. Read Taurus, Neck And Neck.

The Gemini Body Part

This sign rule the arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, fingers and nervous system. This is where the body splits into two, in line with the dual nature of the Twins. Gemini also governs the respiratory and nervous system, so those born under this sign can appear to be ‘nervy’ or fidget, ‘living on their nerves’. Read more about Gemini’s shoulders with fashion advice for the Twins!

cancer-body leo-models-k virgo-body




The Cancer Body Part

This is the sign of the nurturer and mother, their body part the breasts or chest, they also rule the stomach and womb. Those born under Cancer may have a particularly noticeable bust, that goes for Cancer rising, and Moon or Venus in Cancer people too! So large boobs, or for men, defined pecks, you can read more in Cancer – Best Boobies!

The Leo Body Part

With the Sun as its ruler, Leo is at the heart of the zodiac, and in turn, this star sign rules the heart, chest, spine and lower back. Not surprising that they put a warm heartedness into everything, the Lionheart lot! They’ve got backbone too and are brave…

The Virgo Body Part

This sign rules the abdomen, stomach, intestines, digestive system, spleen and gut. They’re also the co-ruler (along with Gemini) of the nervous system. These people have an instinctive intuition about their wellbeing, too. It’s called gut instinct – some would say they have more ‘gut feeling’ at their disposal… As such, they tend to be the most health conscious of all the signs, and like the intestines, Virgo’s function in the astrological cycle is breaking things down into little pieces, refining them – sorting the wheat from the chaff. Read more in Virgo – A Washboard Wonder!

libra-body-part scorpio-body-part sagittarius-body




The Libra Body Part

Ever the sign of the Scales, this sign rules the kidneys that balance the body and the lower back. The Libra body part is the lumbar region, the buttocks and the endocrine system. Really, Libra rules over the buttocks too! No wonder lovely Libra Kim Kardahsian gets such a lot of attention on her behind! Librian people also rule over the skin, born under this sign you might have particularly good skin!

The Scorpio Body Part

This sign rules the reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, bladder, excretory system and rectum – it’s all about sex and shit. This lot may just have a higher sex drive than the rest of us, also applicable to people with strong Scorpio highlighted in areas of the birth chart. They also have a good understanding of transformation, and the crap that lies beneath the surface… That’s why Scorpio makes an ace investigator…

The Sagittarius Body Part

This sign rules the sciatic nerve, pituitary gland, liver, hips and thighs. Sagittarius will often have great pins! Similarly you might want to see if you’re Venus, Moon or rising sign is blessed with lucky Sagittarius legs – a little working out and they’re toned and gorgeous. Read some more about Saggy Thighs…

capricorn-cheekbones aquarius-calves pisces-body-part




The Capricorn Body Part

This sign rules the knees, joints, skeletal system, skin and teeth. They might like to crunch their way through foods or have something distinctive about their teeth, say, a gap in the front two. They should be aware of injury to their bones, especially the knees. This lot usually have fine skeletal or bone structure, similarly so if Saturn is well placed. Check out the celebrities with cheekbones that charm!

The Aquarius Body Part

This sign rules the circulatory system, calves, shins and ankles, so Aqua gals and guys have particularly great legs – especially the lower half. Funny how Aquarius Jennifer Aniston made such a big deal of “fat ankles” in the Friends TV show, I wonder if she has a troublesome achilles heel in thick set heels? I’ve never seen her or any Aquarius with particularly fat or dumpy ankles, in my experience they’re usually weirdly attractive…

The Pisces Body Part

This sign rules the lymphatic system, feet, toes and the adipose tissue or fat. This often prompts them to have a fleshy appearance, especially in their face. Focus on the feet with first class foot massages all the way – even if their feet look a bit weird! They might have a penchant for shoes, or feet like riverboats. They’ll often be clumsy and trip over their toes, they could even be a bit pigeon toed, whatever’s connectiong them to the floor might be unusual and prone to accidents!

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