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A Washboard Wonder

Virgo Beauty, Claudia Schiffer…

Virgo Beauty, She’s A Washboard Wonder…

The number one Virgo beauty asset is their long, lean, sexy stomach! That’s right, your typical Virgo is blessed with a trim waist – it’s a washboard wonder!

Sun In Virgo Cameron Diaz


Check Out Cameron Diaz – She Sure Shows Us How It’s Done!

Sun And Venus In Virgo, Pink


Enviable Stomach – Pink Shows Off A Super Sexy Stomach!

OK, so without labelling every Virgo with the same sticker, we can safely say that many a Virgo has abs to envy.

Of course there’s plenty of exceptions to the rule – I’ve met Virgo’s who don’t watch their health – or the scales!

But because this sign rules over the intestines and gut, they’re likely to be more in tune with their tummies and tend not to overeat.

Virgoan singer Pink is a prime example, watching her diet with vegan choice, plus following a rigorous work-out regime.

Sun In Virgo Rachel Bilson


Blison’s On The Beach – And Wouldn’t You Be With A Stomach To Show Like That?!

AND Love The Bikini…

You might notice that your Virgo Sun sign sister has a nice flat stomach, and quite often it’s long and lean; this lot are dubbed ‘the ironing board’ of the zodiac, because of their long, flat appearance!

Advice for Virgo? 

Tune into your tummies and follow your gut… Embrace the health sub-consciousness at your disposal…

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