Cancer Rules The Chest – And Has The Best Boobs!


Gina Lollobrigida, Sun With Pluto In Cancer – A Powerful Bosom!

Cancerian fashion highlight their best asset, which is possibly their beautiful boobies!

Renowned for having the best breasts of the zodiac, Cancer rules the chest and feminine areas like the womb and soft stomach. Cancerian women may love to wear clothes that flatter and show off their chest area, if you’re born under the sign of the Crab why not give it a go?

Positively Plunging…


Sun In Cancer – Cheryl Cole, Natalie Wood, Nicole Scherzinger Jessica Simpson And Katherine Jenkins

The stars above are a case a point.

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Plenty of people can honour their expansive chest area – that goes for the men too! And Cancer gives the very best cuddles, as they draw you in to the folds with their clinging arms – they promise to never let go! As the nurtures of the zodiac they love to hold their kith and kin close.

Of course many are less well-endowed but quite often, Cancer women will have a brilliant, bountiful bust. Those with Cancer rising or Venus in Cancer might even make their boobs look bigger to feel more in the Cancerian realms…

A plunging neckline is the way to go for Cancer fashion choices, but don’t go too far…

Such A Shame When Stars Fall Out…

Of Their Tops!


Sun In Cancer – Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson And Lil Kim

Advice for Cancerians? Leave a little for the imagination but DO highlight your best asset with a low neckline and draw them closer!

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