Gemini Fashion Tips – Show Off Those Shoulders!

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A Gemini beauty asset you might not have considered is the shoulders.

Aside from their sparkling eyes and youthful charm, those born under the sign of the Twins have noticeable limbs, which are typically animated, and sometimes will be long and lithe.

Gemini people have dextrous, curious finger, usually to be found tapping animately into keypads or typewriters!

You see, this zodiac constellation is the communicator and networker of the zodiac, they like to express themselves and can talk ten to the dozen.


You’re A Gemini Beauty So Show Off Those Shoulders – She Sure Does!

Astrology And The Body


Gemini rules the body beneath the neck as it divides into two, so the shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers through to the nails and nerve endings.

Gemini are particularly expressive with their hands, so can wear bangles and bracelets that will jingle with joy, and let everyone know a nymph is on its way!

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Gemini rules the fingers and nails so can splash out on manicures and hand massages – and shoulder and arm massages too!


Advice For Fabulous Gemini Style

As a typical Gemini, you can wear off the shoulder tops and fashions that allow your limbs to be free!

You’re animated and use your hands for added expression, (just take note next time a Gemini’s in full flow…) so wear bangles or jewellery around your digits.

Gemini Fashion Never Falters When She Wears A Halter…


Love This Picture Of Marilyn Monroe And Jane Russell (Both Gemini Gals) On The Set Of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – And Love Marilyn’s Shoes!

Marilyn Monroe made the white halter-dress synonymous with style, and it’s Gemini that can really wear this cut with flair – just look at the stars that do!

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lana-del-rey   Belinda Lee   marylin

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Advice for gorgeous Gemini?

Show Off Those Shoulders!

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