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Outstanding Taurus Beauty – She’s Neck And Neck…


Sun In Taurus, Nanna Øland Fabricius, A.K.A. Oh Land


Taurus Beauty Is Neck And Neck!

The Taurus body part is the thorax, throat, neck – you name it, the trunk is Taurus!

It’s fair to say that this sign has lovely, long, strong necks, or that this area of Tauro stands out in a noticeable fashion…


Sun In Taurus: Linda Evangelista, Cher, Uma Thurman, Verushka.

You’ll often recognise your Taurean sister by a particularly elegant neck, or perhaps it’s appreciable because it’s shorter, and thicker set.

Either way it will usually be a noticeable part of the body, which they should emphasise, or at least be aware of…

Thick Set


As the zodiac sign under Venusian rule, this sign loves luxury, that means gorgeous jewellery that’s expensive.

Not only does Venus rule over the Taurus and Libra constellations, this planet oversees money, wealth and luxury (and sweet things too!).

Our Taurean brothers and sisters have an innate understanding of green, material value and security…

Some say that those born under the sign of Taurus accumulated great wealth in a past life, and seek to achieve the same in this one…

Taurus Fashion – Neck Scarves

As neck ruler, this sign also gets it right with a tasteful necktie, cosy snood, luxe scarf or shawl…

Queen Of Scarfs?

Sun And Venus In Taurus – Jessica Alba


The Many Scarves Of Jessica Alba…

Taurus fashion can definitely veer towards open or slash necked top to display their décolletage. Advice for Taurus? Make the most of your assets and embrace your beautiful neck!

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