Sagittarius Stand-Out Body Part… Take It Thigh High!

If you’re a stellar Sagittarius beauty, you might wants to show off your lovely legs because you’re one of the thigh masters of the zodiac!

That’s right, the Sagittarius body part is the upper leg, so this lot have a powerful set of pins and they’ll often make for a stand out body feature.

Perfect Pins In The Hottest Pants!


Sun In Sagittarius: Kim Basinger, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift And Tina Turner.

Sun in Sagittarius Tina Turner is practically known for her tremendous thigh stance, and famously insured her trademark legs for upwards of $3 million!

Pop princesses today seem to always be seen in short shorts, and Sagittarius actress and model Kim Basinger gives good thigh…

Now See Sagg Rising…


Sagittarius Rising: Jodie Foster, Goldie Hawn, Anjelica Huston, Jamie Lee Curtis, Princess Diana And Brigitte Bardot.

It’s not just the Sun in Sagg but those that are Sagittarius Rising and Moon in Saggy too!

Sagittarius Beauty Tips…

Wear dresses and skirts with a slit up the side, or short shorts to show of your thighs – why not try a thigh skimming gown next time you’re going glam?

Keep this part of your body silky smooth with extra exfoliation – it’s quite possibly an erogenous zone for you…

Beware of weight creeping on in this area – Sagittarius like to stay active so you should have no trouble but this part is notorious for expanding on Sagg…

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