Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn – Cardinal Rules!


Aries Cancer Libra And Capricorn – These Ladies Rule The Roost!

Cardinal Rules!

The zodiac is divided into three Modes, with four signs attributed to each.

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, read on to discover their common characteristics…

But before you race off to read more about yourself, stop and consider something important – you’re not simply your Sun sign.

That’s right astro lover, you’re a combination of planetary placements, so consider your Moon, Venus and all your star signs before you settle on your Mode.

Read: How Do I Work Out My Birth Chart To Find Out Your Predominant Element.

When an astrologer looks at a birth chart they’ll sometimes notice a particularly dominant Mode, or they’ll take the strongest mode based on the personal planets, which are the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury. If you’ve gotta lotta the star signs above (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) in your chart then please, do read on…

Cardinal Energy

Cardinal propels projects forward, and Cardinal Rules! because people with a lot of this energy in their chart like to lead, or to be in the driving seat. These people are the pro-active, dynamic, enterprising signs of the zodiac. They are the initiators and typically the competitive go-getters…

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Go To The Cardinal Signs…

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amazing Arieschic Cancer ☆ lovely Libra ☆ classic Capricorn ☆

In Latin, ‘Cardinal’ comes from the word for ‘hinge’, and each sign marks the turning point into the season (in the northern hemisphere):

Aries is the time when Spring starts and includes the Spring Equinox;

Cancer begins the Summer and includes the Summer Solstice;

Libra is the start of the Autumn season and includes the Autumn Equinox;

Capricorn marks the beginning of Winter, and includes the Winter Solstice.

Read About The Other Modes

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☆ Fabulous Fixed ☆ Mutable Moves ☆

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