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Cancer Hollywood Silver Screen Stars…

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The Gregarious Ginger Rogers…


Famous Cancer actresses on the silver screen included the captivating Ginger Rogers, who had a wonderful youthful energy, despite a troubling start in life… Fancy footwork comes courtesy of Gemini rising and Moon in the creative sign of Pisces – Venus in Virgo adds the perfectionist streak.

And so, on to my favourite dance duo of all time – it’s Fred and Ginger, Let’s Face The Music And Dance

Cancer Hollywood Stars

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☆ Ruth Warrick 29th June 1915 ☆ Gina Lollobrigida 4th July 1927 ☆ Eva Marie Saint 4th July 1924 ☆ Annabella 14th July 1907 ☆ Ginger Rogers 16th July 1911 ☆ Mary Philbin 16th July 1902 ☆ Lupe Velez 18 July 1908 ☆ Isabel Jewell 19th July 1907 ☆ Natalie Wood 20th July 1938 ☆

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