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Vintage style is always in Vogue.

Whether you’re channeling Gatsby glamour or 60s inspired Mad Men is your main muse, fashions of yesteryear just keep coming back around…

It’s no surprise that we look to the stars of stage and silver screen for inspiration, as the first few decades of cinematography really set the bar high in the style stakes.

Actresses from the early eras seemed so much more demure, stylish and classically beautiful.

So, what are the star signs of the most stunning starlets of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and swinging 60s?

See which sassy siren was born under your zodiac sign with Hollywood Horoscopes – the Starlets of Yesteryear, then channel your favourite icon’s Star Sign Style!

Go on, let your inner bombshell out of the boudoir…

aries-hollywoodAries Stars

Optimistic and positively pioneering, Aries actresses are inclined to try anything new with determination and enthusiasm. These passionate people are Mars-ruled, so never shy away from an argument – you might describe them as plucky, too…

Follow the link for a full list of Aries stars, here.



Taurus Stars

Venus ruled Tauro will always provide a truly sensational performance. These stars can dance, they can sing, they can just about do anything!

Rely on the Bull to bring bags of beauty, style and grace…

Follow the link for a full list of Taurus stars, here.



Gemini Stars

Bright and enigmatic, Gemini knows just how to twinkle on stage and for the camera – they make mega movie stars, oozing charm and staying power. Just make sure they’ve got some shimmering costumes in wardrobe!

Follow the link for a full list of Gemini stars, here.



Cancer Stars

Set the scene for Cancer by the ocean waves and you’ll have her in her element. Or any body or water will do for this emotional creature, remember feelings are paramount so be sensitive and this sign will deliver a tear or two on cue!

Follow the link for a full list of Cancer stars, here.



Leo Stars

Loud, proud and a natural performer, the Leo needs no theatrical instruction – they’ve been rehearsing (nay, centre stage) their whole life!

The most likely of the zodiac signs to pursue acting, let the lion roar – Leo is your leading lady!

Follow the link for a full list of Leo stars, here.


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Virgo Stars

Fresh faced Virgo makes a super star, as the analyst of the zodiac they can unearth the thoughts of characters and take their job seriously.

Mercury ruled, they’re flexible too, and a perfectionist to boot!

Follow the link for a full list of Virgo stars, here.



Libra Stars

This sign is beauty personified and will perform, beautifully. Sweet and bright, a dimple will appear at just the right angle for your shot – the camera loves her, as do we all!

And this zodiac sign is super civilised, a perfect pin-up for this era.

Follow the link for the full list of Libra stars, here.


veronicaScorpio Stars

Intense, brooding and one to totally seduce their audience, Scorpio can be counted on to add a touch of dark drama and mystery to a movie.

They’re first choice for the leading femme fatale, with total, awe-inspiring allure.

Follow the link for a full list of Scorpio stars, here.



Sagittarius Stars

The scene is set and so is Sagg – this is an adventurous sign so will throw themselves into character with enthusiasm.

Their positive ‘give-it-a-go’ nature teamed with a broad minded philosophy is thoughtful and expressive on the big screen.

Follow the link for a full list of Sagittarius stars, here.


star-capricornCapricorn Stars

Cappy has drive like no other zodiac sign and churns out more movies than any other!

Read more about the powerhouses born under this sign and their cinematic presence…

Follow the link for a full list of Capricorn stars, here.


lana-aquariusAquarius Stars

If you’re looking for a muse to push boundaries and experiment then this is the zodiac sign to work with!

Full of vim and verve (and a little off the wall), Aqua babes are the quirky, fresh faces of the silver screen.

Follow the link for a full list of Aquarius stars, here.


ursula-picsePisces Stars

The most emotional and intuitive of the water signs, Pisces know what works on set ahead of any directors cinematic vision, let them lead the way…

This is a sign that likes to merge with others so expect a soulful experience that goes beyond the usual…

Follow the link for a full list of Pisces stars, here.

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