Mama Mia – Cancer Is A Mother Superior…

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Anyone who knows a true Cancerian will recognise the trait, as this sign loves to tend and fuss over people, and care for them whether they’re sick or sad.

That’s right, Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac and identifies strongly with themes of mothering.

So, is Cancer really Mother Superior? Yes!

See how the stars show us…

Sun In Cancer, Jerry Hall


Cancer Mother Jerry Hall Has Always Identified Strongly With Being A Mum – But Still Stays Glam!

Gisele Bündchen, Sun And Mercury In Cancer


Sun In Cancer Giselle In Her Element – On The Beach With Baby

The best possible place for Cancer is with babies on the beach! Or at least near to water, the element of this sign. Gisele Bündchen is frequently photographed by the sea with her little ones, and is clearly a proud mother.

She’s always sharing pictures of her time with her two via Instagram, including her breastfeeding pics – so Cancerian!

Princess Diana, Sun And Mercury In Cancer


Princess Diana, Sun In Cancer – Loved, Loved, Loved Her Boys…

Jessica Simpson, The Ultimate Cancer Mother?


 Cookie Cutter Mommy, Jessica Simpson Enjoys Pregnancy And Motherhood To The Max

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New Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

Venus sits close, with harmony from Mars and Saturn too!

With a stellium (that’s three or more planets in a constellation,) passing through the Cancerian zodiac sign, it’s no wonder singer Jessica Simpson suits motherhood so!

That’s right, Jessica has her Sun, Moon and communication sign Mercury all in Cancer, and she really took to her journey like a mother-duck to water, positively blooming during her pregnancy.

She came under scrutiny because of her weight gain but seemed to speak out more during this time, sticking up for fellow mothers and became somewhat of a spokesperson for pregnancy weight gain!

Possibly the best use of her Mercurial planet in the constellation of Cancer.

Moon In Cancer Mothers…

It’s not simply the Sun but the Moon that matters too! Check out the stars with the moon in it’s favourite constellation, Cancer. Read all about our stunning satellite, here.


Kris Kardashian is a Sun in Scorpio while Sharon is a Libra, but both have the nurturing moon sign: Cancer.

These people can be fiercely protective of their brood – and make excellent ‘mom managers’! See all the Kardashian’s zodiac signs, here.

More Celebrity Moon In Cancer Moms…


L-R, Capricorn Kate Middleton, Virgo Nicole Ritche, Libra Gwen Stefani, Pisces Drew Barrymore And Virgo Stella McCartney…

There seems to be an affinity with motherhood and the Moon in Cancer person. For some it’s a natural progression, for others it can be a struggle.

However the journey ends up, for those that are a mum the position seems synonymous with their style, and their role in life.

Angelina, Cancer Rising With Venus In Cancer

Mega Mom Angelina Jolie Is Cancer Rising And Also Has Venus In Cancer…

Moon In Cancer – Proudly Pregnant!

Aquarius Shakira shows off her happy pregnancy and another babe on the beach looking beautiful blooming, Penélope Cruz is a Taurus with the Moon in Cancer

My advice for Cancer?

Give a nod to nurturing – it’s a natural look on you!

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