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Cancer Chick, Pamela Anderson’s Astro…

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Sun In Cancer, Moon In Aries…

Pamela Anderson became super famous because of her role in the TV show Baywatch.

Who better than a Cancer chick to be beside the sea? Pair that sun sign with the moon in feisty Aries and you have a babe that looks smoking in a red swim suit!

What else does Pamela’s personal horoscope reveal?

The star is Gemini Rising, giving her an approach to life that’s curious and expressive, with Mercury in the first house of ‘self’. Self expression through a sensitive voice is a big part of who Anderson is, a trait that extends to more compassion as it touches Neptune in the chart.

Mercury and Neptune sit at 21 degrees of the water signs, also aspecting a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the feminine earth sign Virgo.

I’d say that this aspect pattern in the chart is expressed through

The Aquarius Midheaven makes for a fabulous rights activist, and Pamela is known for her work with the humanitarian movement Peta.

Moon in Aries is a dynamic warrior, ready to fight for what she believes in, with an opposition to Mars that comes with some pretty strong feelings.

pamela anderson astrology July 1 1967 4.08am

Born 1st July 1967 At 4.08am In Ladysmith, Canada

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