Zodiac Interiors – Cancer Style At Home…

It's Cancer Season, so lets settle into the cosiest coven – the Crab's hideaway...

The ruler of families, clans, ancestry, home and hearth, Cancer is the zodiac sign with most affinity to ones household space and dwellings, and their style is typically cozy.

Interestingly, the zodiac sign Cancer governs bakeries, bread, pubs, harbors and inns, safe houses, the laundry room or washhouse, bathroom and utility or outhouse.

With Cancer or the moon strong in the chart living by the sea will hold strong appeal, or by water.

This is the zodiac sign drawn to Pinterest boards of linen cupboards that look ready for a house full of guests.

Like Taurus, Cancer is the sign of cooking and the kitchen, of feasting – and feeding.

Those will moon in Cancer often make terrific and natural cooks, with a specialty for home cooked meals. Think: pasta and mothers secrets recipes.

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Shells are a Cancerian motif and the idea of nostalgia plays a big motivating factor in the lives and style of Cancer.


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A family heirloom makes for an important and cherished sentiment.

Cancer rules tartan… Read more here!

  • Room in the house: Laundry room, washroom, kitchen.
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Homey, comforting.
  • Signature colors: Cream, milky white, dove gray, stone, porridge.
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