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Fashion Astrology – Cancer Style And Tartan…

Did you know that different prints, patterns, style and even fabrics are tied with different zodiac signs?

Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland, and as such is very much a Cancerian pattern.

Tartan trends are certified Cancer!

Tartan, So Scottish! So Stylish For Cancer…

Scotland is a country associated with Cancer, characterised by it’s clans and communities (tribes of families), comfort food (creamy white oatmeal – a pot of porridge on the stove, or mince and tatties – fluffy white potatoes!) and harbours.

Different things have astrological rulership, and ports, lighthouses, places offering safety and refuge for the weary, pubs and inns are all governed by the Cancer Zodiac sign. This is why you’ll often find that the people working in hospitality or running restaurants are often Cancer, or the cooks will be Cancer. It takes a degree of human awareness, which is a skill owned by the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Cancer is the most personable and notoriously caring of these signs, the true mother hen, hence a big tartan blanket is a beautiful gift, and the print looks divine on Cancers!

The very fabric of the land and the criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands woven in multiple colours identifies a family. Cancer is often associated with the fourth house in astrology, which is literally our home or surrounding spaces, our ancestry and those we consider family – our tribe.


The Best Of The Tartan Trend 2013…

In 2013, Jupiter  Karl Lagerfeld took to the Lowlands for the Paris-Edimbourg Métiers d’Art catwalk show in December 2012, showcasing the Autumn 2013 collection at Linlithgow Palace.

The fashion forecast? Perfect plaids, cosy cashmere, knits, kilts, tweed, and tartan tartan tartan! and including the Satchel bag, designed in the shape of a Sporran – so Scottish!


You’ll notice the collection is crammed with the colour cream too, with Chanel’s signature pearls all over the place.

Why does this even matter? Well, in August 2013 Jupiter was joined by Mars and Mercury, sailing into fall with a heavy dose of Cancer energy! The north node was in fellow Scorpio with Saturn.

These were more looks seen in 2013… Tartan was totally trending!tartan-trend-2013-fashion-AW13

Saint Laurent, Moschino, Céline, Stella McCartney, Alberta Ferretti, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Punk At Preen…

This was also the summer when moon in Cancer Princess Kate had her first baby (and heir to the throne), George.

Themes of mothering, nurturing, family, memories, history and nostalgia, emotions, feeding, nesting, security were big that year…

Cancer Style, So Chic In Tartans…


Cancer Lady Diana in tartan…

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Cancer Liv Tyler

Have A Highland Fling!

With the shift of the nodal axis into Capricorn and Cancer, it’s time to incorporate

Star Sign Style: Cancer colours are silver, cream, white and soft greys; cosy cashmere, their precious stones are rubies, moonstone, pearls and the metal silver is significant too.

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